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Posted on: June 17, 2009 11:30 am
Edited on: June 17, 2009 12:05 pm

Need more Kobe? Check out new Cowboys stadium

If one must have a favorite Cowboy, worse can be had than second-year player Martellus Bennett. He's a solid tight end, an often hilarious Twitterer , and now a stadium tour guide.

This week on Marty B TV is a tour of JerryWorld , the Cowboys' new still-under-construction facility set to make Yankee Stadium seem more like Ozzie Guillen's take on Wrigley Field .

While the ostrich-leather seats are impressive, it's the concession stand menu that screams nouveau-Texas bbq. 

There's the dry aged beef sandwich for $14, the Texas catfish po'boy is available for $10 and the steel cut fries for $5 (I thought "hand cut" was still the in-fry making slicing, but who knows). A draft beer will set you back $9. But it's the four Kobe items that either represent a culinary revolution in stadium food, or one helluva marketing push.

They are:
  • Green chile Kobe burger for $13
  • Kobe BBQ burger for $13
  • Cowboys Kobe nacho dog for $7.50
  • Kobe Texas dog for $7.50
Quite the Asian influence in the land of barbecue. There are also, as Marty B says, "sesame seed hot dog buns, which you don't see (elsewhere)." So that's a nice touch.

After eating all the Kobe goodness, it's important to have a nice throne to plant one's backend on. The restrooms are marble-encrusted and featuring stainless steel doors (not just for fridges anymore) on the stalls. Oh, and the latrines? They're made from "elephant tusk," according to Bennett, which would be highly unethical, and not to mention a wee bit illegal.

So yeah, it seems to be shaping up to be quite the dandy Dallas palace for Tony Romo and friends to play eight games each season.
Posted on: October 14, 2008 4:58 pm

Why is everyone hating on Jerry Jones for Pacman?

The League suspended Pacman Jones for at least four games and now Jerry Jones is the bad guy who gave Pacman the chance the cornerback never should have gotten.

I don't get it.

Forget whatever Pacman did.

How is Jones in the wrong here? He took a chance on an uber-talented kid, put in the proper safeguards and it backfired. It happens everyday all around us. People in Vegas take chances. Drivers take chances going through an intersection with a yellow light. We're bailing out a financial institution that took the wrong chances.

That's what life is about. Taking chances. And now we're railroading Jones for rolling the dice in a calculated manner?

You don't think Jones is taking this the hardest? He put his reputation on the line for Pacman. He thought he would be the one to reform. It didn't happen. And now Jones is the bad guy for trying.

When did we become so hard on people who see the slimmer of good in talented, yet troubled, people? This wasn't the Bengals bringing in troubled personnel year in and out and doing little when things got out of control. This was a stable franchise with a few hotspots. It has a big-mouthed receiver, a gun-loving defensive tackle and a cornerback bankrupt of commonsense. Everywhere else were, for the most part, stand-up people and players.

But Jones, realizing that talent wins championships, apparently sold his soul bringing Pacman in. That's how we're seeing this. He ruined his good thing. No, you set up the good thing so you can absorb a talented malcontent or two. That's the way the NFL is.

Pacman isn't working out. Big deal, moral police. I hope this doesn't stop him from trying on the next idiot, but talented player that becomes available.
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