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Posted on: April 28, 2008 12:30 pm
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Alpha Blog: Poor Debbie Clemens

Poor Debbie Clemens. Debbie Clemens allegedly used HGH before this shoot.

Roger Clemens' ex-trainer Brian McNamee is saying he shot her full of HGH in order to get all pretty-fied for a Sports Illustrated shoot.

Now a washed-up country star is connected to her husband. Not just that, their relationship began when Mindy McCready was 15 years old.

And how can we forget the dropped call that led to Roger Clemens returning for one more un-inspiring season in New York?

Mindy McCready in 2006. Not pictured, 15-year-old Mindy McCready. As for McCready, she's the one-time fiancee to thespian Dean Cain and is recovering from an abusive relationship with country musician Billy McKNight. She has a kid from that relationship named Zander.

She's dabbled in prescription fraud, nearly overdosed while pregnant and spent parts of the four seasons in a Tennessee jail after violating her probation for allegedly hitting her mother.

Refreshing our memories, Roger Clemens is in a defamation lawsuit vs. Brian McNamee. I'm not a lawyer, but I have watched Nancy Grace -- and the timing of this can't help things.

I'd imagine things on the homefront aren't too cozy right about now, either. It's one thing to explain to your wife about the rampant drug use allegations, but the I-was-dating-a-15-year-old-country-
singer excuse? I'm not sure 1-800-flowers.com has many bouquets for that oopsy.

Hang in there Deb, or at the very least, take some pointers from ex-wife-of-pitching star Tawny Kitaen.

On to the best blogs ... around!  

The wounds are still fresh from this weekend's draft, but that's not stopping Dantheman4250's Sports Blog from ranking the Top 15 of Brian Brohm would have been a Windy City hit. 2009. The prerequisites appear to be going to Ohio State, Oklahoma or Florida.

If there's one thing Chicago Bears fans are in agreement on, it's the draft didn't exactly go as they hoped. Common Sense with Patg006 breaks down how it all went wrong in Jerry Angelo's war room.

What about how the Bears draft should have gone? Big Bad Bears Blog plays monday morning GM, and you can bet your Ditka there's a quarterback being selected in the second round.

If Bears fans were confused at the lack of quarterback activity, Sports and such is a bit confused with the Niners' lack of wide receiver activity.

Unlike some Titans fans, Behind Closed Dores likes the Chris Johnson pick. But too many workout warriors, not enough on-the-field performers for the blog's taste.

Klick of the Day

Jason Kidd fouls hard.

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Blog Day Afternoon: Delivery? It's Dicky V!

Things I learned about Dick Vitale from a New York Times article. (Sorry for the lack of link, the tool is being a real PITA).

He's 68 years old. (I would have said 63)

He gets three Mercedes just through endorsement deals. (What no Broughams?)

He wasn't allowed to speak for a month, using only a Legends of the Fall-ian type chalk board (OK, Dry-Erase) to communicate with people.

He had the cajones to call someone a "young Lou Holtz" (ouch).

And Vitale never thought he was doing any damage to his voice by carrying on about Dookies and diaper dandies like he rountinely did.

“I just always thought I had this loud way about me, you know, the throat became my sound, whether it was clear or not,” he said. “It’s helped me make my living.”

Welcome back Vitale, after all, watching a Duke-UNC game without you ruining it would be like watching Cadyshack 2 without Jackie Mason. 

Hi I'm your new boss, Nolan Ryan

There's probably not a connection here. But on the same day former player Steve Kerr acquired aging and crumbling Shaq, the Texas Rangers hired ex-player Nolan Ryan as president. Now, of course, former players can make good executives, but it's a whole heckuva lot easier to rattle of the name of bad ex-player GMs or presidents (Kevin McHale, Isiah Thomas, Ozzie Newsome, Matt Millen...) than it is the good ones (Jerry West, Ernie Grunfeld, Billy Beane).

It's just if I'm an owner, I'm probably not going to turn my management structure over to a former player, someone who spent 20-some years of his life playing the game. I'd rather have someone who spent 20-some years thinking analytically about the game, and who won't put me in a headlock for saying something like, "strikeouts don't define a pitcher."

From the coach's mouth

 "I'm proud of Tyler Dierkers," Coles said. "He might be our leader, and I never thought he could lead anything. I thought he was just a jovial guy -- a happy-go-lucky guy -- but he's had some big ballgames this year. He's growing. I hope he keeps growing. He's smart, anyway -- good grades and everything -- but he's really come out this year and is showing us he cares."

-- Miami RedHawks coach Charlie Coles on setting the bar real low for one of his players.  

On to the best ... blogs around!

The Suns are notoriously cheap. Shaq is notoriously expensive. The Blog to End All Blogs is confused. And upset. And throwing around mean words like, "Isiah Thomas."

I admit I skim, scan, peruse and even glance at stories. And I get in trouble for it sometimes. But this whole Gisele Bundchen running naked thing is taking idiocy to a new level. I'm lookin at you, FOOTBALL 365.

Never shy to ask the tough questions in life, The Blog about Nothing inquires: What is your favorite Seinfeld episode? I'm fond of "Shrinkage" and this one, where Kramer gets his hands on an old Merv Griffin set.

Mock drafts, fake breasts and real breasts (how eclectic) are just a few of the Wonderful World of Gonos' favorite things. Oh, and Ben Sheets makes a funny.

Think adjusting to Phoenix's high-octane offense will be Shaq's toughest test? Think again says The Sports Comedian. It's Dr. Sameer Pendalooza.

If you're into crazy draft-day scenarios -- who isn't? -- involving the Bears, read Big Bad Bears Blog.  

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Blog Day Afternoon: Monday, Jan. 28

The Orioles could be down to one Canadian pitcher. But they'll get a Pacman in return.

(Speaking of the O's, trading a potential staff ace right at the prime of his career is always a true-and-tried recipe for success. If this goes down, and being very liberal with how good Bedard just may be, this is similar to Pedro to the Red Sox or Beckett to the Red Sox or ... wait, why isn't he going to the Red Sox?)

The market too volatile for you? The lads at Slate.com purchased stock in a pitcher (he's not Canadian).

If the Giants were smart, they'd bring good ol' Rachelle to Glendale.

If Led Zeppelin was smart, they'd do a world tour, according to Jimmy Page.

If you're smart, you'll take Carl up on his +23 Super Bowl line.

And the new Rambo is already in the IMDB Top 250. But it couldn't beat out the glorified Youtube clip, Meet the Spartans at the box office. Mel Brooks needs to offer a class called "Parody: Gay jokes are funny, but there's more to a movie than them."

On to the best ... blogs around!

As a Redskins fan (I really use that term loosely these days) I empathize with PC Free From PC Central. Only Raider Nation has it worse than the Burgandy and Gold.

Bears fans, if you're looking for a reason to franchise Bernard Berrian, here's one: Devin Hester is the next best option at wideout for you, says Big Bad Bears Blog. The user has four more reasons for you, including one with the credibility stripping statement: There would be a dropoff in productivity if say, Andre Johnson were a Bear.

Boogers, no matter the context, will always have a home in Blog Day Afternoon. Kids, Listen to your Mother found a grape of one recently. 'Nuff said.

mets4life.blogspot.com looks at what's missing from the Nationals. Trading Da Meathook is not an option, my friend. Otherwise, you're spot on.

With hockey still on hiatus, Fly Flyers Fly offers a look at the, you guessed it, the Flyers. Long story short: They're doing better than last year.

Think the Patriots have forgotten how to lose? Taking your talking points from the likes of Terry Bradshaw and sober Dana Jacobson? Battling my inner demons has this to say: The Patriots will crush you!

And don't forget to share your love and hate for Boston and New York in The Blog Whisperer's blog.

Weekend rewind blog: The score from the weekend goes to What kind of player will Greg Oden be?. The user asks what the best Sega sports games are. Everybody knows NHL '94 (despite the loss of bloodlust) is the best for that system. But off the beaten path, we're talking Evander Holyfield's Real Deal Boxing.

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