Posted on: March 4, 2008 6:07 pm
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Blog Day Afternoon: I'm back and Favre leaves!

Did you hear the news? The Packers quarterback retired. I can't remember his name off the top of my head, but I hear he's sort of a big deal.

That's right, he was in a movie. "Something" about something. I can't really remember that either. I should probably write about things I do remember. Like my trip to Taiwan.

I just returned last night from a six-day jaunt to Taipei. As someone completely unfamiliar with that island-sort-of-nation's genesis and existence, it was an eye-opening experience.

I went as part of a Society of Professional Journalists delegation (somebody thought me mildly special) and we met with various high-ranking government officials and we were hit pretty heavy with the "let Americans know about Taiwan's status, please, pretty please." We also became pretty inundated with the Buddhist culture, even going so far to meet their Dali Lama-ey person, Master Chen of Tzu Chi. Enlightening, to say the least. But that could be Sunday night's Absinthe still talking.

So maybe you're wondering, Eric, what the hell are you talking about, just give us some good blogs. But for the few who are wondering what exactly Taiwan wanted to sell us journos on, here's the deal.

Taiwan is a democracy with a pretty-close to free press. It's the 18th-largest economy and one of our biggest trading partners. But it doesn't have a seat at the U.N. and nobody, even us, recognizes it as a real-deal country. We have no embassy there. The country also has 1,000 missiles locked on to it, ready to be deployed if China sees fit. And that's the problem. China wants Taiwan. Taiwan wants to just be left alone. And the U.S. won't back Taiwan because China is the new bad-ass on the block. Being over there you realize their culture, despite being completely different in many ways, is eerily similar. All the people we met shared our core values, work ethic and love of McDonalds, Starbucks and even Cold Stone Creamery.

Now I'm back and reading your blogs so keep up posting those opinions and lists about nothing. Oh, how I missed you all.

p.s: Lost my camera on the first day so when I get our groups' photos, I will happily share with those who care.

On to the best blogs ... around! (The Favre Side Edition)

 There once was a day when Favre didn't have stubble. Ferrari is happy Favre hung up the spikes, statistically speaking.

THE FANTASY LIFE says Favre's retirement doesn't bode well for Packers wideouts or the quarterback position

 FSU Brian Says! to remember the in-between, like when Favre's SMU squad beat Florida State in 1989, not the first or final picks.

Remember when Mike Tomczak was under center in Green Bay? Gotta get some things off my chest does, and worries about the Packers future with Favre gone.

Take a guess at how Favreism's Sports Emporium felt about the news. I doubt he made it to his afternoon class. (Speaking of emporiums, on the plane to Osaka, I got to "enjoy" Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium)  Sigh.

GoPack's Yak (my name backwards!) says Favre was never about the money, and that it was refreshing.

And for something completely different:

Thank god for Photoshop, right Shulaces?

Posted on: January 17, 2008 4:24 pm

Blog Day Afternoon: Don't leave work without 'em

Today's Blog Day Afternoon word of the day is "testicle."

That's because Denver Nuggets forward Nene received what appears to be some good news about his.

That's because AP reporter Glen Johnson thinks he has two big ones for ambushing Mitt Romney at a Staples.

That's because MLB and its steroid-shriveled pair decided that making money with Bud Selig was better than getting clean with a new commish. On second thought, he does appear to be the right "pick" for the job. I shoot, I...

And that's because Derrick Kosch of Kokomo, Ind. has some real, real, real bad news regarding his, which is somewhere on the Village Pantry floor.

On to the best blogs ... around!

Stream of Consciousness spends his lunchtime watching Skip Bayless. How he keeps his food down amazes me. But SOC is amazed with Skip's topic of conversation -- Robert Montgomery Knight. Or as us lesser human beings call him, Bobby Knight.

Insurance salesmen and car dealers unite. Phillip Rivers (odd choice of blog name) does his best Bill O'Reilly on ... Philip Rivers, who he ties to another Chargers' first-round pick.

I don't know what fascinates me more. That In Love with the Game, Mom's View decided to share her passion for Steelers and cheescake or that we have a woman blogging on this site.

Sene, not Nene, is the subject of The Eye of the Hurricane's trade speculation. But are Pacers fans really ready to give up on the solid citizen that is David Harrison?

If you're an amateur sabermatrecian, Ferrari has the latest and greatest fad stat. It's bases over plate appearances (B/PA). I'll buy anything that puts Da Meathook ahead of Derek Jeter, statistically speaking of course.

Speaking of numbers to wrap your mind around, se7en says equips you with a barroom brainteaser you'll need to know before heading out tonight.

Spork's Talk has a dream. If you build a ballpark, he'll come to it. Well, something like that. He's all thumbs up ("nine thumbs up, what the hell is that?") for the handful he's been to.

The Top 1K club loses a member as Bloggin the Dolphin gets the boot. He'll take some time off to talk with his daughter Brittany, his wife Deanna (she's such an inspiration) and do some pheasant hunting in Mississippi before he decides if he has another 1K run in him.

Since we started Blog Day Afternoon yapping about balls (classy as always!), let's end with Moneyball(s). The Words of Dezy speculates that with the juice cut loose from MLB (and home run totals likely shrinking), Billy Beane ball may come to an end.

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