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Posted on: June 4, 2008 12:53 pm
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Alpha Blog: We have another new website

A day after the U.S. Supreme Court (on Monday) refused to hear an appeal from Major League Baseball and its Players Association, we here at CBSSports.com launched a brand new site.

As is custom in this space when we do something newish at 2200 W. Cypress, I like to talk about it with you all.

The new site is called CBSSports.com Fantasy News and will cover pro football, college football, pro basketball, college basketball, baseball, hockey, golf & auto racing.

Whereas before our fantasy news was interweaved with our editorial content and available on league pages, now it has its own nifty little site.

(I'd like to hear your thoughts on the site. I have some of my own [some good, some not])

Why did we do this? Here's what my boss, Jason Kint said:Our new website

"The content around our fantasy products has always been a huge reason why our fantasy customers have been incredibly loyal to our brand and why our service continues to win numerous awards," said Kint, Senior Vice President and General Manager, CBSSports.com & CBSNews.com. "CBSSports.com Fantasy News now brings this abundance of fantasy news and information out, front and center, for the entire world of fantasy fanatics to read and consume, giving us a leadership position in both the product and information side of the business."

What does that mean? Here's my worker bee take.

A lot of you guys dig our fantasy games. We do it pretty well, as the hardware in my office reminds me so why not create a separate space on the web just for this thing we do pretty well? Why, after all, should we let the Rotoworlds and Fanballs have all the fun in this department? Oh and yeah, we can make a lot of money off this $500 million annual global revenue stream tied to fantasy. Making money's good, right?

That last part is a big element considering this statement from the Wall Street Journal's Matthew Futterman:

"Monday's decision was a relief for major media companies including Yahoo Inc. and CBSsportsline.com, a division of CBS, two of the leading Internet fantasy-sports sites. Had the high court agreed to hear the appeal, those companies could have wound up paying some of the highest licensing fees to the leagues."
(My good sir, we are no longer CBSSportsline.com and even if we were, the l is uppercased)

So not only do we not have to pay MLB a dime, we're now going to make lots more dimes (hopefully) with this new site.

Here's a little background on Monday's ruling courtesy of Futterman:

"Fantasy-sports companies and the professional leagues and players unions had a mostly peaceful relationship through the 1990s. The companies paid licensing fees of 5% to 10% of revenues for the rights to the players' names and statistics. Deals with the largest companies produced nearly $1.5 million a year."

Then three years ago MLB decided that wasn't cool. It fought tooth and nail with CDM Fantasy Sports Corp. over the rights to the information (stats) fantasy operators use. And because MLB lost, all pro leagues will lose that licensing fees fantasy operators like CBSSports.com were paying them.

Which brings us back to the new site. It's still in Beta form, but next week expect a wee bit of promotion across CBSSports.com as it hits the mainstream. In the meantime, I'm just happy the first version managed to find room for Brian Scalabrine's name.

See if you can find it.

On to the best blogs ... around 

The man who helped design the new fantasy website posted a blog about designing the new website. We call him, Zeus.

With the Pirates slated second for Thursday's draft Throwing Breaking Balls examines what the club is doing to ensure its pitching prospects make it through the minors with both arms in tact.

There are still Kobe doubters and Kobe haters. Dantheman4250's Sports Blog brushes off both with this take on the evolution of the Lakers and their star.

What do Charles Barkley, Bill Clinton and Rick Reilly have in common? They are all in Say What???'s ideal foursome.

Klick of the Day 

If you'd like a recap of the Internet's finest offerings set to the tune of a pop song, Weezer has just the video for you.

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Alpha Blog: My 0-10 H.S. team on our site? Great

Per my semi-usual routine, I was surfing our website in my office (offices can have seats the flush), and I noticed that the website done gone up and changed on me.

I clicked on a story and bam, it has team page features right there on the top. Cute. I moved on to college football (I don't know why) and I noticed the words "high school."Bullis, what a program.

High school? Me thinks to click on that.

And bam, before I know it I'm looking up my high school football team on some site called MaxPreps, which we acquired for roughly the price of one Ted Lilly. CBS 1, Cubs 0.

However, looking at my old alma mater on MaxPreps.com may incite me to throw a few Lilly-ian haymakers. That was lame.

But not as lame as Bullis High School, which was 0-10 last season. No wonder I hadn't heard much from that pesky alumni association. However, I got to see video of my 0-10 school vs. another school (it's more of a blooper reel if you're so inclined) and look up stats three-years deep.

I was impressed. High school football, on our site. There's even a guy named Dave Krider on there and you know what he calls his section of the website? Krider's Corner. He spells better then, er, than, I.

So the point of this is something along the lines of: people here who dress nicer than I do, think high school sports can be monetized. And that raises a few questions, some of which may include: Should it be? Can we do it better than local newspapers/websites? Do people outside of Texas, California, Florida and Ohio really care about what their high school sports teams are up to?

The skeptic in me thinks, great, more incentive for high schoolers to use PEDs, cheat, and get an inflated sense of self. The sports fan in me says, this is sweet, now I can keep up with my high school, which is nice, because it's important to have pride in the teams you played on and followed. The editor in me does wonder, though, how can we beat the local guys at their own game? I'm guessing we can't at first, but the longer we stay in this game, and the more resources we throw behind MaxPreps the better we'll probably get.

What do you think? Is MaxPreps’ presence on our chunk of web real estate a good, bad or I-don’t-really-care thing? Personally, I like it, if only because MaxPreps makees me think of Max Power, which of course, is the "name you'd love to touch, but you musn't touch!"

On to the best blogs ... around!

If the tragic ending to Eight Belles didn't sit well with you, neither will the The Bong Zone's latest and greatest off of HBO's latest and greatest sports reporting.

Spring football is in the books and Dantheman4250's Sports Blog has booked Ohio State and Georgia as his top two teams in his latest college football rankings.

What do harems, scones and the Steelers' draft have in common? Dreams, In Love with the Game, Mom's View says, dreams.

The Hornets' run through the playoffs is just the icing on To Blog, or not to Blog?'s New Orleans post-Katrina cake.

Klick of the Day

Ever wonder what it would be like to see Mac fight Don Flamingo live?

Posted on: May 12, 2008 11:32 am
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Alpha Blog: Hit with the Youkilis stick

I know talking about one's Fantasy team is like looking at somebody else's vacation photos, but something has to be said about Kevin Youkilis, and what he did to my team.
Kevin Youkilis
The Yook hit:

  • Five home runs (more than my entire team)
  • Drove in 10 RBI (more than half of my 19)
  • Scored eight times (more than a third of my 21)
  • And the most insulting: he stole a base (a third of my total of 3)

Kevin Youkilis has 11 career stolen bases in five seasons. In other words, he averages around 2.2 per. I had the honor of experiencing something that happens roughly once every 81 games.

My team isn't a bunch of schlubs, but we fell apart faster than Eric Gagne closing out at a three-run Brewers lead. Case in point, Edgar Renteria.

Here's the real stinger to my duel with editor Buzz Fagan (he of mustache fame): Our shortstop duel of my Renteria vs. his David Eckstein (injury replacement for Jimmy Rollins).

Now if there was one matchup I thought I had locked, stocked and two smoking bat barrels, it was this one. Plus, Eckstein only played one game because of injury. But Eckstein's one game was enough to best anything Renteria did all week.

Eckstein's line: 1-4, .250 BA, RBI, R, .250 OBP
Renteria's line: 0-18, R

A run. To break that down further: A = 1; run = one statistical improvement for an entire week.

I look forward to my upcoming week, where I expect the opposing team's Mark Ellis to easily outperform my Chase Utley at the second base position.

On to the best blogs ... around!

With the best record in baseball, and that Youkilis guy, it's no surprise Red Sox Rewind is handing out a bunch of A's for Boston's first quarter performance.

After a surprisingly good last week, the Cubs get some NL bottom feeders at home this week. What's It's Gonna Happen in 2008 predicting? How's a 5-2 homestand sound?

Kyle Busch is becoming NASCAR's newest, great villain. Dantheman4250's Sports Blog says he's not surprised ... and it's great for the sport.

From Larry Brown to Rick Carlisle to Mike D'Antoni, NBA coaches are on the move and the Mind of The Big B is breaking them all down.
Klick of the Day

Skeeball is one dangerous sport.
Posted on: May 6, 2008 12:18 pm

Alpha Blog: What's up with contract-year players?

Maybe somebody can help me out here, somebody who knows the day-in and day-out grind of a baseball player just a bit better. Or maybe somebody who knows the powers of the all-mighty Greenback just a bit better.

Pat Burrell has nine homers and a 1.100 OPSHow exactly does somebody start producing better in their contract year? How exactly is Pat Burrell on pace for 44 home runs and career highs in every offensive statistic? How is Joe Crede suddenly gunning for 40 dingers, 120 RBI and a .500 slugging percentage? And how is Rafael Furcal suddenly a 25-home run threat and swinging the bat for a .365 average? And what do you do with these free agents to be?

I know money is one helluva motivator, but how exactly does one player simply just turn it on for a full season? Particularly in baseball, which is as much a skill test as it as an athletic competition. Like golf, the harder you try, the worse a player usually does. You always hear managers talk about keeping players relaxed, or calming down a player who's trying to hard. So how exactly does a player get so much better, so quickly? You can bulk up or down in baseball and see some results, but that's not really the trick in motion/swing sports.

My guess is players with the potential for increased earnings hustle more, watch more tape, study opposing player's nuances and take a more business-like approach day in and out. In other words, they attack all the sport's angles. And that also means they're not doing those things when the big payday isn't on the line.

So if you're in charge of hiring personnel, what do you do with the Pat Burrell's of baseball? The players who, excuse my French, have been half-assing it -- or in other words, squandering their talent by not trying to be the best.

If I'm negotiating with their agents, I combine their best and worst years, divide by two and use that as a baseline. There is no way I allow the negotiation to center around the contract year stat line.

On to the best blogs ... around!

With the NFL Draft season over, something has to fill the mock draft void. Dantheman4250's Sports Blog does a fake NBA Draft, because we all secretly want to be in human resources.

The Red Sox beat the Tigers despite Daisuke Matsuzaka surrendering eight walks. Red Sox Rewind does a Red Sox rewind of Monday's game.

Guess which team had the best combined football-basketball season in the SEC? If you said the Tigers, RockyTopRowdy!'s Fireside Chat agrees with you. Which Tigers? C'mon now.

What to make of Max Scherzer, Dice-K and Johnny Cueto? I White; You Read is back observing in his Fantasy baseball Observations.

Klick of the Day

Not often you come across stories about adding a state to the Union, but North Fort Lauderdale's mayor wants to divide Florida into North and South. He's calling the southern version, South Florida. I call it North Cuba.

Posted on: April 28, 2008 12:30 pm
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Alpha Blog: Poor Debbie Clemens

Poor Debbie Clemens. Debbie Clemens allegedly used HGH before this shoot.

Roger Clemens' ex-trainer Brian McNamee is saying he shot her full of HGH in order to get all pretty-fied for a Sports Illustrated shoot.

Now a washed-up country star is connected to her husband. Not just that, their relationship began when Mindy McCready was 15 years old.

And how can we forget the dropped call that led to Roger Clemens returning for one more un-inspiring season in New York?

Mindy McCready in 2006. Not pictured, 15-year-old Mindy McCready. As for McCready, she's the one-time fiancee to thespian Dean Cain and is recovering from an abusive relationship with country musician Billy McKNight. She has a kid from that relationship named Zander.

She's dabbled in prescription fraud, nearly overdosed while pregnant and spent parts of the four seasons in a Tennessee jail after violating her probation for allegedly hitting her mother.

Refreshing our memories, Roger Clemens is in a defamation lawsuit vs. Brian McNamee. I'm not a lawyer, but I have watched Nancy Grace -- and the timing of this can't help things.

I'd imagine things on the homefront aren't too cozy right about now, either. It's one thing to explain to your wife about the rampant drug use allegations, but the I-was-dating-a-15-year-old-country-
singer excuse? I'm not sure 1-800-flowers.com has many bouquets for that oopsy.

Hang in there Deb, or at the very least, take some pointers from ex-wife-of-pitching star Tawny Kitaen.

On to the best blogs ... around!  

The wounds are still fresh from this weekend's draft, but that's not stopping Dantheman4250's Sports Blog from ranking the Top 15 of Brian Brohm would have been a Windy City hit. 2009. The prerequisites appear to be going to Ohio State, Oklahoma or Florida.

If there's one thing Chicago Bears fans are in agreement on, it's the draft didn't exactly go as they hoped. Common Sense with Patg006 breaks down how it all went wrong in Jerry Angelo's war room.

What about how the Bears draft should have gone? Big Bad Bears Blog plays monday morning GM, and you can bet your Ditka there's a quarterback being selected in the second round.

If Bears fans were confused at the lack of quarterback activity, Sports and such is a bit confused with the Niners' lack of wide receiver activity.

Unlike some Titans fans, Behind Closed Dores likes the Chris Johnson pick. But too many workout warriors, not enough on-the-field performers for the blog's taste.

Klick of the Day

Jason Kidd fouls hard.

Posted on: April 16, 2008 11:51 am
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Alpha Blog: Chargers LBs are troublemakers

Tip of the hat to the San Diego Chargers linebacker group. You all are the most notorious unit in the league thanks to Stephen Cooper.

Cooper, the team's leading tackler (179) last season tested positive for a banned stimulant that was recently added to the NFL's list of Stop yelling at me Norv, I didn't know it was banned. prohibited substances.

(Two quick thoughts on that: Whoever is recording tackles for the Chargers must be awfully generous and how do people still get caught with banned substances? They have dieticians, team doctors and nutritionists who are employed strictly to know what's kosher and what's not.)

So Cooper must sit four games, which makes him the least of the bad-ass 'backers. There's also Shawne Merriman, the steroids user. Shaun Phillips, the one who likes to fight police. Matt Wilhelm was arrested for driving under the influence his rookie season and of course, former 'backer Steve Foley, who drives classic Oldsmobiles (a good thing), but makes cops feel scared to the point he ends up with bullet holes in his legs.

Two suspended, a brawler, a DUI and if we add Foley into the mix, a botched drunk driving experience nobody should ever experience.

Now I know what you're thinking. Eric, James Harrison is enough to boost the Steelers' corps to the top of the worst-group conversation.

I say, I like you're thinking and I'm open to hearing any other arguments for worst corps is football.

On to the four best blogs ... around!  

While picking out top games for '08 is a futile excercise (who had any late-season Browns games this time last year?), In Love with the The schedule gods weren't kind to Steelers fans. Game, Mom's View (despite her Steelers bias) at least goes outside the box with a little Cards-Panthers in Week 8.

Speaking of the Steelers and futility, check out Prisco's Points on Pittsburgh's "brutal" schedule. Again, how the heck do we know if playing the Giants this season will be quite the daunting task is sounds to be? Sigh.

It's the question everybody has an opinion on: Kobe or Chris for MVP. Dantheman4250's Sports Blog breaks it down and sides with Kobe. I have to say Paul's numbers -- and influence -- are on par with Steve Nash's when the Phoenix point guard took home the hardware, while Kobe's have stayed relatively consistent, while his complimentary parts haven't. So there's precedent to give this to the point guard since Kobe's clearly more in the conversation this year than in year's past because of the new help he has.

Oh those Red Sox. They took a two-game sweep vs. the Indians and Red Sox Rewind is here to break down the lovable empire game-by-game.

Klick of the Day  

J.C. Penny sure used to sell some weird stuff back in 1975.

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Alpha Blog: Stanley Pringle nickname competition

You know Shulaces photo caption contest. Well, I'm going to have my own little competition today.

I shall deem thee contest: "Let's give Stanley Pringle a nickname."

Stanley Pringle is a man who knows a thing or two about hand lotion.If you don't remember, Pringle is the Penn State guard charged with lewdness and disorderly conduct. More specifically, he was allegedly masturbating in a library -- his second incident of the nature in two weeks.

This is what he told campus police:

Pringle told police he has "a bad habit of putting his hand down his pants," and demonstrated for the officer by placing his hand down the front of his sweatpants, according to the complaint.

"Why would I need to masturbate?" he told police. "This is how I chill, ma'am."

Really, this was just a sales pitch gone wrong. You see, Stanley Pringle sells hand lotion for the basketball team. He was simply demonstrating manners in which to use lotion.

Apparently, a few swings of Simpsons and Son's tonic later he made his pitch (it puts the lotion on it's skin...) :Coming soon to a university near you.

The woman told police that after 15 minutes of conversation with Pringle, she heard the sound of adjusting clothing followed by a "smacking sound, like Pringle's hand was smacking against the skin of his body."

The victim said she did not turn around because she was afraid, adding that she believed this to be the sound of masturbation and could see a reflection of Pringle's hand moving back and forth, according to the criminal complaint.

The woman told police that Pringle then answered his ringing cell phone and proceeded to make "moaning sounds" and "sounded like he was short of breath."

 You wouldn't think a little 5-on-1 would get the 6-1 guard out of breath, but making sales is so tough in today's slumping economic climate. Of course, maybe the sound she heard   was this

So the question is (and not to beat a dead Lion down) what do we deem thee, Mr. Stanley "once he pops, he can't stop" Pringle?  

 On to the four best blogs ... around! Jake Westbrook for the Cy? Sigh. 


Gary Parrish announced his Ridiculously Early But Still Kind Of Fun Preseason Top 25 (and one) Thursday. Dantheman4250's Sports Blog released his Top 25 College Hoops Teams for 2009 (As of Apr 9) Thursday. Advantage ... blogger. Wow.

I don't like his Flyers over Caps prediction, but I do like his Minnesota over Colorado prediction. dbacksfan414 breaks down the hockey playoffs.

I don't disagree with the premise of the blog -- Cleveland will win the AL Central -- but Don Juan's Sports Thoughts calling Jake Westbrook the eventual Cy Young winner is a wee bit absurd. I mean, REALLY?

It's just a short trip on I-70 From Frederick to Charm City, and the blogger breaks down the Orioles' hot start. Last season the team bought middle relief pitching. This season it's discovering middle relief pitching. Lesson: Never pay a lot for middle relief pitching.

 Klick of the Day  

I don't know what Newfangle means, but Pringles seems to. (Anybody who can Stanley Pringle-fy this video and share gets mad props.)

Posted on: April 3, 2008 12:37 pm
Edited on: April 3, 2008 12:59 pm

Alpha Blog: Bear vs. Tiger, who wins?

I don't often like piggybacking on First and 10, but this debate must continue.

Tiger vs. bear on a neutral floor, which animal wins?

We're talking grizzly bear vs. well-fed male Siberian tiger (they're the biggest, I believe). Plus, Siberian tigers are known to eat browSiberian tigers are badassn bear Grizzly timecubs in Russia's wilderness.

Like this video, I go with the bear. If only because of its size, and ability to keep the tiger at bay with swatting. Plus, a couple paw swats to the tiger's dome could spell concussion or brain hemorrhage.

I can't argue that the tiger is the badder of the two mammals. It's the largest of the big cats, has teeth that could pierce all the way through Rick Majerus and goes straight for the jugular. They're fast, hunt alone and are known to take down some pretty feisty prey like camels, deer, elk, boar and even elephants.

Bears, meanwhile, are mostly omnivores, polar aside. They've been cuteified by mainstream consumerism: gummy bears, Teddy bears, Paddington Bear, Smokey the Bear, Bear from American Wedding. With subspecies like panda and koala, how bad could these animals really be?

But I'll stick with grizzly, you? BTW, this debate is sort of like Kevin Love (grizzly bear) vs. Tyler Hansbrough (tiger), don't ya think?

On to the best four blogs ... around!    

Lute Olson is back running the Arizona program and NaterB's Junk Drawer says good riddance to the black mark that was Kevin O'Neil. He huffs, and puffs but no hits be a coming for Justin Morneau.Everything I hear about O'Neil paints him as not just a horrid coach/assistant but a legitimate bad guy.

THE FANTASY LIFE's discussion on Laurence Maroney failed to convince In Love with the Game, Mom's View to play Fantasy football. While I love the game like I love salt water taffy, it's still no Fantasy baseball -- the ultimate of all Fantasies not named Elizabeth Hurley and/or Lisa Dergan.

My favorite (Twins) rant of the day belongs to Tangletown, USA. Not only does "he write the best blog on this website," he also referred to the Angels as the "Los Angeles Sacramento Angels of Northern San Jose County Municipal Janitors of Anaheim." That's a solid dig.

What did Dantheman4250's Sports Blog learn from Wednesday? That Memphis backup PG Andre Allen is suspended. I have a sneaky suspicion Gregg Doyel will be chiming in on this ... something about how if Derrick Rose goes down, oh, I won't spoil it.

Klick of the Day    

Like the Bible? Like Tiger Woods? Then you'll really like this site. (courtesy of The Bong Show)

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