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Posted on: June 24, 2008 12:14 pm
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Alpha Blog: From Russia with basketball love

Arizona recruit Brandon Jennings isn't just using Europe as a basketball backup plan if his SATs don't come through, but as an actual career scenario. Gary Parrish reported that.

The Euro/Asia emigration doesn't stop there. Terence Morris

Sasha "Jackie Moon" Kaun is taking his alley oops back to Russia, signing with team CSKA for three years and a reported $4.6 million.

That's not all the news out of Moscow (Russia, not Idaho). It's good to be Terence Morris today. The former Maryland Terrapin and one-time Magic and Rockets street-clothes wearer signed with CSKA for three years at 2.6 million Euros per. That's roughly $12.12 million dollars.

Here's why the Russians opened their coffers for the one-time NBDL fodder, Morris:

"During his university years NBA scouts evaluated Morris as one of the best forwards in America. Last season confirmed that CSKA's conscript demonstrates a performance of highest level. During the season Terence was named Euroleague's Best Defensive Player, was included in All-Euroleague Team, was the first in Euroleague in blocked shots, second - in rebounds, and fifth - in the MVP rankings." -- CSKA website. 

We'll ignore that first sentence.

Back to Jennings, the Arizona recruit. The 19-year-old's advisor Kelly Williams says the guard could be a very rich man before turning 20.

"In all honesty, I think Brandon wants options," Williams said by phone to Parrish. "If he has the opportunity right now to make $800,000 from a team and get a shoe contract and make more than $1 million before he even goes into the draft, then why wouldn't he do that?"

I know college is the best time of one's life. I could imagine that being a role player in the NBA and making a few million dollars here and there ain't a bad way to exist either. 

But $1 million before the age of 20? Twelve million before the age of 35 and treated like a golden god in Russia? Those ain't bad options either. And you can thank David Stern for creating those options.

His mission to globalize the game may reap billions for the league. But it's also created auxiliary markets for basketball players. The NCAA will likely get its first taste of this through Jennings. The league, while still the envied Dark Side, may start to see more role players fall through the Euro/Asia cracks -- particularly if the U.S. dollar keeps crapping out vs. it's Old World currency counterparts.

First Terence Morris, next, Dan Dickau. You heard it here first.

On to the best blogs ... around          

Badgers Ballers Hollers breaks down the BCS Conference, the Top 25, All-Americans, All-Conference teams and early Heisman standings for the upcoming seasons. It's thorough, right Maude Lebowski?

What to do with Ben Sheets is the question Views From the Front Row is asking? The blog wants him back. I say one healthy year shouldn't cloud several unhealthy ones at the bargaining table.

The Braves are an injury-riddled mess. But that's not curbing What I do instead of work's enthusiasm.

Move over Derek Jeter. Watch out for your job Darrell Rasner. Joba sits in awe. Why? Sidney Ponson is in the Bronx, The Florida Faux Sports Report reports.

Klick of the Day   

Introducing the friar and the skullet

Posted on: April 23, 2008 12:02 pm
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Alpha Blog: Michigan lacks family values

An offensive lineman is leaving Michigan to go to, of all places, Ohio State.

It's one thing to transfer. But to Ohio State? Justin Boren leaves UM for a place with better family values.

There must be a good reason behind this. Something along the lines of consistently playing for a shot at the national title or impressive facilities in Columbus.

Check that. It's "family values," or rather, the lack of them in Ann Arbor these days.

That is Justin Boren's reason.

What could Rich Rodriguez possibly be telling his players? Is he slinging tractors like Pete Bell? Turning a blind eye on dopers like Steve Lattimer? Doing keg stands at parties like Larry Eustachy? (hey, a real life example, nice work you hack blogger)

"Family values" are for blowhard politicians, not soon-to-be 20 year olds. The phrase doesn't even mean anything. Any family can have values. Think the west Texas Year of Zion ranch polygamist family didn't have some bizarre sort of "values?"

Of course Rich Rodriguez has family values, just check out this quote from a DFP interview earlier this month:

“That was the most disappointing thing when people would start to question that family atmosphere that we have. I’ve always taken great pride in that and actually my mother-in-law drove up seven hours just to watch a couple of practices and get to know some of the guys on the team. My kids and my wife always come to practice, as do the coaches wives and I encourage that. I want them to be around and get to know the players because we do become close with them. We’ve only been here a few months but it was fun to see that, and people that know us will continue to see that around. For us and our players, this is a home away from home. When they have a birthday coming up, we like to say happy birthday to them and give them a candy bar or something like that and appreciate the fact that everybody is part of one big family, not just athletics but at the university. “

Looks like Boren, who turns 20 on April 28, won't be getting that birthday candy bar.

Of note, Boren is the son of two former sporting star Wolverines (linebacker dad Mike and track star mom Hope) but grew up around Columbus, the official new center of family values.

The move will bring Boren back to the state where former Buckeyes star/gun advocate Maurice Clarett, father of a 1-year-old, is residing.

On to the best blogs ... around!            

It's never too early to start ranking things in college football, which is why Badgers Ballers Hollers breaks down the Big Ten. Who's No. 1? Justin Boren's new team. Who's No. 6? Justin Boren's old team.

There are plenty of things wrong in college football these days, and The Verbal Scourging has the solution to nearly all the problems.

Hindsight is always .200-.200 for Random Sports Blog/Fantasy Sports Blog. The blog looks back at some baseball predictions -- Ryan Howard for MVP -- and eats a bit of crow.

Homecourt advantage has The NEW blog to end all blogs thinking of some ways to fix the NBA playoff system.

Klick of the Day         

Speaking of family values, let's revisit The Addams Family Values.  (gets good around the 2 minute mark)

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