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Posted on: May 28, 2008 11:12 am

Alpha Blog: We all love Kobe again

If there's a sports-figure public relations handbook young media wonks are given, there should be a chapter on the rebirth of Kobe Bryant.

Five years after committing adultery and being accused of sexual assault by a hotel employee (and settling out of court), Kobe Bryant has the public eating out of his hands. Kobe shares his secret with Luke Walton.

And all it took was the power of YouTube and a solid marketing campaign. 

He jumps over an Aston Martin in the name of selling shoes.

We fall in love all over again... 

Then TNT gets a hold of it and the laughs ensue.

...We realize we never stopped loving him...

Then Jackass gets a hold of it and more laughs ensue (Weeman, LOL).

...We tell him he had us at "Black Mamba."

Of course, this is all icing on Kobe's rejuvenation cake. It would be all for naught had he not completely alterered his game in the name of the team and winning a title.

He trusted his teammates, he gave up taking the lost shot (everynight), and he simply became an affable feller. It's like he came out of a Sydney Pollack movie.

That's what makes this so impressive. The man changed. He became slightly better at age 29 and in doing so, won back not just his on-court critics, but his off-court critics (there's an argument that the latter was the tougher).

What's most impressive is, this all happened after an offseason of repeated trade rumors started by Kobe's camp. Now the conversations are about how to keep the Kobe-Pau-Lamar dynasty-in-the-making going for the long haul.

So young sports PR execs take note. Your client can be as bad as he wants to be, just be sure to harnass the power of YouTube, TNT, MTV and your local Aston Martin dealership.

With a dash of charisma and selflessness, those ingredients can make us all forget why we stopped loving in the first place.

On to the best blogs ... around!

Who is Augie Freeze and what did he have to do with the Reds in 1961? The Big Red Machine breaks a magical pennant race down.

The Spurs are down 3-1 and who is Blurbs from the Penalty Box placing blame on? His initials are BB and his last name rhymes with scary, hairy, Larry, Carrie, marry, Terry and dysentery.

With gas prices soaring Nats general manager Jim Bowden has a toxic observation about flying to scout ballplayers in Scott Miller's Bull Pennings.

MLB is coming down on little league teams using copyrighted team names. BigPapiandManny's 3-4 Punch is pissed off, and has three solid alternatives. Well, telling MLB to eff off is probably not an "alternative."

Klick of the Day

I'm as surprised as anybody Kobe's made so much public progress despite this "performance" with Tyra Banks.

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Alpha Blog: We've gone completely Chico here

It's going to get ugly. I'm completely smitted with Chico.

All four of my Fantasy baseball teams have Chico in the name.

  • Chico 2 Chico: Nats justice
  • Chico in Charge
  • Chico TiempoMatt Chico's windup is deadly ... and getting deadlier.
  • Chico: Spanish for awesome

I'm going too fast again. Who is Matt Chico?

Matt Chico is the No. 2 starter for the Nationals. Of course, it didn't use to be this way. Matt Chico was the maybe-he'll-make-the-team starter in spring training. Last year he was the guy-who-Manny Acta-was-forced-to-turn-to-every-fi
healthy starter. The year before that he was the maybe-a-mid-level-prospect-for-the-
D-Backs guy.

He's also my favorite National. Case in point. Opening Night at Nationals Park emcee Donny Sutts was introducing the pitchers and mid-sentence, "He's the tallest player in baseball..." Matt Chico starts walking out. Chico is 6 feet in heels. Sutts was talking about mound monster Jon Rauch.

Chico is also durable -- he pitched 31 games as a rookie -- and relies on pitch placement, not strikeouts. Chicks dig pitch placement, I'm told. Of course, chicks also dig the Lifetime ("television for idiots").

Now, here's what really gets me gaga for Chico. He's still tinkering with his windup and mechanics, yet managed to hold the potently potable Phillies to just three runs over 5 1/3 inning.

Here's from the Washington Post's Barry (and I'm Barry) Svrluga:

"The Matt Chico experiment continues. The left-hander, who is trying to restore his old windup while simultaneously retiring major league hitters, lasted 5 1/3 innings and allowed three runs in Monday's 11-6 win over Philadelphia. Those are mixed results from a mixed delivery.

'I kind of got lost mechanics-wise, was going back and forth between the new and the old," Chico said. 'Couldn't really find it.'"

So as you can see, not only does Chico have the name (Chico), the look (pudgy), the cookiness (happening to walk out when Sutts is talking about the tallest guy in baseball) and the grit (how ya feel now, Phillies?), he's still a diamond in the rough. Or as CBSSports.com editor George Maselli says, "serviceable." I didn't look that word up, but I'm sure it means excellence of execution.

On to the best four blogs ... around! (Opening Day Edition)    

 Turns out Sandy Koufax isn't Bernie Lomax. This may be the most-hyped Reds team of the decade. Apparently names like Cuerto, Bruce and Volquez are enough to make bloggers like THE OBJECTIVE GUY forget about how bad Dusty Baker is with young talent.

Happy birthday to neophite Fantasy fella Scott White, who turned 12 Monday. However, I White; You Read reminds us of an important lesson regarding Joakim Soria vs. Jonathan Papelbon.

Contrary to HBO reports, Sandy Koufax is alive, well and throwing out a first pitch for the Dodgers' home opener, Scott Miller reports in his Scott Miller's Bull Pennings.

We always thought Fantasy writers have it rough, the Wonderful World of Gonos confirms our suspicions. (included is a one Johnny Roast Beef prediction)

Klick of the Day     

What sort of accent do you have? Like our buddy (Insert Name Here), we're boring ol' Midland. I do have a good voice for TV, which is nice. Damn you Maryland and your lack of dialectical charm!

If you have a good link to share, post below or send a PM and I'll highlight it later in the week.

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Alpha Blog: Bud Selig makes Mike Hampton's salary

If you were ever a doubter that baseball -- and all sports -- are 98 percent business, 2 percent about the game, then read up on Bud Selig's compensation.

The baseball commish pocked $14.5 million buckaroos last year. He'll do it again this year. So he's worth around one Mike Hampton. Or if Did you hear how much Buddy boy makes?you like players that actually produce, he's worth one Lance Berkman, Vladimir Guerrero or Carlos Delgado. (salary list)

Now, I know what you're thinking. Eric, we know baseball's a business and of course the CEO is going to get paid in accordance with how well the business is doing.

I hear ya.

But how much of how well baseball is doing is due to Selig?

I don't think much.

Baseball has more equity than any other sport. It's been around since the 19th century and has the easiest marketing hook of all the sports -- tradition. It also has the summer sports marketplace to itself, highly visible stars and ballparks that serve as mints.

(Quick note: he failed to properly nip performance-enhancing drugs in the, uh, bud and/or instill a hard salary cap)

There are more economics to that, and even some that counter-balance profits (strong labor union), but in the end baseball is a business still worth buying into it.

So I'm not surprised to see his salary. But I was surprised to see his expense account. Who's he hanging with, Spitzer?

On to the best blogs ... around!    


You can have beefs with our writers all you want. But there's nobody I know who lives and breathes baseball like Scott Miller. A must-read for Jake Peavy -- or pitching -- fans. Scott Miller's Bull Pennings reports.

What did Butler winning the Horizon League title do to its seeding hopes? Dantheman4250's College Basketball Blog bumps the Bulldogs up to a No. 4 seed. I can't disagree. Who says mid-majors can't be seeded like BCS schools?

Our value metric is the hot topic along the boards. (Insert Name Here) wants an explanation. I'm not the person to give it right now. I am investigating it -- this thing is actually pretty complicated, sort of like figuring out the Luxury Tax in Monopoly -- and once I have an answer I'm comfortable writing, I will share. Sorry I can't give you more at the moment. And by the way, we're CBSSports.com!

Player evaluation skills a must brings up an interesting issue. Let's say a coach, we'll call him Bell Bilichik, gets caught cheating. But we all sort of agree cheating happens in the sport. Then other coaches, who may or may not have cheated as well, start pointing fingers and dropping fluffy quotes about how Bell Bilichik is ruining the game. Is that OK?

In the Crease has a problem with hockey coverage, notably ESPN's lack of it. We're here for ya buddy. We've got puck heads coming out the wazoo, and not to toot my own goal-blaring horn, but I'm poised to win our in-house Fantasy league.
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Alpha Blog: Your brackets vs. Parrish, again

It's silly to even bring this up. But we're silly people here. The Heat have 20 games remaining. And you know something? They may not win any of them.

Tie feeling a little tight, Pat Riley?I know, I know. No team finishes on what would be a 25-game losing skid. But if there's any team that can make a run at this, the Heat are doing their best. Their coach has checked out. Their star is off making "appearances" at his new restaurants. They have a Mark Blount, and a Ricky Davis, to boot.

They lose games like last night's heartbreaker to the Clippers (they can't even trip their way to a win).

Shawn Marion can only do so much.

Chris Quinn? 'Nuff said. Sorry CBSSports.com sales guru David Salinas. Apparently, they're BFF or something.

If DNP's were a favorable metric, this team would have locked up a playoff berth right now.

OK, so I'm looking at the schedule and when your team still has games against foes like New York, Milwaukee, Memphis and Indiana, you're bound to get a win somewhere in there.

But wouldn't it just be something if they didn't? Oh, the schadenfreude!

So they probably will get a win at some point. I just hope it's in their final game, against a team that just took a "doubleheader" against you. No better way to stop a potential 25-game losing streak heading into 2008-'09 than by beating the team that won the league's first "doubleheader" in 25 years. Maybe I'll watch that finale at D Wade's Sports Grill.

On to the best blogs ... around!    

Baseball Bloggin'

Sorry fellow Nats fans, but despite two-ninths of our roster potentially being filled by Boone's, I won't expect a cheap wine sponsorship coming Brett's way. Scott Miller's Bull Pennings reports.

You don't know who Blake Davis is, but after you get through My never ending Story......, you will. Hint: He's stuck on the depth chart behind Brandon Fahey.

The Wonderful World of Gonos does the unthinkable -- compiles the all-time Rays Fantasy lineup. Rolando Arrojo, wow.

Bracketology Bloggin'

My Fantasy Baseball Team has a simple question: WHY DOES EVERYONE HATE STANFORD????????????????. (Warning: If the subject line wasn't bad enough, there are blatant Elaine Benis uses of punctuation throughout the blog)What's that Jim, a 10 seed for Syracuse?

dbacksfan414 has Kentucky as an 8 seed. Gary Parrish has the Wildcats as a 10 seed. I'm with Parrish on this one. While the turnaround is a good story, this is still an 18-win team at the moment and the road wins aren't impressive.

Steady Bloggin has Kent State as a 12 seed. Gary Parrish has the Flashes as a 10 seed. Call me Goldilocks, I like them as an 11 seed if they win out.

Dantheman4250's College Basketball Blog has the Miami (Hurricanes) as a 7 seed. Gary Parrish has them as a 9 seed. A win vs. N.C. State and they're no worse than a 9. That, plus a win or two in the tourney and we may be talking 7. I like those road wins vs. VCU and Miss. State.

Bryan's Babbling has Syracuse as a 9 seed. Gary Parrish has the Orange an 11 seed. It would take a nice win at Villanova to get me to buy them as a 9 seed. Without a solid Big East tourney run, I think we're looking at a 10 at best, but more likely an 11.

If you made me pick a likely champion right here, right now. I'd agree with Hunter21's Blog.

Jason Wells is like every other blogger. He has Maryland as a bubble team. No way the Terps get into the tourney unless they make the ACC finals. Gary Williams has had better coaching seasons.

Ballyhooing Bloggin'

The Blog to End All Blogs is mad, and not going to take it anymore. He hates the ratings system and love fests. So do we, so do we. The latter that is. 

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