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Posted on: May 5, 2008 11:07 am
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Alpha Blog: Horse of Tomorrow highlights weekend

After the on-track death of Eight Belles, horse racing could use a Horse of Tomorrow. Eight Belles is no longer alive.

The Nationals are the hottest team in baseball (just wrapped up an 8-3 homestand).

If Alexander Ovechkin is Heather Locklear, Evgeni Malkin's goal (2:40 mark) is Courtney Thorne-Smith.

Michael Wilbon makes a good point, the '04 Pistons are the exception to the NBA champions-must-have-superstars rule. Sorry '08 Jazz, '08 Pistons.

If you like tequila, or simply enjoy celebrating countries that at one point defeated the French, enjoy your Cinco de Mayo.

On to the best blogs ... around!  

Mind of The Big B shares a conversation with Viktor Crapper about hoops and less important stuff like the fall of the U.S. As for hoops, halt the in-game music when teams bring the ball up court immediately, please.

The Packers just wrapped up their rookie camp and GoPack's Yak has a report on how Brian Brohm and company fared.

We haven't even crowned an NBA champion, but The Eye of the HurricaneDij is off making predictions for next season because, well, people like predictions.

The second-place Cubs are 1.5 games behind the Cardinals and have a tough road ahead, with the Reds' Aaron Harang and the hot Diamonbacks up this week. It's Gonna Happen in 2008 breaks it all down.

Klick of the Day  

Took in Forgetting Sarah Marshall this past weekend. While the movie's writer/actor, Jason Segal, was in Slackers, it's Cool Ethan who steals the forgotten '04 flick.

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Alpha Blog: Ben, 'Lost's' space traveler

After its month-and-change long hiatus, Lost came back with a vengeance Thursday night. Let's discuss.

We start with the game of Risk, the game of world domination -- and Hugo's accurate, yet ironic statement that Australia (hey, that's where this all began!) is the key to the whole game. A game in which, as Ben reminds us over and over, "the rules have now changed."

And from that moment we see Hugo, Sawyer and Locke playing that oh-so-fun game, we're taken on a wild, globe-trotting ride inside the game of Lost. We see the bloodshed, the grief, the alcoholism and manipulation that results in the battle between Others ruler Ben and drunky British tycoon Chaz Widmore. Like Steven Seagal, Ben is out for justice.

We learn that Ben is a Jumper, a Quantum Leaper, a Stargater. Somebody, who through his mysterious closet portal, can get places -- and times -- very quickly.

We first see Ben in Tunisia, puking, hurting and sporting a Dharma winter coat. He's been to Tunisia before, which begs the question -- how long has he been time traveling? And what sort of reputation does he exactly have at that hotel? And where did he just come from, what with that heavy coat? Siberia possibly? Where Risk playing Sawyer and Locke are rolling the die on in the opening sequence?

He eventually makes his way to future, Oceanic-6 Sayid, who's in Tikrit, Iraq mourning the loss of his wife, Naomi. We see the genesis of how these two dark characters join -- the loss of women can be such a bonding force.

We also see Ben in London, paying a visit to Widmore. The two engage in a pleasant debate over who really killed Ben's daughter and the merits of whose Island it really is.

We also learn that Iraq is really "nice this time of the year." Classic deadpan Ben humor.

OK, so we're still not sure what to make of 2005 Ben. He's clearly on an out-for-justice mission to avenge his adopted daughter's death and screw Widmore to high hell. We learn he can jump around the world, has never really been out of control of any situation on the Island (how 'bout that piano-seat shotgun?) and that there's some sort of game being played with the Island the focal point.

As for on-island developments: Ben's daughter is dead, Jack has appendicitis, Claire can really take a RPG blast well, the freighter is not a rescue ship, Farrady is a liar, an alleged dead doctor floats to shore and most interesting -- Ben controls the black smoke.

I'm open to any ideas about this phenomenon. It seems like a sort of Raiders of the Lost Ark meets The Abyss mercenary-killing creature -- but it apparently doesn't kill merc leader Keamy. 

An impressive amount of stuff for one episode, titled The Shape of Things to Come.

But I'm a bit saddened to learn about this time-traveling angle. I dig the concept as much as the next TV nerd, but, depending on how they logic this one out, it seems like some serious suspension of disbelief will be required going forward. As is the case with any time-traveling experiment.

Your thoughts on the episode? What does Ben really mean with "you changes the rules of the game,"  is the Island some sort of time traveling Hartsfield-ian hub, and what about that washed up corpse?

Dan Haren is good, but did the D-Backs pay too much?On to the best blogs ... around!  

Sick of hearing about how "lucky" the Orioles are? Collected and Conveyed. begs you to watch some of the team's wins and marvel in how well they're actually playing. (BTW, we have a surprising amount of Orioles-related blogs. I'm impressed)

What's 513 mean to you? Well here's what it means to GoPack's Yak: Jim Thome has now passed Ernie Banke and Eddie Matthews on the all-time home run list. Impressive? You bet, considering the recent rash of PE sluggers.

If you still think the A's were fleeced in the Danny Haren trade, Matt Abedi's Sporting Universe asks you to think a bit differently. My question: Why would anybody ever trade with Billy Beane? Hell, if I'm a GM I'd start trade talks just to see who he likes in my system, then I'd get those guys up the bigs ASAP.

Octopi and Red Wings games go together like lamb and tunafish, which is why In the Crease is just a bit peeved at the treatment of Al Sobotka, the Joe Louis Arena building manger.

Klick of the Day      

If you want every reference, name, historical import in last night's Lost broken down, read Doc Jensen's recap of the episode. (EW.com)

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Alpha Blog: Atlanta = Worst Sports Town USA

The boys and gals at Forbes have developed the recipe to unearth sports' most miserable cities.

Despite the efforts of Isiah Thomas, Donald Sterling, Dan Snyder and Al Davis, New York, L.A., D.C. nor Oakland crack the list respectively.

It's mostly a list of cities where teams get close to titles, but tend to go home sans cigar. It also factors in if you're team packed up and left, so we can expect Seattle to get a nice little boost thanks to Clay BobaBennett.

So the worst city in all of sports is ... Atlanta, which explains all the strip clubs. Well, not really.

Gabe Kapler ... what a hitterOn to the best four blogs around!  

Last season's hottest team, Colorado is 5-7. Jeff Francis is 0-3. Things aren't so hot in LoDe, as Everything 101 explains. 

The Marlins kicked my Nats in the 'nads before running into the rising Astros. Florida Marlins documents the team this season as no other fan can. Actually it's because there are no other fans to do it.

Who doesn't like Gabe Kapler? Out of baseball last season (he was coaching Red Sox single-A ball), the outfielder is flat-out smashing the baseball. GoPack's Yak pays tribue.

Ryan Dempster is pitching lights out. Giovanni Soto is mashing and Derrek Lee isn't doing the whole slow-start thing. Will all three of those elements continue on the NORTH Side? Probably not the first two, but I won't say that to It's Gonna Happen in 2008's face.

Klick of the Day        

Want to know more about legendary Jewish (hey, we only have so many) outfielder Gabe Kapler? Check out this New York Times profile.

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Blog Day Afternoon: I'm back and Favre leaves!

Did you hear the news? The Packers quarterback retired. I can't remember his name off the top of my head, but I hear he's sort of a big deal.

That's right, he was in a movie. "Something" about something. I can't really remember that either. I should probably write about things I do remember. Like my trip to Taiwan.

I just returned last night from a six-day jaunt to Taipei. As someone completely unfamiliar with that island-sort-of-nation's genesis and existence, it was an eye-opening experience.

I went as part of a Society of Professional Journalists delegation (somebody thought me mildly special) and we met with various high-ranking government officials and we were hit pretty heavy with the "let Americans know about Taiwan's status, please, pretty please." We also became pretty inundated with the Buddhist culture, even going so far to meet their Dali Lama-ey person, Master Chen of Tzu Chi. Enlightening, to say the least. But that could be Sunday night's Absinthe still talking.

So maybe you're wondering, Eric, what the hell are you talking about, just give us some good blogs. But for the few who are wondering what exactly Taiwan wanted to sell us journos on, here's the deal.

Taiwan is a democracy with a pretty-close to free press. It's the 18th-largest economy and one of our biggest trading partners. But it doesn't have a seat at the U.N. and nobody, even us, recognizes it as a real-deal country. We have no embassy there. The country also has 1,000 missiles locked on to it, ready to be deployed if China sees fit. And that's the problem. China wants Taiwan. Taiwan wants to just be left alone. And the U.S. won't back Taiwan because China is the new bad-ass on the block. Being over there you realize their culture, despite being completely different in many ways, is eerily similar. All the people we met shared our core values, work ethic and love of McDonalds, Starbucks and even Cold Stone Creamery.

Now I'm back and reading your blogs so keep up posting those opinions and lists about nothing. Oh, how I missed you all.

p.s: Lost my camera on the first day so when I get our groups' photos, I will happily share with those who care.

On to the best blogs ... around! (The Favre Side Edition)

 There once was a day when Favre didn't have stubble. Ferrari is happy Favre hung up the spikes, statistically speaking.

THE FANTASY LIFE says Favre's retirement doesn't bode well for Packers wideouts or the quarterback position

 FSU Brian Says! to remember the in-between, like when Favre's SMU squad beat Florida State in 1989, not the first or final picks.

Remember when Mike Tomczak was under center in Green Bay? Gotta get some things off my chest does, and worries about the Packers future with Favre gone.

Take a guess at how Favreism's Sports Emporium felt about the news. I doubt he made it to his afternoon class. (Speaking of emporiums, on the plane to Osaka, I got to "enjoy" Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium)  Sigh.

GoPack's Yak (my name backwards!) says Favre was never about the money, and that it was refreshing.

And for something completely different:

Thank god for Photoshop, right Shulaces?

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