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Posted on: February 20, 2008 5:53 pm
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Blog Day Afternoon: I'm never leaving again

I leave the boards for six days for some weekend escapades across the pond in Dublin and ...

The cuz and I doing the Bar Room Banter pose at St. Stephen's Green in downtown Dublin. NaterB's Junk Drawer steals my afternoon thunder and credits my midday mate Shulaces for it. It's so smooth when it hits your ...

***Shulaces has the blog idea of the millennium with his Photo caption contest. ***

And dook's buzz! has started the worst avatar campaign since the quickly aborted This Vijay contest featuring scantily clad Vijay Singhs.

(as for you, dook's buzz! ... while Brady was Senor Beefcake in mid-'90s Baltimore, he's no Joe Orsulak).

I can only imagine what will happen when I'm gone next week in Taiwan.

Somebody will probably kick my dog.

On to the best afternoon blogs ... around! 

Who should be college basketball's coach of the year? Bruce Pearl? Rick Barnes? Coach K? Matt Painter? Pete Bell? Parrish: The Thoughts puts together a list of 15 names worthy of the honor

Something tells me And now, it's baseball time has no qualms with Def Leopard's "Pour some suga on me".

Should the hammer fall on Kelvin Sampson? Opinions of a Mad Man says it's time to give this samurai a worthy exit.

Here's a blog about perspective, taking a deep breath and keeping balance. Girls Know Sports? is our resident Dr. Phil as she goes off on tunnel vision. Mmmm, funnel cake vision.

Sometimes a blogger just wants to post a recipe. Ups and Downs of these message boards just wants us all to get along ... I hope we do, for the sake of the blogger's forthcoming Green Chile recipe. (Marge, get me my chili boots!)

It's a little passe, but Sports and such asks the question: Should the Gasol trade be vetoed? Only if it's a pocket veto, yep, pocket veto, says I.

A Braves' beat writer has a crush on Yunel Escobar. Ian Kinsler's a lot like Jeff Kent and Placido Polanco could help your Fantasy team. The Wonderful World of Gonos has your baseball news of the day.

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Posted on: February 13, 2008 5:24 pm
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Blog Day Afternoon: Today's word is mis-remember

Today's word of the day is "mis-remember."

The Rocket mis-fired in front of Congress. Apparently Dallas mis-remembered what a pain in the butt Jason Kidd was his first time around.

Apparently Indiana mis-remembered how big a slime ball Kelvin Sampson really is when they hired him.

Apparently Seattle mis-remembered that injuries to pitchers do happen in spring training when it decided to name Erik Bedard its opening day starter. (Why so early, chaps?)

Apparently Uno mis-remembered he's a beagle en route to winning best in show at the Westminster Kennel Club.

And apparently Roger Clemens remembered to use the word mis-remember during his testimonies today on Capitol Hill.

Funny thing about mis-remembering, you often end up remembering the oldest trick in the book at times. What's that, you ask? Why it's blaming your parents. Mama Clemens was the one shilling B12 shots to a young Clemens and Papa Pettitte was the HGH handler those "two times." You just never are too old to throw mom and pop under the bus for your mis-judgements.

 On to the best blogs ... around! (What a big news day edition)

Looking at the boards, it seems nearly everybody outside of DFW thinks the Mavs were swindled on the Jason Kidd trade. 3 reaZons From one big three to the next, Jason Kidd is back in Big D. speaks for the majority on this subject.

(Allow me to counter: Late first-round picks are probably the most worthless commodity in basketball. A first-round pick is always guaranteed while second-round picks don't have guaranteed deals. The talent divide between the person drafted 25th and 35th usually isn't that great so the Nets will now be on the hook to give guaranteed three-year deals to players who probably won't even pan out. Just throwing that out there.)

First Bobby Knight, now Kelvin Sampson? Dodds and Ends says Indiana should be ashamed and the writing is on the wall for Sampson.

CBS Sports.com Fantasy gurus can be so tardy in responding to your e-mails. That's where Bradyard's Backyard Sports Talk comes in. The blogger is here and ready to answer your Fantasy questions. Here's my Q: Riddle me this, what is average air speed velocity of an unladen swallow ... and which relief pitcher will come from nowhere in the AL to rack up a ton of saves?

Congratulations from the Wonderful World of Gonos (and Kay's Korner) to Ross Devonport. Our very on bloke won the Fantasy Golf Writer of the Year Award. Of course, his competition was ... nobody! I kid because I'm jealous.

If you think you can write better cutlines for photos than we do, check in on Shulaces. He has a funny picture-thingy worth commenting on.

The all-mighty Hendrick Motorsports has engine trouble. Screaming in Digital explains what the team's Harry Hogge told reporters.

***Do you like bracketology? If so, get a hobby. Or feed into your demons with accnodefense's excellent breakdown of the NCAA Tournament. ***

Prisco's Points says the Jags overpaid fullback Greg Jones. I say ask Larry Johnson what life has been like without Tony Richardson. Or Shaun Alexander how life was without Mack Strong. Or Eddie George how life was without Lorenzo Neil. These guys are the left tackles of the running game ... they should get paid, Pete.

Looking for some NL preview capsules to tide you over before pitchers and catchers report? NaterB's Junk Drawer is just your blog.

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Posted on: February 12, 2008 5:47 pm
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Blog Day Afternoon: He'll pump you up

Uno looks to be No. 1. Chelsea's being "pimped." But first, Verne Troyer's 15 minutes of fame just expired.

I lift weights, and I am weights!Introducing Aditya "Romeo" Dev, the world's smallest bodybuilder. Standing 2-9, Romeo weighs 20 pounds, but can lift 3.3-pound weights over his head. That's nearly 16.5 percent of his body weight. If you weigh 205 pounds, you'd have to lift 34 pounds over your head to match that. OK, so that's not the best way to talk this guy up. The best way is to simply check out his photos.

He's blonde. He has a mustache. He wears shorts with animals see-sawing and he dances. What more do you want?

Maybe some Jazzy B. That's Romeo's dream, to perform with Punjabi pop star Jazzy B. According to his website, Jazzy B "packs an enormous tidal wave of a punch ... and is one of the most prominent stars of Punjabi music in the 21st century." I can see why being the likely strongest dwarf in the world wouldn't be enough.

So long Mini-me, it's the real Lil Romeo's time.

Scarlett Johansson before the work?"Pimping," but not the Clinton you think

 Apparently Jack Donaghy doesn't like when General Electric employees use the word "pimp." MSNBC host David Shuster asked two guests recently, "Doesn't it seem as if Chelsea [Clinton] is sort of being pimped out in some weird sort of way?"

This led to a firestorm response from the Clinton camp (do they know any other type of response?) about associating their daughter with the word "pimp." Well, despite pimp's mainstream success of late (Pimp My Ride, Big Pimpin', Katt Williams' schtick), it's apparently still a no-no word. Why? Slate.com's Jesse Sheidlower explains the origins of the word.

Oh, completely relevant and mildly tasteless ... is Chelsea sort of becoming a poor, poor, poor man's Scarlett Johansson?

Personally, I like Captain better...

Scout.com released its' best names list of the class of 2008. Top honors go to a Florida Atlantic defensive tackle who guys by the name of Yourhighness Morgan.

Don't call me Snoopy!Sit, Ubu, sit ... then destroy

And congrats to Uno, our beagle who made it through the hounds group at the Westminster Kennel Club Annual Dog Show and will now look to bring home the breeds' first-ever Best In Show collar.

What do you have to say about that, Buck Laughlin?

"Excuse me if this off the subject a little bit, but just take a guess at how much I can bench press. Come on, what do you think? Take a guess. 315 pounds, at the top of my game, maxing out at 500! "

Thanks, I guess.

On to the best ... blogs around!

If you're not buying what John Rocker, steroids outer, is selling, then BigPapiandManny's 3-4 Punch has something you may agree with: John Rocker, SHUT THE HELL UP!

Wait, we have more Rocker ..

Do you like competitive biking? If so, there's a race called The Tour of California and Who cares about these sports? gives the 411 (so 2003, I know) on all the teams competing.

***Watch out Scott Miller, Matt Abedi's Sporting Universe has a solid NL West preview worth reading.***

Fresh off the Patriots' perfect regular season, the Memphis Tigers are looking like they may move into Perfectville. Mind of The Big B wonders about that neighborhood.

Texas has already defeated three top six schools. Parrish: The Thoughts says Memphis should be scared, very scared come selection Sunday.

Josh Harding gets A Top Quark. Nik Backstrom gets Up Quarks. Refs get Bottom Quarks. And if you have any idea what I'm talking about or want to, read Mouthing Off From the Catbird Seat. It's better than playing dead.

***indicates the chef's blog du jour

Posted on: February 11, 2008 5:56 pm
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Blog Day Afternoon: Dog day edition

Since it's chic to use Appalachian State as the yardstick for big-time upsets (right, dook's buzz!?), we'll call Uno App. State and Paradox Michigan.

Let me explain.

We're coming to the end of the Westminster Kennel Club Annual Dog Show (final judging will be reported at 11 p.m. ET, Tuesday) and we have ourselves a, to use the tired cliche, David vs. Goliaths showdown.

In the Goliaths' corner are a toy poodle, an Akita, Lhasa Apsos (and to think that in some countries these dogs are eaten) and other prestigious breeds like Paradox, the bull terrier.

But it's Uno who can make history tonight. That's because a beagle has never been presented best in show at any of the 100 Westminster events. According to the AP, no beagle had won the hound group since 1939, or 483 years, in dog years.

After being poked, prodded and judged (I don't think I could ever get used to being poked and prodded like that. I told my proctologist one time, "Why don't you take me out to dinner and a movie sometime?"), Uno is just a few rounds away from winning this whole shebang. Well, I think it's a few, I don't really understand how the WKC works, or really care to.

So go Uno and take down those snooty (I did just say it!) dogs in the Big Apple since after all, you're the App. State, the Giants, Gardner-Webb, Boise State and Texas State University all rolled into one.

OK, one more Buck Laughlin line: "I went to one of those obedience places once ... it was all going well until they spilled hot candle wax on my private parts."

Oh, and if Paris Hilton was a dog (uh, if, you say?), she'd look like the Afghan to the right (ka-zing!).

Wagging my fist!

 Start. On the community cover is a picture of a beagle named Eric (they didn't have any Uno photos on Getty or AP). I've never understood people who name dogs human names. I take that back, you can name a dog a human name, but it has to be a stripper/porn star human name. Like Chloe or Zoe or Brandy or Ivory or Candy or Cassidy or Sid. You don't name a dog Eric or Steve or Jennifer. That's weird. You name it Marley or Snickers or Minky or Alyssa Milano. So while I'm flattered a champion dog shares my name (and yes, will probably eat better than me tonight), let's get creative here dog owners. Over.

On to the best blogs ... around! (collegiate edition)    

Memphis plays in Conference USA. Conference USA isn't exactly the Big East. The Sideline asks, "who cares?" and says the Tigers are smart to stay in the mid-major, dummies.

Think Duke has some deal with the devil to make Cameron the ultimate homecourt advantage? You're wrong, really wrong. Those sorts of deals are made in Fayetville and Columbus, according to mythbuster Fiddle's Faddles

Pensive Musings on Boise St Football is talking about ... Boise State football. Its recruiting class, specifically. The program got a guy named Grimes, he plays defensive tackle. I'd like to be the first to call him Grimey.

Utah State's best win is vs. Bob's cousin, Oral Roberts. So why are they getting AP votes? Parrish: The Thoughts investigates in The Poll Attacks. Well, really, he just vents. But he'll be investigating too.

Pun in blog headline title? Check. Plea for all male sportsfans? Check. Avatar to forget? Check. Those are three of the elements in Girls Know Sports? latest and greatest blog. Hear her out, or don't (that's actually kinda ironic if you're of the male variety and don't).

If you think Pat Knight isn't fit to run a Foot Locker, then you would get along great with Doyel's Dribbles. Then again, if you got along with Gregg Doyel, well, that would be weird.

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