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Posted on: April 3, 2008 12:37 pm
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Alpha Blog: Bear vs. Tiger, who wins?

I don't often like piggybacking on First and 10, but this debate must continue.

Tiger vs. bear on a neutral floor, which animal wins?

We're talking grizzly bear vs. well-fed male Siberian tiger (they're the biggest, I believe). Plus, Siberian tigers are known to eat browSiberian tigers are badassn bear Grizzly timecubs in Russia's wilderness.

Like this video, I go with the bear. If only because of its size, and ability to keep the tiger at bay with swatting. Plus, a couple paw swats to the tiger's dome could spell concussion or brain hemorrhage.

I can't argue that the tiger is the badder of the two mammals. It's the largest of the big cats, has teeth that could pierce all the way through Rick Majerus and goes straight for the jugular. They're fast, hunt alone and are known to take down some pretty feisty prey like camels, deer, elk, boar and even elephants.

Bears, meanwhile, are mostly omnivores, polar aside. They've been cuteified by mainstream consumerism: gummy bears, Teddy bears, Paddington Bear, Smokey the Bear, Bear from American Wedding. With subspecies like panda and koala, how bad could these animals really be?

But I'll stick with grizzly, you? BTW, this debate is sort of like Kevin Love (grizzly bear) vs. Tyler Hansbrough (tiger), don't ya think?

On to the best four blogs ... around!    

Lute Olson is back running the Arizona program and NaterB's Junk Drawer says good riddance to the black mark that was Kevin O'Neil. He huffs, and puffs but no hits be a coming for Justin Morneau.Everything I hear about O'Neil paints him as not just a horrid coach/assistant but a legitimate bad guy.

THE FANTASY LIFE's discussion on Laurence Maroney failed to convince In Love with the Game, Mom's View to play Fantasy football. While I love the game like I love salt water taffy, it's still no Fantasy baseball -- the ultimate of all Fantasies not named Elizabeth Hurley and/or Lisa Dergan.

My favorite (Twins) rant of the day belongs to Tangletown, USA. Not only does "he write the best blog on this website," he also referred to the Angels as the "Los Angeles Sacramento Angels of Northern San Jose County Municipal Janitors of Anaheim." That's a solid dig.

What did Dantheman4250's Sports Blog learn from Wednesday? That Memphis backup PG Andre Allen is suspended. I have a sneaky suspicion Gregg Doyel will be chiming in on this ... something about how if Derrick Rose goes down, oh, I won't spoil it.

Klick of the Day    

Like the Bible? Like Tiger Woods? Then you'll really like this site. (courtesy of The Bong Show)

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Blog Day Afternoon: I'm never leaving again

I leave the boards for six days for some weekend escapades across the pond in Dublin and ...

The cuz and I doing the Bar Room Banter pose at St. Stephen's Green in downtown Dublin. NaterB's Junk Drawer steals my afternoon thunder and credits my midday mate Shulaces for it. It's so smooth when it hits your ...

***Shulaces has the blog idea of the millennium with his Photo caption contest. ***

And dook's buzz! has started the worst avatar campaign since the quickly aborted This Vijay contest featuring scantily clad Vijay Singhs.

(as for you, dook's buzz! ... while Brady was Senor Beefcake in mid-'90s Baltimore, he's no Joe Orsulak).

I can only imagine what will happen when I'm gone next week in Taiwan.

Somebody will probably kick my dog.

On to the best afternoon blogs ... around! 

Who should be college basketball's coach of the year? Bruce Pearl? Rick Barnes? Coach K? Matt Painter? Pete Bell? Parrish: The Thoughts puts together a list of 15 names worthy of the honor

Something tells me And now, it's baseball time has no qualms with Def Leopard's "Pour some suga on me".

Should the hammer fall on Kelvin Sampson? Opinions of a Mad Man says it's time to give this samurai a worthy exit.

Here's a blog about perspective, taking a deep breath and keeping balance. Girls Know Sports? is our resident Dr. Phil as she goes off on tunnel vision. Mmmm, funnel cake vision.

Sometimes a blogger just wants to post a recipe. Ups and Downs of these message boards just wants us all to get along ... I hope we do, for the sake of the blogger's forthcoming Green Chile recipe. (Marge, get me my chili boots!)

It's a little passe, but Sports and such asks the question: Should the Gasol trade be vetoed? Only if it's a pocket veto, yep, pocket veto, says I.

A Braves' beat writer has a crush on Yunel Escobar. Ian Kinsler's a lot like Jeff Kent and Placido Polanco could help your Fantasy team. The Wonderful World of Gonos has your baseball news of the day.

***indicates blog du jour

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Blog Day Afternoon: Today's word is mis-remember

Today's word of the day is "mis-remember."

The Rocket mis-fired in front of Congress. Apparently Dallas mis-remembered what a pain in the butt Jason Kidd was his first time around.

Apparently Indiana mis-remembered how big a slime ball Kelvin Sampson really is when they hired him.

Apparently Seattle mis-remembered that injuries to pitchers do happen in spring training when it decided to name Erik Bedard its opening day starter. (Why so early, chaps?)

Apparently Uno mis-remembered he's a beagle en route to winning best in show at the Westminster Kennel Club.

And apparently Roger Clemens remembered to use the word mis-remember during his testimonies today on Capitol Hill.

Funny thing about mis-remembering, you often end up remembering the oldest trick in the book at times. What's that, you ask? Why it's blaming your parents. Mama Clemens was the one shilling B12 shots to a young Clemens and Papa Pettitte was the HGH handler those "two times." You just never are too old to throw mom and pop under the bus for your mis-judgements.

 On to the best blogs ... around! (What a big news day edition)

Looking at the boards, it seems nearly everybody outside of DFW thinks the Mavs were swindled on the Jason Kidd trade. 3 reaZons From one big three to the next, Jason Kidd is back in Big D. speaks for the majority on this subject.

(Allow me to counter: Late first-round picks are probably the most worthless commodity in basketball. A first-round pick is always guaranteed while second-round picks don't have guaranteed deals. The talent divide between the person drafted 25th and 35th usually isn't that great so the Nets will now be on the hook to give guaranteed three-year deals to players who probably won't even pan out. Just throwing that out there.)

First Bobby Knight, now Kelvin Sampson? Dodds and Ends says Indiana should be ashamed and the writing is on the wall for Sampson.

CBS Sports.com Fantasy gurus can be so tardy in responding to your e-mails. That's where Bradyard's Backyard Sports Talk comes in. The blogger is here and ready to answer your Fantasy questions. Here's my Q: Riddle me this, what is average air speed velocity of an unladen swallow ... and which relief pitcher will come from nowhere in the AL to rack up a ton of saves?

Congratulations from the Wonderful World of Gonos (and Kay's Korner) to Ross Devonport. Our very on bloke won the Fantasy Golf Writer of the Year Award. Of course, his competition was ... nobody! I kid because I'm jealous.

If you think you can write better cutlines for photos than we do, check in on Shulaces. He has a funny picture-thingy worth commenting on.

The all-mighty Hendrick Motorsports has engine trouble. Screaming in Digital explains what the team's Harry Hogge told reporters.

***Do you like bracketology? If so, get a hobby. Or feed into your demons with accnodefense's excellent breakdown of the NCAA Tournament. ***

Prisco's Points says the Jags overpaid fullback Greg Jones. I say ask Larry Johnson what life has been like without Tony Richardson. Or Shaun Alexander how life was without Mack Strong. Or Eddie George how life was without Lorenzo Neil. These guys are the left tackles of the running game ... they should get paid, Pete.

Looking for some NL preview capsules to tide you over before pitchers and catchers report? NaterB's Junk Drawer is just your blog.

***indicates blog du jour

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Blog Day Afternoon: Off the air, in our hearts

With the news HBO and Inside the NFL are parting ways, it begs the question: What's the worst show to be canceled prematurely?

(Excuse me, Eric, that doesn't make any sense. A. Inside the NFL isn't cancelled, it will probably live on, on a different network. B. Prematurely? That show was on the air for like 30 years. C. You're totally stealing this idea from Entertainment Weekly, you tool)

There may be no worse crime than canceling a show prematurely. Sure, some would say it's just the James Dean effect. Since the show didn't get to fully mature, we sort of idolize it in ways we probably never would of had it run its course. I say good-day to that notion.

You could feed me episodes of  Rome until the empire collapsed. When I get into a show, I'm not just buying just the storylines, I'm buying the world. I subscribe to the dysfunctional environment of Arrested Development. I bought into the affluence of Silver Spoons. And I kept my suspension of disbelief on hold for spurts longer than I ever imagined to enjoy the football world of Playmakers.

So don't give me that, "you only miss it because it stopped before you could see how certain scenarios unfolded." That's B.S., I'm upset because you closed the doors to one of my Total Recall-ian tickets out of this hell hole. Kidding, kidding. Life is beautiful.

Anyhoo. Here are my Blog Day Afternoon Shows That Should Still Be On the Air:

  • The Critic
  • Rome
  • Deadwood
  • The Tick
  • Where in the World is Carmen San Diego
  • Classic Concentration
  • Press Your Luck
  • Herman's Head

Dan Snyder likes hanging with football people  

I don't want to be that blogger who only talks about his teams, but this Redskins coaching search has gone from suck to blow.

It sucked from the beginning knowing that the heir apparent, Greg Williams was being jerked around by Eric Bates. It blows now knowing Eric Bates is really, when it comes down to it, looking for a playdate.

He sets up these "interviews" with prospective coaches, invites them over to shoot hoops, build things out of Legos, talk about his favorite NFL team and why FedEx Field is totally sweet.

Then he goes, meh. I want a new one.

I thought Joe Gibbs was Jack Brown in this metaphor. I thought Eric Bates learned the proper way to operate a team -- and treat people. But with each passing Mooch, Fassel, Spags, Meeks, G-Will, Al-Saun and Mora, Eric Bates is graduating to something new, something worse, something like President Skroob.  

?Question of the day?

 Let's say you're in the organ harvesting business. Are kidneys the cocaine or pot? Like, if you're trying to break in, do you start on kidneys and work your way up to say, lungs and livers? Or are kidneys the top of the OH mountain? I ask, because of this guy

On to the best blogs ... around! (slim pickings edition)

If you're looking for three NBA trades that make sense, well, The Eye of the HurricaneDij is the blog built just for you. Big names are few and far between, but "shoot baskets not Jamaal Tinsley" (shameless plug to friends' website) is involved.

What's the difference between the franchise and transition player tags? THE FANTASY LIFE explains and speculates which NFL players (is Ken Hamlin sexy enough for you?!) may get tagged body sprayed.

NaterB's Junk Drawer previews the upcoming Pac-10 slate. The game I'm interested in? The Kevin Hart duel between California and Oregon. It's funny because the kid lied.  

Poor dook's buzz. She has a Coach K avatar (or is that Mike Huckabee?) because she lost a bet on last night's Duke-UNC game(?). However, now I know why I keep seeing an avatar with a guy in a thong.

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Blog Day Afternoon: Last day of Jan. edition

I don't understand people who listen to Don Imus. I really can't understand people who watch his simulcasted show.

In fairness, I know very little about this guy or his show. But what could one aging shockjock DJ bring to the table that some younger version of himself couldn't? He's so lame/out of touch/whatever that the "joke" that got him canned -- "nappy headed hos" -- wasn't fresh. It wasn't clever. It was just some old white guy trying to sound fresh and clever.

Yes, he's a former CBS employee. Is that why I'm blogging about this. NO.  Disclaimer: I watch nothing the Eye produces outside of sports and probably won't until I'm 45 and three kids deep.

But Imus proves one of two things: On-air talent is deceptively thin or the powers-to-be are so bad at thinking outside the norm, they bring back this retread.

Heck, if they do it time and again with semi-successful coaches, why wouldn't they do it with shockjocks? So there you have it, the Jim Fassel of radio hosts is back. Enjoy Baltimore, Detroit, Philly and all the other cities that will soon be able to watch his simulcasted radio show. Mazel tov.

On to the best ... blogs around!

I'm proud to add Mind of The Big B to the Fraternity of Worst Sports Franchises in Football fans. Guess which one the blog is a "fan" of? It's not my Redskins. It's not PC Free From PC Central's Raiders. It's the starts with Li- ends with -ons. Oh, and he's kind enough to remind us how much of sporting oasis Motown is outside of the Wayne Fontes' old team. That's nice. Jacka**!

If you're too lazy to type in "Bobby Knight" at Wikipedia, check out Fiddle's Faddles' brief history of the General (also, uh, his cousin?).

BigTen's Fantasy Baseball Blog brings up the R Kelly-ian point: Age ain't nuttin' but a number. He's playing the skeptic to EMack's true-and-tried recipe of drafting 27-year-olds come Fantasy baseball time. Me? I buy into it because it's reason to believe that contrary to my long-standing, uh, stance, I didn't peak at 17 ... I still have one year to go.

The same people who follow Brittany Spears' every move are the same people who love the two-week gap before the Super Bowl, according to The Words of Dezy. The blog is mad, mad I tell ya!

Our new buddy Volunteer Basketball (who knew they had a team!?) is surveying the blogospheres' best pickup lines. Since the "nice shoes one ..." was used, I'll go with "You must be Jamaican, because Jamaican me crazy." Lame, yes, so add yours to the list.

Euphuism's 101 asks the all important question: When is the last time you ... destroyed a public toilet. I'm doing it right now! God bless wi-fi. Oh, wait...let's stop there.

Sadly, I knew about this several months back. I asked our Fantasy Managing Editor Peter Madden if we were going to get in on this. His response? "We'll leave Fantasy Fishing to the Ocho." Don't worry 'bout it Spotsy Scratch, you won't be weighing your bass on our site. Wait, that didn't come out right.

And I had to add this one. If Fantasy fishing isn't your thang, NaterB's Junk Drawer has the perfect game for ya. It's Fantasy announcers and while Dick Vitale may be the A-Rod (or marlin if you're a fisher?) on the draft board, please don't underestimate the vocal powers of Gus Johnson.

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Blog Day Afternoon: Don't leave work without 'em

I don't know if anybody remembers this, but when the Giants and Ravens were in the Super Bowl back in 2001, there was a segment one of the networks did about how great buds Brian Billick and Jim Fassel were.

It showed them boating together with their families co-mingling. It was sweet, it tugged at the hearts, if you were talking about it on IM you'd probably drop a BFF at some point of the conversation.

I'm guessing that segment really touched Danny Snyder. Ever since he inherited sunburned ol' Norv Turner back in 1999, he's been looking for his next best friend. It just so happens that buddy also has to have this job description: head coach of the Redskins.

He tried Marty Schottenheimer. Too cold.

He tried Steve Spurrier. Too hot.

He tried Joe Gibbs. Ah, just right. But Gibbs had a family of his own to tend to.

So now it's time to find his next toy, er friend, and all indicators pointed to Gregg Williams. He was Gibbs' friend, so you'd think he'd enjoy being Danny's friend, right?

Uh-oh. Apparently Gregg isn't Jack Brown-enough for Eric Bates, er Danny.

So Danny now has that guy from the segment he saw one day before the Super Bowl in line for the job of being head coach-friend.

Despite the fact it means another coaching overhaul in D.C. Despite the fact teams without continuity rarely find success. Despite the fact Jim Fassel fits every meaning of the word "retread" in a game that's heavy on innovation.

For the first time in a long, long time this season being a Redskins fan felt special. It felt like we had the right kind of momentum going forward. That will all be wiped away when Francis, er, Danny, gets his new shiny bike, er friend, er puppeteer-coach Jim Fassel. Excuse me while I call my friend with the couch, Dr. Rosenstein.

In other news, RIP Heath Ledger. A Knight's Tale is an extremely underrated comedy and I'm looking forward to your take on our favorite prankster villain.

On to the best ... blogs around!

Speaking of comedies, (Insert Name Here) shares his Top 20. RSILI! is saddened to see a lack of respect for The Naked Gun ... and Dr. Strangelove. But that's a different debate.

Brett Favre can throw a football over 50 yards. Vijaykanth can throw Brett Favre even further. Who is Vijaykanth (look below)?  He's also the outsourced version of Chuck Norris. The Words of Dezy explains.

Blog Day Afternoon regular The Sports Comedian has some "breaking" news. Apparently a torn ACL wasn't the only thing hobbling Philip Rivers Sunday. The quarterback also had a broken heart. I hear duct tape fixes that.

On the day the Academy Award nominees are announced Mouthing Off From the Catbird Seat has his Warpy Awards. If you like the Wild or are from Minnesota, click the link. Otherwise, well, try clicking below.

If you enjoy big words like pontificating, lambasting, infomongering and the, check out Letters from The Den's facts of the day.

If you like Pac-10 basketball -- only communists don't! -- check out NaterB's Junk Drawer's preview of the upcoming week. It's thorough, just like Maude Lebowski's doctor.

 Still confused by the new ratings system? Building CBS Sports.com explains it all.

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