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Alpha Blog: Hit with the Youkilis stick

I know talking about one's Fantasy team is like looking at somebody else's vacation photos, but something has to be said about Kevin Youkilis, and what he did to my team.
Kevin Youkilis
The Yook hit:

  • Five home runs (more than my entire team)
  • Drove in 10 RBI (more than half of my 19)
  • Scored eight times (more than a third of my 21)
  • And the most insulting: he stole a base (a third of my total of 3)

Kevin Youkilis has 11 career stolen bases in five seasons. In other words, he averages around 2.2 per. I had the honor of experiencing something that happens roughly once every 81 games.

My team isn't a bunch of schlubs, but we fell apart faster than Eric Gagne closing out at a three-run Brewers lead. Case in point, Edgar Renteria.

Here's the real stinger to my duel with editor Buzz Fagan (he of mustache fame): Our shortstop duel of my Renteria vs. his David Eckstein (injury replacement for Jimmy Rollins).

Now if there was one matchup I thought I had locked, stocked and two smoking bat barrels, it was this one. Plus, Eckstein only played one game because of injury. But Eckstein's one game was enough to best anything Renteria did all week.

Eckstein's line: 1-4, .250 BA, RBI, R, .250 OBP
Renteria's line: 0-18, R

A run. To break that down further: A = 1; run = one statistical improvement for an entire week.

I look forward to my upcoming week, where I expect the opposing team's Mark Ellis to easily outperform my Chase Utley at the second base position.

On to the best blogs ... around!

With the best record in baseball, and that Youkilis guy, it's no surprise Red Sox Rewind is handing out a bunch of A's for Boston's first quarter performance.

After a surprisingly good last week, the Cubs get some NL bottom feeders at home this week. What's It's Gonna Happen in 2008 predicting? How's a 5-2 homestand sound?

Kyle Busch is becoming NASCAR's newest, great villain. Dantheman4250's Sports Blog says he's not surprised ... and it's great for the sport.

From Larry Brown to Rick Carlisle to Mike D'Antoni, NBA coaches are on the move and the Mind of The Big B is breaking them all down.
Klick of the Day

Skeeball is one dangerous sport.
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Alpha Blog: Horse of Tomorrow highlights weekend

After the on-track death of Eight Belles, horse racing could use a Horse of Tomorrow. Eight Belles is no longer alive.

The Nationals are the hottest team in baseball (just wrapped up an 8-3 homestand).

If Alexander Ovechkin is Heather Locklear, Evgeni Malkin's goal (2:40 mark) is Courtney Thorne-Smith.

Michael Wilbon makes a good point, the '04 Pistons are the exception to the NBA champions-must-have-superstars rule. Sorry '08 Jazz, '08 Pistons.

If you like tequila, or simply enjoy celebrating countries that at one point defeated the French, enjoy your Cinco de Mayo.

On to the best blogs ... around!  

Mind of The Big B shares a conversation with Viktor Crapper about hoops and less important stuff like the fall of the U.S. As for hoops, halt the in-game music when teams bring the ball up court immediately, please.

The Packers just wrapped up their rookie camp and GoPack's Yak has a report on how Brian Brohm and company fared.

We haven't even crowned an NBA champion, but The Eye of the HurricaneDij is off making predictions for next season because, well, people like predictions.

The second-place Cubs are 1.5 games behind the Cardinals and have a tough road ahead, with the Reds' Aaron Harang and the hot Diamonbacks up this week. It's Gonna Happen in 2008 breaks it all down.

Klick of the Day  

Took in Forgetting Sarah Marshall this past weekend. While the movie's writer/actor, Jason Segal, was in Slackers, it's Cool Ethan who steals the forgotten '04 flick.

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Alpha Blog: The year of the sports woman

It's shaping up to be quite a year for women in sports.

Danica Patrick became the first female winner in Indycar history Sunday, winning the Indy Japan 300.

(Actually this is a landmark victory because she and I are both 26 and up until late Saturday night I could always say something like "well, what's she ever done? We're the same age and neither of us have won an Indy race. I don't see the big deal in her." So I'm kinda upset I've lost that chauvenistic ammunition.)

Danica Patrick is no longer just that type of trophy wife. Lorena Ochoa became the first LPGA Tour player in 45 years to win four tournaments in consecutive weeks. It's also her fifth victory in six starts this year.

(Actually, this is a landmark victory because she and I are both 26 and up until Sunday morning I could always say something like, "well, what's Lorena Ochoa ever done? we're both the same age and neither of us have ever won four straight LPGA tournaments.")

Ana Ivanovic

Just a few weeks back (Not on April 1 mind you) our very own Mike Freeman penned a landmark column about how the women's college Hugs for Pat Summitt,basketball game is better than the men's.

Pat Summitt won her eighth national title, is approaching 1K wins and is featured in her own ESPN commercial with Kenny Mayne.

Speaking of ESPN, Dana Jacobson is probably a better drinker than Chris Berman.

Hillary Clinton is probably a better bowler than Barack Obama.

Let's ask now touring Chris Rock what he thinks of Hillary as president:

"I think America's ready for a woman president . . . just not that woman. Being married to somebody doesn't make you good at their job. I've been with my wife 10 years now. If she got up here right now, y'all wouldn't laugh. At all. You get on a plane tomorrow, you want the pilot's wife flying you?"

Thanks, Chris.

Reading the Washington Post on the plane this morning, I noticed a section devoted to the NBA. I looked closer and found a W in front of the word, "NBA." Yep, women have their own league.

And co-ed sports are all the rage.

How about 'dem cranberries?

On to the best four blogs ... around!  Dave Krieg    

I didn't the read the whole thing (it's really, really long), but The Bong Zone begins a tremendous read/debate on the idea of quarterbacks. I'll be printing it out and taking it to my, uh, office later. Speaking of Dave Krieg, here's a Facebook group devoted to him.

The Blog to End All Blogs watched some basketball this past weekend and came to this conclusion: The Lakers are the only team that plays "team ball."

It may sound weird, but the Cubs are getting some good starting pitching this season. It's Gonna Happen in 2008 breaks down week 3 in Cubs Nation.

If you really like Week 3 analysis, don't stop reading with the Cubs. Check in on the Yankees after three weeks courtesy of It's up to you....

Klick of the Day         

Found this great clip of karate expert Bob Jackson (In Living Color) while surfing on YouTube. Jim Carrey used to be real, real funny.

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Alpha Blog: Atlanta = Worst Sports Town USA

The boys and gals at Forbes have developed the recipe to unearth sports' most miserable cities.

Despite the efforts of Isiah Thomas, Donald Sterling, Dan Snyder and Al Davis, New York, L.A., D.C. nor Oakland crack the list respectively.

It's mostly a list of cities where teams get close to titles, but tend to go home sans cigar. It also factors in if you're team packed up and left, so we can expect Seattle to get a nice little boost thanks to Clay BobaBennett.

So the worst city in all of sports is ... Atlanta, which explains all the strip clubs. Well, not really.

Gabe Kapler ... what a hitterOn to the best four blogs around!  

Last season's hottest team, Colorado is 5-7. Jeff Francis is 0-3. Things aren't so hot in LoDe, as Everything 101 explains. 

The Marlins kicked my Nats in the 'nads before running into the rising Astros. Florida Marlins documents the team this season as no other fan can. Actually it's because there are no other fans to do it.

Who doesn't like Gabe Kapler? Out of baseball last season (he was coaching Red Sox single-A ball), the outfielder is flat-out smashing the baseball. GoPack's Yak pays tribue.

Ryan Dempster is pitching lights out. Giovanni Soto is mashing and Derrek Lee isn't doing the whole slow-start thing. Will all three of those elements continue on the NORTH Side? Probably not the first two, but I won't say that to It's Gonna Happen in 2008's face.

Klick of the Day        

Want to know more about legendary Jewish (hey, we only have so many) outfielder Gabe Kapler? Check out this New York Times profile.

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Alpha Blog: I can beat up 21 5-year-olds

There are plenty of questions that keep me up night.

Why are Wendy's spicy chicken sandwiches so good?

Somebody stop that 5-year-old from choking that man! How excited will I be Sunday night when I attend the opener of Nationals Park?

Why do people like mayo?

And most importantly: How many 5-year-olds could I beat up?

I know what you're thinking.

"Eric, you could probably take 10, maybe a baker's dozen."

I say good day to that notion.

My "moral compass" is way more flexbile than you think.

I'm good for a solid 21 of those little buggers -- and if it weren't for my, uh, lack of reach, I'd probably be able to bulldoze my way through 25 or more.

So in the spirit of continuing to crush office productivity while March Madness takes a breather, check out this site: http://www.howmanyfiveyearoldscould

On to the best four blogs ... around!  

There are 162 games in a season. And It's Gonna Happen in 2008 has 162 predictions for the season. I chalk that up to coincidence. I also chalk up calling Dan Haren a bust to being a delusional Cubs fan. However, I do like Ryan Zimmerman's Gold Glove chances.

Upset with CBS' coverage of yesterday's exciting finishes? dook's buzz! is, and I have two suggestions: Fire up the MMOD on a laptop in order to keep the game on no matter what the suits in NYC switch your TV to and/or take Greg Gumbel off your Christmas card list.

I think we can all relate to Tiger Talking at one point. The blog is pissed to high Hades at the Cardinals, who have driven the blogger to such tender remarks as: "Chris Duncan makes me want to walk on the field and slap him so hard his eye bleeds." I feel that way about my Redskins, who seemingly every year operate in a style contrary to all established paths to success.

Our favorite NBA blogger, The Blog to End All Blogs goes off on the NBA age limit. While good natured and provoking, g8trfan_1 pretty much takes down the argument with one main talking point: while they can't outright discriminate, private corporations can set many hiring standards -- such as a reasonable age limit.

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