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Posted on: July 11, 2008 11:52 am
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Box Office Competition: Hellboy 2? Expect No. 2

I've never been into comic books.

I didn't know what/who/when/where/why/how/WTF? Hellboy was the first time it came around.

Director Guillermo del Toro? Does he pitch for the Red Sox?

I'm still not into comic books. Hellboy 2: The Curse of the Golden Army

But now I know who Hellboy is:

"A demon whose true name is Anung un Rama, Hellboy was brought to Earth as an infant by Nazi occultists. He was rescued by the Allied Forces, and raised by the U.S.A.'s Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (BPRD). Hellboy grew up to be a large, red-skinned demon with a tail, horns (which he filed off, leaving behind the signature circular stumps on his forehead), and an oversized right- hand made of stone." -- Wikipedia 

And I've come to appreciate the work of del Toro (and the other two amigos).

But am I'm banking on Hellboy II: The Golden Army to reign supreme in this weekend's box office competition? Nope. Still too niche, the original only hauled in $59 million gross. 

Expect H2 to come in a strong second.

Meet DaveThird? Another smart-ass, cynical superhero like Hellboy, Hancock.

First? Meet Dave, starring Eddie Murphy and Eddie Murphy, which is not to be confused with the 1993 classic, Dave, which stars Kevin Kline and Kevin Kline.

Eddie Murphy's last starring gem, Norbit, pulled in $34 million when it opened, back in February 2007. That should be enough to get it past Hancock, Hellboy 2: The Golden Army and the 3D Journey to the Center of the Earth.

What about Gregory Hardy and his future vision?

1. Hellboy II: The Golden Army, $42 million. Big ad blitz, good reviews ... the road to Hellboy will be paved with big B.O.

2. Hancock, $36 million. Does that whale get any money from the gross or the net?

3. Meet Dave, $28 mil. If Eddie Murphy's fans flocked to Norbit, they'll show up for at least one weekend of meet and greet. If this movie had been advertised more, I'd have put it for winning the weekend. But since the commercials for this have seemed to go into witness protection, I'm almost afraid to put it this high.

Here's my top three:

1. Meet Dave, $40 million.
2. Hellboy 2, $30 million
3. Hancock, $21 million

On to the best blogs  ... around  

Scott Miller wrote an article that mentioned the LaTroy Hawkins-Paul O'Neill jersey number spat. Dey Dive Nation thinks Miller's stirring a pot that needn't be stirred and that Paulie's number is, indeed, sacred territory.

Does having a Fantasy roster filled with All-Stars equate to success? I White; You Read looks at two leagues and comes to one conclusion.

The Dean's List breaks down every team in the NFL, which means the blog likely covers your team. Check it out.

Now that the Tony Stewart move to Haas CNC is official, there's talk of conspiracy, immaturity and prosperity in Screaming in Digital.

Klick of the Day    

If you like reenactments, and Spanish subtitles, this take on Pan's Labyrinth may be your thing.

Posted on: February 13, 2008 5:24 pm
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Blog Day Afternoon: Today's word is mis-remember

Today's word of the day is "mis-remember."

The Rocket mis-fired in front of Congress. Apparently Dallas mis-remembered what a pain in the butt Jason Kidd was his first time around.

Apparently Indiana mis-remembered how big a slime ball Kelvin Sampson really is when they hired him.

Apparently Seattle mis-remembered that injuries to pitchers do happen in spring training when it decided to name Erik Bedard its opening day starter. (Why so early, chaps?)

Apparently Uno mis-remembered he's a beagle en route to winning best in show at the Westminster Kennel Club.

And apparently Roger Clemens remembered to use the word mis-remember during his testimonies today on Capitol Hill.

Funny thing about mis-remembering, you often end up remembering the oldest trick in the book at times. What's that, you ask? Why it's blaming your parents. Mama Clemens was the one shilling B12 shots to a young Clemens and Papa Pettitte was the HGH handler those "two times." You just never are too old to throw mom and pop under the bus for your mis-judgements.

 On to the best blogs ... around! (What a big news day edition)

Looking at the boards, it seems nearly everybody outside of DFW thinks the Mavs were swindled on the Jason Kidd trade. 3 reaZons From one big three to the next, Jason Kidd is back in Big D. speaks for the majority on this subject.

(Allow me to counter: Late first-round picks are probably the most worthless commodity in basketball. A first-round pick is always guaranteed while second-round picks don't have guaranteed deals. The talent divide between the person drafted 25th and 35th usually isn't that great so the Nets will now be on the hook to give guaranteed three-year deals to players who probably won't even pan out. Just throwing that out there.)

First Bobby Knight, now Kelvin Sampson? Dodds and Ends says Indiana should be ashamed and the writing is on the wall for Sampson.

CBS Sports.com Fantasy gurus can be so tardy in responding to your e-mails. That's where Bradyard's Backyard Sports Talk comes in. The blogger is here and ready to answer your Fantasy questions. Here's my Q: Riddle me this, what is average air speed velocity of an unladen swallow ... and which relief pitcher will come from nowhere in the AL to rack up a ton of saves?

Congratulations from the Wonderful World of Gonos (and Kay's Korner) to Ross Devonport. Our very on bloke won the Fantasy Golf Writer of the Year Award. Of course, his competition was ... nobody! I kid because I'm jealous.

If you think you can write better cutlines for photos than we do, check in on Shulaces. He has a funny picture-thingy worth commenting on.

The all-mighty Hendrick Motorsports has engine trouble. Screaming in Digital explains what the team's Harry Hogge told reporters.

***Do you like bracketology? If so, get a hobby. Or feed into your demons with accnodefense's excellent breakdown of the NCAA Tournament. ***

Prisco's Points says the Jags overpaid fullback Greg Jones. I say ask Larry Johnson what life has been like without Tony Richardson. Or Shaun Alexander how life was without Mack Strong. Or Eddie George how life was without Lorenzo Neil. These guys are the left tackles of the running game ... they should get paid, Pete.

Looking for some NL preview capsules to tide you over before pitchers and catchers report? NaterB's Junk Drawer is just your blog.

***indicates blog du jour

Posted on: February 1, 2008 4:34 pm
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Blog Day Afternoon: First day of Feb. edition

In my some quarter-century on this planet, I've seen quite a few companies fall to the mercy of the car gods.

I saw AMC bite the dust in 1987. (we miss ya, Gremlin)

I saw Merkur briefly come and go. (Jim Rome misses ya)

I saw Plymouth vanish. (if I had a Hemi Cuda, I'm sure I'd miss it).

And I saw the U.S.'s oldest car company, Oldsmobile call it quits. (I miss my mom's Delta '88).

And I'm sad to report our days with Isuzu are numbered. The Japanese car maker is pulling the plug on U.S. sales of its two remaining vehicles, the Ascender SUV (rebadged Trailblazer) and i-Series pickup trucks (rebadged bad pickup trucks).

Now, I know that news means little to most, but growing up in the late '80s early '90s Isuzu was a pretty sweet truck company. The Trooper was the ultimate box on wheels (who wants to see me tip my dad's car going 25 MPH?). The Rodeo was the Ford Explorer alternative during the mid-'90s SUV boon and the Amigo, well, featured some of the best commercials out there. ("Amigo, Amigo fun for a boy and a girl...").

Speaking of commercials, lest we forget about Joe Isuzu? The man could sell a ketchup Popsicle to a woman in white gloves. Who was Joe Isuzu? Why Joe Isuzu was none other than comic actor David Leisure. How you may remember David Leisure? You may remember David Leisure from such movies as Airplane, Airplane II: The Sequel and as Charlie from the popular TV show Empty Nest. But if you're like me, you remember David Leisure as gameshow host Bink Winkleman from an episode of Married from Children.

We'll miss ya, Joe I. and all your SUVs. Oh, what this has to do with sports? Well, Isuzu was actually in the automotive racing arena with its Isuzuperformance Racing Team. The Isuzu I-Mark apparently was at LeMons and various other stuff. So yeah, there's a connection in there somewhere.

And now a quick Blog Day Afternoon Friday Harangue:

Roger Goodell's explanation for destroying the tapes -- "The reason I destroyed the tapes is they were totally consistent with what the team told me," Goodell said during his State of the NFL speech. "It was the appropriate thing to do and I think it sent a message." -- is ludicrous. If they didn't destroy the Ark in the first Indiana Jones after all the madness and death that thing unleashed, you're telling my Roger couldn't find a place in NFL HQ to store this tape? Absolutely insane. My guess is the tape featured 30 seconds of "spying" and four hours of obscene content like the assistants' Belichick shower cam and Mike Vrabel and Junior Seau's take on 2girlsonecup.

On to the best ... blogs around!

If you value what CBSSports.com producers think (we in the newsroom sure don't), check out their predictions for the Super Bowl in Screaming in Digital. My favorite would be the Giants 42, Pats 3 guestimate with Jeff Feagles as the MVP. You see what I have to work with? That's why I'm like this.

Despite a glaring Miami U. (Big Ben, Wally's World, Devin Davis, me) omission, Too Legit To Quit! breaks down the Top 25 all-around programs from 1998 on. Seriously though, where's Michigan on this list?

I feel for My never ending Story......, I really do. I went to every Orioles opening day from about 1990 to 1997 with my father. It was the team I grew up watching. So I feel for this blog. But the question has an easy answer. The O's have an owner unable to instill a baseball management system in an era where good teams are separated from the best by their structures. Not even Rocky Coppinger can fix that.

I've been exposed by The Blog about Nothing. I'm the guy the blog's talking about. Sorry, but I just love a good Sudoku puzzle. However, I'll never admit to surfing around on that "sportsline" site.

I couldn't resist. We had to end the week with the latest and greatest from Volunteer Basketball (I think he means football). The blog's question du jour is: What is the craziest thing you've done at a sporting event? Suffice to say, my greatest hits don't come close to these Redskins jacknobs (bad words warning).

Ever wonder what the man behind The Sports Comedian talks like? The fake-news wizard steps out from behind the curtain today, and today only.

And lastly, I had to end with this one, if only because it's my type of sophomoric humor. Read The Blog about Nothing's quick take on war being the answer to at least one question.

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