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Posted on: May 12, 2008 11:32 am
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Alpha Blog: Hit with the Youkilis stick

I know talking about one's Fantasy team is like looking at somebody else's vacation photos, but something has to be said about Kevin Youkilis, and what he did to my team.
Kevin Youkilis
The Yook hit:

  • Five home runs (more than my entire team)
  • Drove in 10 RBI (more than half of my 19)
  • Scored eight times (more than a third of my 21)
  • And the most insulting: he stole a base (a third of my total of 3)

Kevin Youkilis has 11 career stolen bases in five seasons. In other words, he averages around 2.2 per. I had the honor of experiencing something that happens roughly once every 81 games.

My team isn't a bunch of schlubs, but we fell apart faster than Eric Gagne closing out at a three-run Brewers lead. Case in point, Edgar Renteria.

Here's the real stinger to my duel with editor Buzz Fagan (he of mustache fame): Our shortstop duel of my Renteria vs. his David Eckstein (injury replacement for Jimmy Rollins).

Now if there was one matchup I thought I had locked, stocked and two smoking bat barrels, it was this one. Plus, Eckstein only played one game because of injury. But Eckstein's one game was enough to best anything Renteria did all week.

Eckstein's line: 1-4, .250 BA, RBI, R, .250 OBP
Renteria's line: 0-18, R

A run. To break that down further: A = 1; run = one statistical improvement for an entire week.

I look forward to my upcoming week, where I expect the opposing team's Mark Ellis to easily outperform my Chase Utley at the second base position.

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After a surprisingly good last week, the Cubs get some NL bottom feeders at home this week. What's It's Gonna Happen in 2008 predicting? How's a 5-2 homestand sound?

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Klick of the Day

Skeeball is one dangerous sport.
Posted on: May 6, 2008 12:18 pm

Alpha Blog: What's up with contract-year players?

Maybe somebody can help me out here, somebody who knows the day-in and day-out grind of a baseball player just a bit better. Or maybe somebody who knows the powers of the all-mighty Greenback just a bit better.

Pat Burrell has nine homers and a 1.100 OPSHow exactly does somebody start producing better in their contract year? How exactly is Pat Burrell on pace for 44 home runs and career highs in every offensive statistic? How is Joe Crede suddenly gunning for 40 dingers, 120 RBI and a .500 slugging percentage? And how is Rafael Furcal suddenly a 25-home run threat and swinging the bat for a .365 average? And what do you do with these free agents to be?

I know money is one helluva motivator, but how exactly does one player simply just turn it on for a full season? Particularly in baseball, which is as much a skill test as it as an athletic competition. Like golf, the harder you try, the worse a player usually does. You always hear managers talk about keeping players relaxed, or calming down a player who's trying to hard. So how exactly does a player get so much better, so quickly? You can bulk up or down in baseball and see some results, but that's not really the trick in motion/swing sports.

My guess is players with the potential for increased earnings hustle more, watch more tape, study opposing player's nuances and take a more business-like approach day in and out. In other words, they attack all the sport's angles. And that also means they're not doing those things when the big payday isn't on the line.

So if you're in charge of hiring personnel, what do you do with the Pat Burrell's of baseball? The players who, excuse my French, have been half-assing it -- or in other words, squandering their talent by not trying to be the best.

If I'm negotiating with their agents, I combine their best and worst years, divide by two and use that as a baseline. There is no way I allow the negotiation to center around the contract year stat line.

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With the NFL Draft season over, something has to fill the mock draft void. Dantheman4250's Sports Blog does a fake NBA Draft, because we all secretly want to be in human resources.

The Red Sox beat the Tigers despite Daisuke Matsuzaka surrendering eight walks. Red Sox Rewind does a Red Sox rewind of Monday's game.

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What to make of Max Scherzer, Dice-K and Johnny Cueto? I White; You Read is back observing in his Fantasy baseball Observations.

Klick of the Day

Not often you come across stories about adding a state to the Union, but North Fort Lauderdale's mayor wants to divide Florida into North and South. He's calling the southern version, South Florida. I call it North Cuba.

Posted on: May 2, 2008 12:00 pm

Alpha Blog: Jack still Lost in his old habits

Another mind-warping episode of Lost last night.

We're flash forwarded into a future of Jack + Kate playing mom and pop to Aaron. Jack can't seem to evolve.

We get the privilige of seeing Jack try to guide his own appendectomy. And conversly, as Rose points out, we are asked: why would the island harm a castaway?

We lose Claire in the middle of the night.

We learn that Charlotte speaks and understands Korean.

We learn Hurley thinks the Oceanic 6 are dead.

And we learn Sawyer chose to stay on the island.

Let's start with Sawyer. He's playing out of character, altruistically helping Clarie-an and Miles get back to the camp. On their way to camp Miles uncovers the bodies of Carl and Rousseau, reminding us all of his Sixth Sensian aptitude.

Question that comes from this: Could Claire be dead, but still "existing" on the island in that Christian Shepherd sort of existence? Why else would Miles be so into her? Blonde baby-mammas don't seem to be his type.

Charlotte speaks Korean, which can be written off as a byproduct of all her Dharma-hunting globetrotting, or something a bit more. Maybe, like the Widmore freighter crew, she works for Sun's pop. Dad's can be so protective of their daughters -- and so tough on son-in-laws. Could papa Sun and Widmore be in some sort of tycoon club, and in cahoots?

Jack and Kate are living together raising Aaron. Jack is back working too hard and Kate hangs out at parks with other moms and is helping Sawyer with something (in all likelihood an innocent something). But Jack quickly reverts back to paranoid, insecure Jack. He's unable to trust, self conscious about his ability to play dad and still stressing over the Red Sox (damn you, A-Rod!).

Now, flash-forwarded back-to-his-old-self Jack is helping people with back tumors and as mentioned, working too hard. Juxtapose this with his appendectomy and we're reminded once again that struggle of a surgeon: you can remove an unnecessary, yet faltering organ and all can be well, but you can't remove unnecessary, yet faltering personality flaws. Jack just can't reform. He can't stop playing the role of hero, guardian, over-protective doc. Plus, he's still got his daddy's vices -- booze, painkillers and rage. So, while Jack plays the role of leader pretty well on the island, he still can't lead himself out of his papa's shadow and the crippling characteristics that come with it. Lost's characters are complex!

But the most fun part of last night was Hurley, who thinks the Oceanic 6 are all dead, which is hard to write off considering all the twists and turns the series has been through. I think there's a connection here to Ben and Widmore's convo in the last episode. Ben can't kill Widmore, people who die aren't really dead (Charlie talks to me, tells me about upcoming visitors, duh) and people who we thought were dead show up not just on the island, but in the future, too.

As usual, the episode offers some answers (we know Losties are still alive on the island in the future) and lots of questions (what the heck is Hurley talking about; why is Kate helping Sawyer?). Forum is open.

Get out of town, Carlos D. On to the best blogs ... around!

The four-games-out-of-first-in-the-NL-E
ast Nats win again last night and guess who was behind the plate? Will Nieves. Maybe that's what has McNotables trying to figure out just how to f
lush Carlos Delgado out of the Mets lineup.

Has America lost its sporting edge on the world scene? Between hoops, hockey and baseball, we're no longer top dog in international competition. Blog 2.0: North Harbour examines why.

So the Minnesota Wild aren't playing anymore. It's OK for Tangletown, USA because the blogger is satisfied knowing this: the Wild have the best fans in hockey.

The Red Sox welcome the first-place Rays into town. As you let that statement soak in, check in on Red Sox Rewind's take on yesterday's game.

Klick of the Day

For an in-depth examination of last night's Lost, check in on Doc Jensen. He takes you to Wonderland. (EW)

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Alpha Blog: Chargers LBs are troublemakers

Tip of the hat to the San Diego Chargers linebacker group. You all are the most notorious unit in the league thanks to Stephen Cooper.

Cooper, the team's leading tackler (179) last season tested positive for a banned stimulant that was recently added to the NFL's list of Stop yelling at me Norv, I didn't know it was banned. prohibited substances.

(Two quick thoughts on that: Whoever is recording tackles for the Chargers must be awfully generous and how do people still get caught with banned substances? They have dieticians, team doctors and nutritionists who are employed strictly to know what's kosher and what's not.)

So Cooper must sit four games, which makes him the least of the bad-ass 'backers. There's also Shawne Merriman, the steroids user. Shaun Phillips, the one who likes to fight police. Matt Wilhelm was arrested for driving under the influence his rookie season and of course, former 'backer Steve Foley, who drives classic Oldsmobiles (a good thing), but makes cops feel scared to the point he ends up with bullet holes in his legs.

Two suspended, a brawler, a DUI and if we add Foley into the mix, a botched drunk driving experience nobody should ever experience.

Now I know what you're thinking. Eric, James Harrison is enough to boost the Steelers' corps to the top of the worst-group conversation.

I say, I like you're thinking and I'm open to hearing any other arguments for worst corps is football.

On to the four best blogs ... around!  

While picking out top games for '08 is a futile excercise (who had any late-season Browns games this time last year?), In Love with the The schedule gods weren't kind to Steelers fans. Game, Mom's View (despite her Steelers bias) at least goes outside the box with a little Cards-Panthers in Week 8.

Speaking of the Steelers and futility, check out Prisco's Points on Pittsburgh's "brutal" schedule. Again, how the heck do we know if playing the Giants this season will be quite the daunting task is sounds to be? Sigh.

It's the question everybody has an opinion on: Kobe or Chris for MVP. Dantheman4250's Sports Blog breaks it down and sides with Kobe. I have to say Paul's numbers -- and influence -- are on par with Steve Nash's when the Phoenix point guard took home the hardware, while Kobe's have stayed relatively consistent, while his complimentary parts haven't. So there's precedent to give this to the point guard since Kobe's clearly more in the conversation this year than in year's past because of the new help he has.

Oh those Red Sox. They took a two-game sweep vs. the Indians and Red Sox Rewind is here to break down the lovable empire game-by-game.

Klick of the Day  

J.C. Penny sure used to sell some weird stuff back in 1975.

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