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Posted on: August 19, 2008 12:45 pm
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Alpha Blog: Henry gets five strikes, I get one?

"Event patrons are responsible for their conduct as well as the conduct of their guests and/or persons occupying their seats. Stadium staff will promptly intervene to support an environment where event patrons, their guests, and other fans can enjoy the event free from the above behavior. Event patrons and guests who violate these provisions will be subject to ejection without refund and loss of ticket privileges for Chris Henryfuture games." -- NFL Fan Code of Conduct

"The Bengals announced this morning that they have re-signed wide receiver Chris Henry to a one-year contract. He had been released April 3 after his fifth arrest as a Bengal. Charges against Henry were later dismissed. He had been under house arrest in his downtown Cincinnati apartment and forced to wear an electronic monitor on his ankle." -- Cincinnati Enquirer

Two statements related to conduct, two disparaging messages.

If I, who attends a game at a tax-funded stadium as a fan, acts unruly (which may not be synonymous with illegal), I may lose the right to view the rest of the game, and I may have my ticket privileges for future games revoked.

If Chris Henry, who participates in a game at a tax-funded stadium as a player, acts unruly (which often is synonymous with illegal), may be suspended four games, but will not lose his privileges to collect a lucrative contract and participate in later games.

Yes, one happens in the confines of the stadium, the other outside of it, but this drips of the NFL's patented-brand of hypocrisy. Fans

It's not so much the allowing Chris Henry back, it's the potential excommunication of the season-ticket holder, which is so striking.

Chris Henry, back after his fifth arrest. Unruly fan, booted after his first disruption.

The person who helps pay Chris Henry's salary. The person who most likely saw some of his tax dollars directed to fund the stadium. The person who commits, often emotionally to a team and its players, is on a one-strike policy.

The player, who has repeatedly shown the inability to make the right choices, despite playing football at the highest level, is on a current five-strike policy.

This isn't about Henry's immaturity or skill level. This is about a league that expects a certain behavior from its fans it doesn't expect from its players. At the very least, fans should be given the opportunity to have as many strikes as Chris Henry, or Pacman Jones.

You get kicked out of a stadium for being a jackass, you probably deserved it. And I'd like to see that schmo never return. But that fan should be allowed to return as many times as Henry, Pacman, Tank, you name the "villain," is allowed to return. Otherwise, players should be held to the standard fans are.

On to the best blogs ... around  

Bleedin' Black & Gold has joined the rest of the sports world in realizing Jeff Kent is an bonafide a*****. Welcome, we meet on the third Thursday of each month.

It's gonna get real sappy here tomorrow with Sports Appreciation Day, so let's start things off with a double-dose of In Love with the Game, Mom's View: Today's tip of the hat | Sports Appreciation Day sneak peek

If you're going to ask for the removal of table tennis in the Olympics, you best be prepared to lose tennis. It's just a matter of scope, Space Monkeys says in a well-thought out blog.

CC Sabathia is more like CG Sabathia these days. Will the high pitch count associated with complete games catch up to Sabathia? The Knobler Blog thinks out loud.

Klick of the Day  

This is why you don't kite surf during a tropical storm

Posted on: May 14, 2008 11:48 am
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Alpha Blog: My 0-10 H.S. team on our site? Great

Per my semi-usual routine, I was surfing our website in my office (offices can have seats the flush), and I noticed that the website done gone up and changed on me.

I clicked on a story and bam, it has team page features right there on the top. Cute. I moved on to college football (I don't know why) and I noticed the words "high school."Bullis, what a program.

High school? Me thinks to click on that.

And bam, before I know it I'm looking up my high school football team on some site called MaxPreps, which we acquired for roughly the price of one Ted Lilly. CBS 1, Cubs 0.

However, looking at my old alma mater on MaxPreps.com may incite me to throw a few Lilly-ian haymakers. That was lame.

But not as lame as Bullis High School, which was 0-10 last season. No wonder I hadn't heard much from that pesky alumni association. However, I got to see video of my 0-10 school vs. another school (it's more of a blooper reel if you're so inclined) and look up stats three-years deep.

I was impressed. High school football, on our site. There's even a guy named Dave Krider on there and you know what he calls his section of the website? Krider's Corner. He spells better then, er, than, I.

So the point of this is something along the lines of: people here who dress nicer than I do, think high school sports can be monetized. And that raises a few questions, some of which may include: Should it be? Can we do it better than local newspapers/websites? Do people outside of Texas, California, Florida and Ohio really care about what their high school sports teams are up to?

The skeptic in me thinks, great, more incentive for high schoolers to use PEDs, cheat, and get an inflated sense of self. The sports fan in me says, this is sweet, now I can keep up with my high school, which is nice, because it's important to have pride in the teams you played on and followed. The editor in me does wonder, though, how can we beat the local guys at their own game? I'm guessing we can't at first, but the longer we stay in this game, and the more resources we throw behind MaxPreps the better we'll probably get.

What do you think? Is MaxPreps’ presence on our chunk of web real estate a good, bad or I-don’t-really-care thing? Personally, I like it, if only because MaxPreps makees me think of Max Power, which of course, is the "name you'd love to touch, but you musn't touch!"

On to the best blogs ... around!

If the tragic ending to Eight Belles didn't sit well with you, neither will the The Bong Zone's latest and greatest off of HBO's latest and greatest sports reporting.

Spring football is in the books and Dantheman4250's Sports Blog has booked Ohio State and Georgia as his top two teams in his latest college football rankings.

What do harems, scones and the Steelers' draft have in common? Dreams, In Love with the Game, Mom's View says, dreams.

The Hornets' run through the playoffs is just the icing on To Blog, or not to Blog?'s New Orleans post-Katrina cake.

Klick of the Day

Ever wonder what it would be like to see Mac fight Don Flamingo live?

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Alpha Blog: Miami teams like their coaches young

Driving this morning I heard a news report about the latest fad in the subprime meltdown -- foreclosure tours in Lee County, Florida.

People get in a big green bus and spend the day looking at homes banks have repossessed, and are now flipping at reduced rates. Erik Spoelstra has less of a Skeletor feel to him than Pat Riley. Some houses go for half the value of the purchase price.

The real estate broker in charge of this claims he's peddling in market-correcting behavior ("hey, now teachers can buy these homes"), not capitalizing on market misfortune. And that had me thinking about the Heat, the Dolphins, the Marlins and even the Hurricanes. South Florida's real estate market isn't the only thing that went boom goes the dynamite over the past three years. Its sports teams all imploded, foreclosed, and are now working to get back into shape.

And the area is doing it with a coaching youth movement. Maybe we call it sports-market correction, head coaching style.

Randy Shannon, age 42, is hell bent on developing the Hurricanes program the right way, which means something along the lines of abandoning the Sidney Deane-Larry Coker methodology of losing, but looking good while doing it. 

Fredi Gonzalez, age 44, doing more with less in ways only a midget porn star could appreciate.

Tony Sparano, age 46, an offensive line coach. Coaches with backgrounds in the trenches tend to always supplant coaches who worked up in the booth calling plays.

(Of note: Like interest-only loans offered in a booming housing market, offensive coordinator hires are often the last hurrah of a crumbling franchise. For further proof, keep an eye on the San Diego Chargers this season.)

Erik Spoelstra, age 37, who cut his chops as the Joe Francis of the Miami Heat.

So if you're a foreclosure hunter helping the South Florida market correct itself, or if you're a Miami-area sports fan, things can only get better from this point. The foundations are in place for some long-term success. At the very least, they'll be some slashed ticket prices for any game you want to take in this sporting year.

On to the best blogs ... around!Caleb Campbell (13) is in an unusual situation.  

Speaking of the Miami Heat, Harst's View on Sports looks ahead to next season and sees a team with Derrick Rose ... or Kevin Love. If it's Kevin Love, the Heat have much, much bigger problems being that the guy is a late lottery pick -- not a top three selection.

The Lions' selection of Caleb Campbell has our own Gregg Doyel wondering what to say. The Monday Hustle is in the same boat regarding the Army grad's situation.

It was a rough weekend for AFC North teams according to The View From Above. No team receives a grade higher than a C for their work selecting players.

For most of the decade the Steelers' offensive line was built to run the ball. Now Russ Grimm is gone and Big Ben is flourishing. So In Love with the Game, Mom's View says a philosophic overhual is required in the trenches.

Klick of the Day  

Sticking with the Miami theme, it turns out we need a few driving-correction courses. (Miami Herald)

Posted on: April 16, 2008 11:51 am
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Alpha Blog: Chargers LBs are troublemakers

Tip of the hat to the San Diego Chargers linebacker group. You all are the most notorious unit in the league thanks to Stephen Cooper.

Cooper, the team's leading tackler (179) last season tested positive for a banned stimulant that was recently added to the NFL's list of Stop yelling at me Norv, I didn't know it was banned. prohibited substances.

(Two quick thoughts on that: Whoever is recording tackles for the Chargers must be awfully generous and how do people still get caught with banned substances? They have dieticians, team doctors and nutritionists who are employed strictly to know what's kosher and what's not.)

So Cooper must sit four games, which makes him the least of the bad-ass 'backers. There's also Shawne Merriman, the steroids user. Shaun Phillips, the one who likes to fight police. Matt Wilhelm was arrested for driving under the influence his rookie season and of course, former 'backer Steve Foley, who drives classic Oldsmobiles (a good thing), but makes cops feel scared to the point he ends up with bullet holes in his legs.

Two suspended, a brawler, a DUI and if we add Foley into the mix, a botched drunk driving experience nobody should ever experience.

Now I know what you're thinking. Eric, James Harrison is enough to boost the Steelers' corps to the top of the worst-group conversation.

I say, I like you're thinking and I'm open to hearing any other arguments for worst corps is football.

On to the four best blogs ... around!  

While picking out top games for '08 is a futile excercise (who had any late-season Browns games this time last year?), In Love with the The schedule gods weren't kind to Steelers fans. Game, Mom's View (despite her Steelers bias) at least goes outside the box with a little Cards-Panthers in Week 8.

Speaking of the Steelers and futility, check out Prisco's Points on Pittsburgh's "brutal" schedule. Again, how the heck do we know if playing the Giants this season will be quite the daunting task is sounds to be? Sigh.

It's the question everybody has an opinion on: Kobe or Chris for MVP. Dantheman4250's Sports Blog breaks it down and sides with Kobe. I have to say Paul's numbers -- and influence -- are on par with Steve Nash's when the Phoenix point guard took home the hardware, while Kobe's have stayed relatively consistent, while his complimentary parts haven't. So there's precedent to give this to the point guard since Kobe's clearly more in the conversation this year than in year's past because of the new help he has.

Oh those Red Sox. They took a two-game sweep vs. the Indians and Red Sox Rewind is here to break down the lovable empire game-by-game.

Klick of the Day  

J.C. Penny sure used to sell some weird stuff back in 1975.

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Alpha Blog: Bear vs. Tiger, who wins?

I don't often like piggybacking on First and 10, but this debate must continue.

Tiger vs. bear on a neutral floor, which animal wins?

We're talking grizzly bear vs. well-fed male Siberian tiger (they're the biggest, I believe). Plus, Siberian tigers are known to eat browSiberian tigers are badassn bear Grizzly timecubs in Russia's wilderness.

Like this video, I go with the bear. If only because of its size, and ability to keep the tiger at bay with swatting. Plus, a couple paw swats to the tiger's dome could spell concussion or brain hemorrhage.

I can't argue that the tiger is the badder of the two mammals. It's the largest of the big cats, has teeth that could pierce all the way through Rick Majerus and goes straight for the jugular. They're fast, hunt alone and are known to take down some pretty feisty prey like camels, deer, elk, boar and even elephants.

Bears, meanwhile, are mostly omnivores, polar aside. They've been cuteified by mainstream consumerism: gummy bears, Teddy bears, Paddington Bear, Smokey the Bear, Bear from American Wedding. With subspecies like panda and koala, how bad could these animals really be?

But I'll stick with grizzly, you? BTW, this debate is sort of like Kevin Love (grizzly bear) vs. Tyler Hansbrough (tiger), don't ya think?

On to the best four blogs ... around!    

Lute Olson is back running the Arizona program and NaterB's Junk Drawer says good riddance to the black mark that was Kevin O'Neil. He huffs, and puffs but no hits be a coming for Justin Morneau.Everything I hear about O'Neil paints him as not just a horrid coach/assistant but a legitimate bad guy.

THE FANTASY LIFE's discussion on Laurence Maroney failed to convince In Love with the Game, Mom's View to play Fantasy football. While I love the game like I love salt water taffy, it's still no Fantasy baseball -- the ultimate of all Fantasies not named Elizabeth Hurley and/or Lisa Dergan.

My favorite (Twins) rant of the day belongs to Tangletown, USA. Not only does "he write the best blog on this website," he also referred to the Angels as the "Los Angeles Sacramento Angels of Northern San Jose County Municipal Janitors of Anaheim." That's a solid dig.

What did Dantheman4250's Sports Blog learn from Wednesday? That Memphis backup PG Andre Allen is suspended. I have a sneaky suspicion Gregg Doyel will be chiming in on this ... something about how if Derrick Rose goes down, oh, I won't spoil it.

Klick of the Day    

Like the Bible? Like Tiger Woods? Then you'll really like this site. (courtesy of The Bong Show)

Posted on: April 2, 2008 12:08 pm

Alpha Blog: Here I go again on my ... Cabrera

I do this every season. Maybe you do it to.

There's just one guy I always draft with the hope this is the year. The year he breaks out.

Maybe yours is Rocco Baldelli.

Maybe yours is Austin Kearns. The look of an ace?

Maybe yours is Ervin Santana.

Mine is Daniel Cabrera.

The 26-year-old Cabrera takes the mound tonight (7 ET) vs. the Tampa Bay Rays with the understanding among Fantasy players this is likely the year he goes from having "potential" to being a "stud" or a "bust."

That's pretty much the only evolutionary scale we can use with this guy at this stage. He's been hyped for so long. And rightly so. He has the size (6-7), the velocity and he's shown flashes of "it." Remember that near no-no vs. the Yankees in 2006? Remember his .235 batting average against in 2005? Remember last season's 3-2 May with a complete game? Of course, he pairs up these Peter Lugar strips with Natty Light way too often, leaving a bitter taste in whatever remaining Orioles fans there are and wide-eyed Fantasy players.

And he's at that age, 26, where you have to make with the goods. This is it. This is the year he becomes Chris Young or this is the year he becomes Eric Milton. His arch can only evolve from "he has potential" to "he's a bust" or "he's a rising star." There probably won't be an in-between with Cabrera. He'll either get it or he won't. There are few out there who think this guy can fit CBSSports.com editor extraordinaire George Maselli's definition of "serviceable."

Please, please figure it out buddy. Chico 2 Chico: Nats Justice needs ya.

On to the best four blogs ... around!

He's "clever." He "CAN coach." He can "recruit Chicago." He'll bring back the "Knight crowd." When it comes to The Verbal Scourging's Ricky Rubiotake on the coach, it seems the only thing Tommy can't do is bring Arrested Development back to network TV.

There's definitely a good case to be made for the European approach to nurturing future basketball stars. The Blog to End All Blogs brings attention to the next bright light -- Ricky Rubio (right) -- and why the Spaniard has an edge over flavor of the month Stephen Curry, et al.

Ever get frustrated when you see the Man of the Year awards buried in the agate while Pacman gets homepage love? In Love with the Game, Mom's View does, but at least she's doing something about it. Us here? We can't gen enough conflict news. Just take a gander at the homepage Hansbrough vs. Love debate. Now that's helping humanity!

I find four blogs. Dantheman4250's Sports Blog shares five things learned from Tuesday. Advantage DTM. Included is Pedro Martinez analysis, which makes me ask the question: Are the Mets really going to rely on him? Really? REALLY?

Blog du jour

Klick of the Day

The worst Rick Roll...ever.

If you have a good link to share, post below or send a PM and I'll highlight it later in the week.

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Alpha Blog: Tuesday's finest bloggy dishes

Two talking points for Tuesday:

The Dalia Lama hasn't been misquoted this much since Cadyshack. Seriously, China's talking about this guy like we need to fire up the bat sign above Tibet and get the Caped Crusader to stop this evil Olympic-thwarting mastermind.

For whatever reason, I'm not buying into Alex Rios as a blossoming Fantasy star. He's not a power guy, he just happens to hit home runs (and stay at a Holiday Inn Express). I've avoided him all 42 baseball leagues I'm in.

On to the best blogs ... around!  

BB's thoughts breaks down the West Region and believe it not, has UCLA losing. I kid. But the blog does have Texas A&M beating BYU. Personally I don't bet against god, or any of her schools. Check out all the blogger's region previews while you're at it.

For an excellent take on the play-in game (read up degenerate gamblers), check out what dbacksfan414 has to say. Also a must-read for Coppin fans looking for a little pat on the back.

I'm a sucker for anything titled "blah, blah, blah. Really?" You throw the word "really" out there, in true Seth Meyers fashion, and I'll click on it. Famous words from an Eagle's fan shares his take on the Eagles' Dan Klecko signing. Really? You're going to put that apostrophe after the "e" on Eagles. Really?

Harst's View on Sports shares Harst's Top 5 NBA Teams of All-Time. There's not much to debate here, but I am curious. Where's the analysis? Insight? Lists are fun and all, but the blog-o-world-dome-land could use a bit more than just bullet points. I mean who spends their time making blogs that are essentially bullet points. Oh, wait. I've made a horrible mistake.To Mom's chagrin, clearly, no soap is even used at Casa De Kay

For people who don't use their bathtubs for making gin, I guess soaps tend tend to linger along the lips of the tub? In Love with the Game, Mom's View shares some insight as to why da vee-man put those little cellulose-derived creations out there and asks: how do certain scents effect you? To quote my man Frank Drebin, "raw sewage, I love it!"

(PS: How about an expose on all those worthless pillows da vee-man put on beds only to be taken off before sleep time?)

Why were we so quick to come down on Randy Moss when that whole restraining order business came down before the Super Bowl? A weird and wonderful journey examines why we love to build up, then tear down our celebrities. My take? We're a moody society. Don't catch us on a bad day.

For a Yankees season outlook that reads like an eye exam (how about now? Is it better or worse?), check in on our pal Stu on This. I should say, it's a very thorough eye exam.

OK, I wasn't completely fair. I said I'll click on anything with the word "really" (in true mocking tone) in the subject line. I also click on anything about movies. So The United States of Consciousness gets my click, despite me not tuning in to John Adams or Distburbia. I will recommend what's next in the blog's queue -- Ratatouille. It challenges Nemo for Pixar's top-ever movie status. I did just send back Eastern Promises to our mutual friend, NetFlix. It's classic Cronenberg (Crash, History of Violence...), and if you want to see a Viggo (at times naked) tour de force, or simply like flicks about the Russian mob, check in on it. Really!

Posted on: January 17, 2008 4:24 pm

Blog Day Afternoon: Don't leave work without 'em

Today's Blog Day Afternoon word of the day is "testicle."

That's because Denver Nuggets forward Nene received what appears to be some good news about his.

That's because AP reporter Glen Johnson thinks he has two big ones for ambushing Mitt Romney at a Staples.

That's because MLB and its steroid-shriveled pair decided that making money with Bud Selig was better than getting clean with a new commish. On second thought, he does appear to be the right "pick" for the job. I shoot, I...

And that's because Derrick Kosch of Kokomo, Ind. has some real, real, real bad news regarding his, which is somewhere on the Village Pantry floor.

On to the best blogs ... around!

Stream of Consciousness spends his lunchtime watching Skip Bayless. How he keeps his food down amazes me. But SOC is amazed with Skip's topic of conversation -- Robert Montgomery Knight. Or as us lesser human beings call him, Bobby Knight.

Insurance salesmen and car dealers unite. Phillip Rivers (odd choice of blog name) does his best Bill O'Reilly on ... Philip Rivers, who he ties to another Chargers' first-round pick.

I don't know what fascinates me more. That In Love with the Game, Mom's View decided to share her passion for Steelers and cheescake or that we have a woman blogging on this site.

Sene, not Nene, is the subject of The Eye of the Hurricane's trade speculation. But are Pacers fans really ready to give up on the solid citizen that is David Harrison?

If you're an amateur sabermatrecian, Ferrari has the latest and greatest fad stat. It's bases over plate appearances (B/PA). I'll buy anything that puts Da Meathook ahead of Derek Jeter, statistically speaking of course.

Speaking of numbers to wrap your mind around, se7en says equips you with a barroom brainteaser you'll need to know before heading out tonight.

Spork's Talk has a dream. If you build a ballpark, he'll come to it. Well, something like that. He's all thumbs up ("nine thumbs up, what the hell is that?") for the handful he's been to.

The Top 1K club loses a member as Bloggin the Dolphin gets the boot. He'll take some time off to talk with his daughter Brittany, his wife Deanna (she's such an inspiration) and do some pheasant hunting in Mississippi before he decides if he has another 1K run in him.

Since we started Blog Day Afternoon yapping about balls (classy as always!), let's end with Moneyball(s). The Words of Dezy speculates that with the juice cut loose from MLB (and home run totals likely shrinking), Billy Beane ball may come to an end.

The views expressed in this blog are solely those of the author and do not reflect the views of CBS Sports or CBSSports.com