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Marvin Lewis needs to go ... find a better job

The great state of Ohio has seen better days. Many are without power and most are still numb from Saturday and Sunday night's losses.

But it's Sunday afternoon's loss, and those along the Ohio River who I feel for. Marvin Lewis

This is hardly breaking news, but the Bengals are no longer among the ranks of serious football teams. It wasn't too long ago media was chirping about how Marvin Lewis and Co. were changing the culture of the franchise. Winning had become expected and the team peddled in exciting offensive play.

Now the offense is non-dimensional and losing, once again, is the norm.

Culture 1, Marvin Lewis 0.

There is no rematch. The Marvin Lewis Experience is finished, and it's not entirely his fault. A coach can change culture, but unless he has the support of management, it's impossible to transition those changes into standard operating procedure.

Compare the Bengals to their Sunday opponent, the Titans. Under Jeff Fisher and more importantly supportive ownership, the team recently ushered in a new era (Vince Young in, Steve McNair out), severed ties with a notorious troublemaker and harnessed a potentially ugly situation in Albert "cleat" Haynesworth. There were times when the team sacrificed winning now for reinforcement of their franchise's foundation. Football often draws war metaphors, and the backbone of a good military regime is discipline.

The Bengals, on the other hand, believed in the idea talent trumps character. Talent does trump character for the most part in the short term. But year after year of executing that philosophy eventually cripples a foundation beyond repair. It creates a culture of uncoachability.

That means Marvin Lewis' time is done. He may not be the best game manager around, but there was a time, briefly when he could manage this franchise. That time has passed, and it's time for him and the franchise to move on. He's too good a defensive coordinator to be stuck defending his abilities as coach of the aimless Bengals.

Broncos, Turner vs. L.T. and Cooley's unit


Still not buying the Broncos as the Cowboys after Sunday's game? They may not run with the same authority but the Marshall-Royal-Scheffler trifecta isn't far off from the Owens-Crayton-Witten package...

Name | 100-yard games | rushing yards | touchdowns

Michael Turner | 1 | 262 yards | 2

LaDainian Tomlinson | 0 | 132 | 0

I figured Turner would come down to earth vs. the Bucs, but playing Kansas City next week could be just what I need to get that touchdown total up. A bruised toe on L.T. isn't helping my Toledo opponent.

I'm eyeing the Rosebank 1991 signatory scotch...

Chris Cooley is either a show-off, or needs to be more careful with his camera

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Watch out for Bears in Galveston

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One game in, Broncos have a Cowboys feel to them

I tell myself it's the Raiders.

"Eric, it's just the Raiders.

"Eric, it's just the Raiders.

"Eric, it's just the Raiders."

But I can't get this thought out of my dome.

The Broncos are the Rocky Mountain Cowboys.

"Eric, it's just the Raiders."

This is a Broncos team that finished 21st in points last season and 11th in yards, while the Cowboys finished second in points and second in yards.

"Eric, it's just the Raiders."

But last night Eddie Royal looked like ex-Cowboy Terry Glenn in his prime, or for 2008 comparisons sake, a smaller Patrick Crayton. Tony Scheffler, made the most of his one catch (we'll ignore the dropped TD), while doing a Jason Witten run-after-the-catch impersonation. No-longer suspended Brandon Marshall is Terrell Owens (in style and substance), Andre Hall and Selvin Young have a poor man's Marion Barber/Julius Jones appeal and Jay Cutler was slinging like Tony Romo. Eddie Royal

"Young scribe, with the amount of time Cutler had, former Broncos legend Jarious Jackson could have put up 300 299 yards. BTW, it's just the Raiders."

I respectfully disagree. Some quarterbacks are good at screwing up ideal situations (see: Tarvaris Jackson, Rex Grossman). It's one thing to have an opportunity; it's another to take full advantage of it (Google Derek Anderson + Charlie Frye). 

Cutler has the intellect of Chad Pennington, but the arm strength of Jeff George. He's Chad George, but only the good parts of each.

Here's what I mean. Even on plays when he's bad, he's not that bad. Late in the first half, residing in the end zone with the clock ticking, he called Brandon Stokley's number in the front-corner of the end zone. However, he didn't hide the fact he was throwing to Stokley, who had the outside position. The defense read it and played it well, but a good throw by Cutler would still have been catchable. Cutler threw a bad pass. But it wasn't bad like some QBs throw bad passes. As Harry Doyle would say, it was a bit high and a bit outside, but it was really hard. Point being, if Stokley wasn't going to catch it, nobody was going to catch it. That's progress, folks. Being a gunslinger is one thing, harnessing your boomstick arm is another.

The Broncos play in the AFC West. That means another go-at with the Raiders, two Kansas City games and two vs. my bust team of the season, San Diego. After one week, things look good in Denver. Of course, they also look good in Baltimore, Atlanta and Buffalo.

But I get the feeling Cutler gets it. I get the feeling Royal was stuck playing with some god-awful quarterbacks in Blacksburg and I get the feeling the Broncos have a bit of swagger that comes from having a coach with stability and an organization that gets IT. Get, get, get, get, get, get...

Get it? No? That's OK, after all, it was "just the Raiders."

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Happy birthday to Dick LeBeau (and my sister!), who turns 71. In Love with the Game, Mom's View pays homage to the former player and defensive mastermind in her trademarked style.

Chris Young's flirtation with a perfect game Sunday is reason enough for Scott Miller's Bull Pennings to pause in the middle of his playoff beat and tip his pen/typing fingers to the big ol' pitcher.

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What Sonic commercials should be

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