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Posted on: May 28, 2008 11:12 am

Alpha Blog: We all love Kobe again

If there's a sports-figure public relations handbook young media wonks are given, there should be a chapter on the rebirth of Kobe Bryant.

Five years after committing adultery and being accused of sexual assault by a hotel employee (and settling out of court), Kobe Bryant has the public eating out of his hands. Kobe shares his secret with Luke Walton.

And all it took was the power of YouTube and a solid marketing campaign. 

He jumps over an Aston Martin in the name of selling shoes.

We fall in love all over again... 

Then TNT gets a hold of it and the laughs ensue.

...We realize we never stopped loving him...

Then Jackass gets a hold of it and more laughs ensue (Weeman, LOL).

...We tell him he had us at "Black Mamba."

Of course, this is all icing on Kobe's rejuvenation cake. It would be all for naught had he not completely alterered his game in the name of the team and winning a title.

He trusted his teammates, he gave up taking the lost shot (everynight), and he simply became an affable feller. It's like he came out of a Sydney Pollack movie.

That's what makes this so impressive. The man changed. He became slightly better at age 29 and in doing so, won back not just his on-court critics, but his off-court critics (there's an argument that the latter was the tougher).

What's most impressive is, this all happened after an offseason of repeated trade rumors started by Kobe's camp. Now the conversations are about how to keep the Kobe-Pau-Lamar dynasty-in-the-making going for the long haul.

So young sports PR execs take note. Your client can be as bad as he wants to be, just be sure to harnass the power of YouTube, TNT, MTV and your local Aston Martin dealership.

With a dash of charisma and selflessness, those ingredients can make us all forget why we stopped loving in the first place.

On to the best blogs ... around!

Who is Augie Freeze and what did he have to do with the Reds in 1961? The Big Red Machine breaks a magical pennant race down.

The Spurs are down 3-1 and who is Blurbs from the Penalty Box placing blame on? His initials are BB and his last name rhymes with scary, hairy, Larry, Carrie, marry, Terry and dysentery.

With gas prices soaring Nats general manager Jim Bowden has a toxic observation about flying to scout ballplayers in Scott Miller's Bull Pennings.

MLB is coming down on little league teams using copyrighted team names. BigPapiandManny's 3-4 Punch is pissed off, and has three solid alternatives. Well, telling MLB to eff off is probably not an "alternative."

Klick of the Day

I'm as surprised as anybody Kobe's made so much public progress despite this "performance" with Tyra Banks.

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Blog Day Afternoon: He'll pump you up

Uno looks to be No. 1. Chelsea's being "pimped." But first, Verne Troyer's 15 minutes of fame just expired.

I lift weights, and I am weights!Introducing Aditya "Romeo" Dev, the world's smallest bodybuilder. Standing 2-9, Romeo weighs 20 pounds, but can lift 3.3-pound weights over his head. That's nearly 16.5 percent of his body weight. If you weigh 205 pounds, you'd have to lift 34 pounds over your head to match that. OK, so that's not the best way to talk this guy up. The best way is to simply check out his photos.

He's blonde. He has a mustache. He wears shorts with animals see-sawing and he dances. What more do you want?

Maybe some Jazzy B. That's Romeo's dream, to perform with Punjabi pop star Jazzy B. According to his website, Jazzy B "packs an enormous tidal wave of a punch ... and is one of the most prominent stars of Punjabi music in the 21st century." I can see why being the likely strongest dwarf in the world wouldn't be enough.

So long Mini-me, it's the real Lil Romeo's time.

Scarlett Johansson before the work?"Pimping," but not the Clinton you think

 Apparently Jack Donaghy doesn't like when General Electric employees use the word "pimp." MSNBC host David Shuster asked two guests recently, "Doesn't it seem as if Chelsea [Clinton] is sort of being pimped out in some weird sort of way?"

This led to a firestorm response from the Clinton camp (do they know any other type of response?) about associating their daughter with the word "pimp." Well, despite pimp's mainstream success of late (Pimp My Ride, Big Pimpin', Katt Williams' schtick), it's apparently still a no-no word. Why? Slate.com's Jesse Sheidlower explains the origins of the word.

Oh, completely relevant and mildly tasteless ... is Chelsea sort of becoming a poor, poor, poor man's Scarlett Johansson?

Personally, I like Captain better...

Scout.com released its' best names list of the class of 2008. Top honors go to a Florida Atlantic defensive tackle who guys by the name of Yourhighness Morgan.

Don't call me Snoopy!Sit, Ubu, sit ... then destroy

And congrats to Uno, our beagle who made it through the hounds group at the Westminster Kennel Club Annual Dog Show and will now look to bring home the breeds' first-ever Best In Show collar.

What do you have to say about that, Buck Laughlin?

"Excuse me if this off the subject a little bit, but just take a guess at how much I can bench press. Come on, what do you think? Take a guess. 315 pounds, at the top of my game, maxing out at 500! "

Thanks, I guess.

On to the best ... blogs around!

If you're not buying what John Rocker, steroids outer, is selling, then BigPapiandManny's 3-4 Punch has something you may agree with: John Rocker, SHUT THE HELL UP!

Wait, we have more Rocker ..

Do you like competitive biking? If so, there's a race called The Tour of California and Who cares about these sports? gives the 411 (so 2003, I know) on all the teams competing.

***Watch out Scott Miller, Matt Abedi's Sporting Universe has a solid NL West preview worth reading.***

Fresh off the Patriots' perfect regular season, the Memphis Tigers are looking like they may move into Perfectville. Mind of The Big B wonders about that neighborhood.

Texas has already defeated three top six schools. Parrish: The Thoughts says Memphis should be scared, very scared come selection Sunday.

Josh Harding gets A Top Quark. Nik Backstrom gets Up Quarks. Refs get Bottom Quarks. And if you have any idea what I'm talking about or want to, read Mouthing Off From the Catbird Seat. It's better than playing dead.

***indicates the chef's blog du jour

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Blog Day Afternoon: What to call THE CATCH?

I just can't come up with anything. Maybe it's because I haven't had coffee for hours. Maybe it's because there are only so many things that rhyme with "catch" or "reception" or "Tyree." Maybe I'm just not clever enough.

I can't figure out a catchy term/phrase/whatchamacallit for Eli Manning's toss to David Tyree in the fourth quarter. It was jaw-dropping, It was definitely immaculate. It's a combination of all sorts of superlatives. Some that may invoke the name of God, various other sacred things and Rue McClanahan.

So help me, help you's.

What do we call this thing? Somebody out there must have something. You all are much brainier than I am.


I have so far:

  • The Glendale Grab

  • M-T Zest! (M=Manning; T=Tyree)

  • Big Blue Velvet (silky smooth)

  • Eli-Yahoo! (he's a prophet in the IT age)

  • XL eye-to-eye

  • Eli Weasel
  • Blue Thunder
  • 42nd Treat
  • Levitra, because the Giants have ED (Eli+David)
  • The Great Eli-scape

  • The Jints Connection

See what I'm talking about? I need help. Hit me with your best shots, let's patent pending this thing, together. Also, who can beat my cutline on the second photo. I've got: "Who needs Gisele? Tyree and Eli know how to celebrate The Glendale Grab."

On to the best XLII blogs ... around!

Stu on This has an equation worth sharing: Imperfect QB + Imperfect team = Perfect Win. Maaaaakes sense.

Were the Patriots too arrogant? The Blog to End All Blogs thinks so. He has evidence, too, which always helps an argument.

BigPapiandManny's 3-4 Punch has only one phrase to call Super Bowl XLII: The Greatest Game I Ever Saw.

More to come...

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Blog Day Afternoon: Don't leave work without 'em

It looks like Randy Moss isn't the only wide receiver with relationship woes.

Hello Cedrick Wilson. How you may have known Cedrick Wilson? Why he's the mediocre third or fourth receiver for the Steelers. How you may know him now? Mr. Wilson, as the neighborhood boys like to call him, saw his house turn into the Branch Davidian compound for about 12 hours Saturday.

His girlfriend (that term may no longer be official) brandished a .38-caliber firearm following a tiff, fired two shots into a wall (not the plasma TV!) and shacked up in the abode for half a day as dozens of police set up a perimeter and evacuated the neighborhood.

"I was taken aback," neighborhood resident Gretchen Dunn told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. "The situation did not seem to warrant the kind of response that occurred. I thought somebody was being held hostage there. But that obviously wasn't the case."

Lindsey "Left Eye" Paulat eventually relinquished her role as madwoman/hostage and all was well in the Pittsburgh 'burb.

This proves one thing: Chad Johnson's approach to raffles may be pretty smart, after all.

In other news, Jason Priestley (of "Donna Martin graduates" fame) announced he's co-owner of a race team that will have a car in the Indy 500.  Bring on the inevitable Peach Pit stop/crew jokes in 5, 4, 3, 2, (Have a nice day. Thank you.) ... now!

On to the best ... blogs around!

Speaking of girlfriends, turns out Eli is the BMOC of the Manning clan. The Sports Comedian breaks down the Lloyd Dobler effect the Giants' win is having on poor ol' Peyton.

You know Jarrod Saltalamacchia. But do you know the other top catchers under 23? Believe it or not, one of them plays for the Orioles. But Stu on this brings up the point: Remember Ryan Garko?

Pismojoe's Blog Central asks the question: Do CBS writers steal from message board posts? To paraphrase Lord Helmet: Suckers! I can't believe you fell for that! Seriously, the answer is most likely not. It's more of a situation of highly in-tune posters being on the same story-idea curve as the national media.

BigPapiandManny's 3-4 Punch offers an in-depth look at the Super Bowl. Included is a Tom Emanski-inspired "Tackle the right way" talking point.

If you're one of the many who think L.T. let his teammates down Sunday, hear what Battling my inner demons has to say about the Chargers' hobbled running back.

If you like Power and/or Rankings and/or the Pac-10 check out dbacksfan414's list-a-majig. Or check out Huskyonspeed Power Blog's Pac-10 rankings. Does anybody outside the West Coast do CBK power rankings? Regardless, Gary Parrish would be proud. Or is it mad? I mix those two words up.

se7en says has his daily dose of riddles for your reading pleasure (or torture). His Lucky 7 entry brings up the old joke: Who are the two most trusting people in the world? Two cannibals having oral ... (hey now!).

And speaking of love affairs gone sour, FOOTBALL WITHDRAWAL says New York's love for Jeremy Shockey may need to be re-evaluated following the team's success without the tight end.

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