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How to scoop, courtesy of momluvsfootball

Twenty one thousand, two hundred and ninety five views.

That's the number of views, as of 12:19 PM ET, October 1, In Love with the Game, Mom's View had on her entry "Davenport Resigned by Steelers."

A tip of the hat to momluvsfootball for her football tip.

Here's the need-to-know about this particular blog entry. We recognized it shortly after it was published, we looked at our headlines lists and saw we had nothing on the signing of Najeh Davenport. So we put ILWTGMV on our NFL, and homepage headlines.

But we did this only because:

  1. It was a relatively important signing
  2. It was well-written
  3. Most importantly, it linked back to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette story where the information came from.

So the thing to gleam from this is -- we'll do more of this. Post in your blog some news you've gathered, provide the appropriate link to the publication you took it from, present it in a way to make the information digestable to the masses and there's a good chance your blog will make into our headlines lists. 

Great work MLF, and enjoy knowing you were yesterday's most read blog (including our columnist's blogs)

On to the best CBSSports.com blogs ... around!

What do Peter Karmanos, Ted Turner, Clay Bennett and Al Davis have in common. They all make The Eagle's Blog Has Landed's list of worst sports owners/execs.

It's the order that matters: Javon Ringer, Chase Daniel, Knowshon Moreno and Max Hall. Why? They're the top four Heisman Hopefuls in Thoughts on college football.

It's the chic pick among pundits, and mstrReyes blogs. Dodgers over Cubs, and it's happening in five games, the blogger says in his playoff predictions.

The Miami Heat an 8 seed? The San Antonio Spurs a 5? It's never too early to make NBA playoff predictions, and What's a Blog? does it in style, per usual.

Klick of the Day

The best prank caught by a photog since Billy Ripken's baseball bat.

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Alpha Blog: Chunky Soup says no m'am to NFL moms

The days of Donovan McNabb's mom pushing soup are finished. Campbell's soup has ended its run of Chunky Soup ads featuring NFL players and their moms, citing an aging football-watching demographic that's finally able to know what foods to ingest.

Tomlinson"LaDainian Tomlinson doesn't need his mom to tell him which products have protein and which products don't," Douglas Brand, brand manager of Chunky Soup told the Wall Street Journal Wednesday. "He's learned that for himself, and we've learned our customers want to do that for themselves as well."

Eleven years after the first Chunky Soup ad featuring fake Mrs. Elway and Mrs. (Terrell) Davis, we're finally getting it -- protein good, protein in soup-form, better. Mmmm.

So no more moms in Chunky ads telling their 20-something football sons what to eat after a tough game. It's a good thing too, it had been a while since TV let me know, "I'm a big kid now."

On to the best blogs ... around 

Speaking of commercials, Wendy's "Meatatarian" spots aren't sitting too well with the apporpriately named Commercials That Drive Me Crazy. I thought the same thing about the bun and cheese, btw.

The Yankees are hanging on to their playoff hopes by a thread. Sports Commentary from Your local Nerd says there may be one person who can help stich one last playoff run -- Rodriguez, Alex.

Sticking with TV, Jason's Insight is disgussssssssted by Lou Holtzzzzzzz pressssssssenccccce on ESsssssssssPN. Make that two of ussssssssss.

The Cardinals are this year's tough-luck team. A team that wasn't supposed to compete never rolled over, but they did get out-hustled from a personnel standpoint by their rivals. Missouri Sports Corner wants to see the team land a big-name pitcher, say, Cole Hamels?

Klick of the Day

Speaking of GMs, if I'm an NFL GM, I'm taking a hard look at this guy.
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Fantasy in the blanks: How my team came about

Today, I am a Fantasy writer.

I am a Fantasy writer with the mindset nobody likes hearing about another Fantasy writer's draft. It's the whole, "if I wasn't a part of it, why should I care?" mindset I subscribe to. I mean, I take glances at the mock drafts our guys and gals do, but I take glances at lots of things throughout my day -- attractive women, Outlook, the sky, the Sam Horn 1992 Pinnacle card I have on my desk.

So how can this blog, about a Fantasy draft you weren't a part of, be mildly interesting to you? At least, worthy of more than, "just a glance?"

I've combined the ingenuity of Fill in the Blank technology gaming with Fantasy gaming to create the first, "Guess what this Fantasy writer LTdid during his draft selection" blog. The Renaissance, splitting the atom, Police Cops, and now this -- Fantasy in the Blanks.  Mom, dad, I told you taking the MCATS would be a waste of time. 

So what do you need to do? Open a notepad or get a piece of paper and every time you see a blank space, write in the name that should be there. If you do well at this you're either

A. Me
B. A fellow league member
C. Good at playing easy fill-in-the-blank games

Let's set the stage. These are the only real differences between our league -- Charlie Warlick's Cast of Characters and standard CBSSports.com 12-man leagues:

  • 10-man league
  • Defenses and kickers are relatively worthless
  • Quarterbacks collect 4 points per TD (RBs, WRs, collect 6)
  • We start:
  • 1 QB
  • 3 RBs
  • 3 WRs
  • 1 TE
  • 1 K
  • 1 Def
  • Five bench spots

Let's begin Fantasy in the Blanks.

With the first overall pick of the Charlie Warlick's Cast of Character's draft, team Don't Touch the Watch selected _______.  The first round went like this: Brian Westbrook, Adrian Peterson, Steven Jackson, Joseph Addai, my name _______ rhymes with Tank Store,  Larry Johnson, Marshawn Lynch, Marion Barber and Clinton Portis.

As you can tell, _______ dominated the first round. Let's see how the second round unfolds. Darren McFadden

The first nine picks of the second round went like this: Tom Brady, Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, Maurice Jones-Drew, a former No. 2 overall pick named _______, Braylon Edwards, Reggie Wayne, Larry Fitzgerald, Peyton Manning and then my two picks.

With the last pick of the first round I took _______ of the Cleveland Browns. With the first pick of the second round I took another running back in _______, who signed with a new team this offseason.

Three picks, three running backs. Some call it bizarre, I call it a strategy. _______ are not the new running backs, no matter what people say. If there's one thing the NFL is good at, it's adjusting on the fly. Last year's inflated receiver numbers were simply a fad, not a trend. This league doesn't allow for trends anymore, defenses are too adaptable to what offenses can do. The only reason the West Coast offense was able to take hold in 1980s was because it took place before free agency, before defensive coordinators could build teams however they wanted. Running backs are the lifeblood to any successful team and 2008 will again prove that.

Here's how the rest of the third round shook out: Willis McGahee, Ryan Grant, Andre Johnson, Laurence Maroney, a Bengals wide receiver named _______ (hint: "championship"), Marques Colston, another Bengals Pro Bowl wide receiver named _______, a suspended wide receiver named _______ and Torry Holt.

Here is the fourth round: Darren McFadden, Ronnie Brown, Edgerrin James, Brandon Jacobs, a Steelers wide receiver named _______ (think: Oliver Wendell), Drew Brees and Willie _______ Bros.

I'm on the clock. I have no wide receivers, no quarterback, no nothing (as the kids might say) outside of running backs. I'm a buy low sort of guy, so I take this receiver _______ who had an injury-marred 2007, but 12 touchdowns in 2006. I couple that pick with a shocker, another running back in buy-low territory. This running back had an injury-plagued 2007, but tallied 12 touchdowns in 2004, 2005 and 2006. His name is _______.

Four running backs? You bet. This is a game of attrition, and if my theory that running backs are as important as ever holds water, I'm in Calvin Johnsonlike Flynt. Not just that, but I've also helped drain the pool, causing a panic in most of my fellow draftees. Check out what happens as seven of the next 11 picks are running backs.

The rest of round five: Plaxico Burress, Earnest Graham, Thomas Jones, a rookie running back named _______, Anquan Boldin, Roy Williams, LenDale White, Selvin Young and the first tight end _______, a former two-sport star at an Ohio college

Round six went like this: Another rookie running back named _______ (hint: last name rhymes with the last name of Kim Basinger's character in Wayne's World 2 or Judge Harry Stone's favorite crooner), Julius Jones, another suspended wide receiver named _______, the second tight end, who topped 1K yards last season named_______, Kellen Winslow, DeAngelo Williams, Calvin Johnson, Carson Palmer, and a Green Bay Packers wide receiver named _______, who's real first name, I supposed could be Gaylord.

My picks again.

Currently, my team is

QB: Empty
RB: L.T.
RB: Jamal Lewis
RB: Michael Turner

WR: Marvin Harrison
WR: Empty
WR: Empty
TE: Empty
K: Empty
DEF: Empty
Bench: Rudi Johnson

With the last pick of round six, I selected a four-time Pro Bowl receiver coming off an injury-marred 2007 where he had only 732 receiving yards and seven touchdowns. His name is _______. With the first pick of round seven, I selected a quarterback from the same team as my second-round pick. His name is _______ and he's a big guy, standing 6-6.

The rest of round seven went like this: Jonathan Stewart, Tony Gonzalez, Kevin Smith, Roddy White, _______ (Lesley Visser wrote about him yesterday), one of Brett Favre's new targets _______, Jeremy Shockey, Lee Evans and another Kansas City Chief named _______.

Round eight went like this: Rashard Mendenhall, Dallas Clark, Felix Jones, Ben Roethlisberger, Chris Chambers, Santana Moss, Justin Fargas, an elderly former Ohio State receiver named _______, and another Redskins offensive weapon named _______, who will have his own Eastern Motors Tony G. commercial soon.

With my pick, I took an NFC North receiver with an alliterative name, _______. I coupled that with my fourth receiver, somebody Brett Favre says reminds him of Donald Driver. His name is _______.

Round nine continued like this: A now-injured Eagles receiver named _______, the Chargers defense, an AFC North handcuff with an alliterative name _______, Vincent Jackson, Kenny Watson, Donald Driver, an injured AFC South receiver named _______ (oops, somebody should have done their homework), Donovan McNabb and Bryant Johnson.

Round 10 goes like this: Bears defense, an NFC North handcuff named _______, who would like another 1K season like he did in 2006, Ricky Williams, a wide receiver named _______, who got punched in the eye in the offseason, Nate Burleson, Anthony Gonzalez, this Houston running back, who I once took No. 1 overall instead of L.T. _______, Deuce McAllister and Matt Hasselbeck.

With the last pick of round 10, I selected a star from the Home Box Office who plays for the Dallas Cowboys. His name is _______, and he's my fifth, and last wide receiver.

With the first pick of round 11, I took this Raiders castoff trying to make a name for himself in the Northeast. That name is _______. The rest of round 11 went like this: Lorenzo Booker, Reggie Brown, Ronald Curry, Super Bowl XLII MVP _______, Jared Allen and the_______ defense, Jason Wright, a diabetic quarterback named _______,Ted Ginn Jr. and Chris Brown.

Round 12 went like this: James Hardy, Brett Favre, a troubled New York Giants running back named _______, Tatum Bell, Derrick Mason, Chris TaylorVernon Davis, Cowboys D and a Falcons running back named _______.

With the last pick of round 12, I took the best available tight end in Matt Schaub's safety valve, otherwise known as _______.

I kicked off round 13 with a backup quarterback who once supplanted Kurt Warner. His name is _______. The rest of the round went like this: Donte Stallworth, the WTF pick of the draft in Chris Taylor (see right), Robert Meachem, Philip Rivers, the other Seattle running back _______, Patriots defense, Tennessee's "most coveted" wideout _______, Packers defense and a quarterback coming off Tommy John surgery, _______.

Round 14 went like this: Nick Folk, Stephen Gostkowski, Seahawks defense, future HOF kicker_______, Shayne Graham, Jaguars defense, Mason Crosby, Nate Kaeding, Rob Bironas and my pick, Josh Brown.

I started off round 15, the final round, with the once legendary, but probably overrated defense from _______. The rest of the round went like this: Bucs D, Todd Heap, Phil Dawson, Nebraska product _______, David Garrard, Neil Rackers, Sidney Rice and Mr. Irrelevant, a Broncos tight end named _______.

 Answer Key:  


On to the best blogs ... around

With the "force-out" rule eliminated, receivers now have to land both feet in the field of play for a reception to count. How can this impact fantasy quarterbacks and receivers? Carnage's Long, Boring Reviews and Rants takes a look at how names like Drew Brees, Carson Palmer and Rudi Johnson may be affected.

This time of the fantasy year is like an estuary, the salt water of fantasy football blending with the freshwater of fantasy baseball. How to stay afloat? Focus, I White, You Read says, and avoiding Adimchinobe Echemandu.

With Kevin Curtis now the lastest Eagles player to suffer a sports hernia, what can his replacement, DeSean Jackson be counted for, fantasy speaking? THE FANTASY LIFE talks with the rookie wideout.

How are the Olympics affecting NBA players? Let's just say the Raptors aren't happy campers right, Mi blog es su blog reports.

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What a good sport that Michael Phelps is

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