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Alpha Blog: Don't mess with Jonny Gomes in T-Ball

What Jonny Gomes lacks in spearing ability, well, he makes up for in good intentions.

Oh, and what the heck are they teaching in Tee Ball these days?Nobody messes with Jonny Gomes' Aki.

In case you missed the unimpressive brawl between the Yankees and Rays, you can read about it here or watch it here.

Now that you've seen it, we can deduce a couple of things.

1. Shelley Duncan is a man of his word
2. Jonny Gomes either has poor depth perception or little practice taking people down with a 40-foot running start.
3. Jonny Gomes' Tee Ball skipper was Morris Buttermaker

On point No. 3. Gomes says something along the lines of: from the time of Tee Ball, I've been taught to always have your teammates back.

OK, I can buy that to a point. Teaching kids about being part of a team is a big part of the Tee Ball experience. But so is getting the kid to run to first base, not second, when he actually makes contact. I'm just saying, Jonny, I think you went a little too far back in the time machine to pull up that defense. How about saying Little League the next time you're asked. Just saying.

As for this blossoming rivalry, I can't wait for the regular season to start. Red Sox-Yankees was getting a little tiring and by-the-numbers in a way, sort of like a Pierce Brosnan Bond flick. Yankees-Rays is the new ticket. It's the Casino Royale of the AL East. Watch out Aki, Shelley "spike" or "Le Chiffre" Duncan may be bringing the carpet beater to second base next time the two teams meet.

On to the best blogs ... around!    

Ever wonder why Allen Iverson is better than Anthony Johnson? The Handy Dandy FanOVandy has an answer up his "sleeve."

This could be the best time of the NFL non-season. By that we mean mock draft time (or as I refer to it: the chance for all of us to act like HR managers). Goodfella's blog takes a solid stab at the task, and Glen Dorsey isn't the top pick.

Want to know how the Big Ten Tournament will pan out? Random Thoughts will tell ya who wins: it's those stinkin' Badgers.

I made an argument a while back about D.C. being a horrid sports town. The View From Above makes the case for a different town. One that starts with M- and ends with -iami.

Life Lessons for the Male Sportsfan talks about food, and love, and I'm not sure what else. But when it comes to picnicking, nothing screams eroticism more than haggis. Yum.

Shulaces' Photo Caption Contest is up and regarding photo No. 4: Santa needs a bigger pair of shorts.

And for something completely different  -- and disturbing:

Our CBS.com office likes to dance

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Blog Day Afternoon: Bad golfer...good K.J.

Kevin Johnson is running on the short shorts platform. If you want somebody to make your blood boil, read about this -- as one user put it -- degenerate golfer.

If you want somebody to root for, check out this amazing wrestler. I guess amazing wrestlers are in these days, being that our very own Gregg Doyel is writing about them as well.

Brett Favre, if you want an interesting life after sports check in on what K.J. is doing in Sacto.

And if you think the general election will come down to Obama/Hillary vs. John McCain, don't count out Cobra Commander.

On to the best blogs ... around!

Despite the blogger's name, The Don Juan of Crap Talk, isn't talking that much crap about the Tigers. The blog's take is fair and balanced and even makes a few good points, particularly about Miguel Cabrera, the walking, talking eating defensive liability.

Yesterday Down in the swampland anything goes..... called out all Cowboys haters. Today the blogger, who calls himself Tony Romo, says Dallas' penchant for bringing in cokeheads and gun-toters doesn't really bother him is kosher with him. Heck, why stop there, why not get Rae Carruth pardoned?

For everything you could ever want on the Arizona basketball season -- including a Six Flags metaphor -- check out resident Left Coast hoop expert NaterB's Junk Drawer's latest offering.

If you've ever needed a reason to feel good about baseball, read The Royal Rooter's take on the National Pastime.

Just when you think John Daly couldn't get any more slothy, check out this tidbit from resident punmaster Steve Elling's Short Game.

Like pictures? Like writing witty things about pictures. You'll like this by Shulaces.

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Blog Day Afternoon: Looking for something?

Since I'm looking for a bed, asap, being that I've slept an average of four hours a night over the last two-plus weeks, I'm getting straight to the good stuff. And by good stuff I mean Tylenol PM -- and your blogs.

On to the best blogs ... around!

Looking to see what's in the Bears' crystal ball? Common Sense with Patg006 breaks down what's left to do in free agency and the draft.

Looking for a scouting report on the uh, Marlins and Orioles? Check out You've got eSmack!'s take on their spring training game. 

If you're looking for a solid Patriot League preview, dbacksfan414 has just the blog for you. There's also Sun Belt, Atlantic Sun and a bunch of other leagues I'm not paying attention to.

If you're looking for a good photo of Jack Nicholson, Shulaces has just the blog for you. Warning: blog may be addictive.

If you're looking to start it up with a Cowboys homer, Down in the swampland anything goes..... has just the blog for you.

More to come...I hope

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Blog Day Afternoon: I'm back and Favre leaves!

Did you hear the news? The Packers quarterback retired. I can't remember his name off the top of my head, but I hear he's sort of a big deal.

That's right, he was in a movie. "Something" about something. I can't really remember that either. I should probably write about things I do remember. Like my trip to Taiwan.

I just returned last night from a six-day jaunt to Taipei. As someone completely unfamiliar with that island-sort-of-nation's genesis and existence, it was an eye-opening experience.

I went as part of a Society of Professional Journalists delegation (somebody thought me mildly special) and we met with various high-ranking government officials and we were hit pretty heavy with the "let Americans know about Taiwan's status, please, pretty please." We also became pretty inundated with the Buddhist culture, even going so far to meet their Dali Lama-ey person, Master Chen of Tzu Chi. Enlightening, to say the least. But that could be Sunday night's Absinthe still talking.

So maybe you're wondering, Eric, what the hell are you talking about, just give us some good blogs. But for the few who are wondering what exactly Taiwan wanted to sell us journos on, here's the deal.

Taiwan is a democracy with a pretty-close to free press. It's the 18th-largest economy and one of our biggest trading partners. But it doesn't have a seat at the U.N. and nobody, even us, recognizes it as a real-deal country. We have no embassy there. The country also has 1,000 missiles locked on to it, ready to be deployed if China sees fit. And that's the problem. China wants Taiwan. Taiwan wants to just be left alone. And the U.S. won't back Taiwan because China is the new bad-ass on the block. Being over there you realize their culture, despite being completely different in many ways, is eerily similar. All the people we met shared our core values, work ethic and love of McDonalds, Starbucks and even Cold Stone Creamery.

Now I'm back and reading your blogs so keep up posting those opinions and lists about nothing. Oh, how I missed you all.

p.s: Lost my camera on the first day so when I get our groups' photos, I will happily share with those who care.

On to the best blogs ... around! (The Favre Side Edition)

 There once was a day when Favre didn't have stubble. Ferrari is happy Favre hung up the spikes, statistically speaking.

THE FANTASY LIFE says Favre's retirement doesn't bode well for Packers wideouts or the quarterback position

 FSU Brian Says! to remember the in-between, like when Favre's SMU squad beat Florida State in 1989, not the first or final picks.

Remember when Mike Tomczak was under center in Green Bay? Gotta get some things off my chest does, and worries about the Packers future with Favre gone.

Take a guess at how Favreism's Sports Emporium felt about the news. I doubt he made it to his afternoon class. (Speaking of emporiums, on the plane to Osaka, I got to "enjoy" Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium)  Sigh.

GoPack's Yak (my name backwards!) says Favre was never about the money, and that it was refreshing.

And for something completely different:

Thank god for Photoshop, right Shulaces?

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Blog Day Afternoon: I'm never leaving again

I leave the boards for six days for some weekend escapades across the pond in Dublin and ...

The cuz and I doing the Bar Room Banter pose at St. Stephen's Green in downtown Dublin. NaterB's Junk Drawer steals my afternoon thunder and credits my midday mate Shulaces for it. It's so smooth when it hits your ...

***Shulaces has the blog idea of the millennium with his Photo caption contest. ***

And dook's buzz! has started the worst avatar campaign since the quickly aborted This Vijay contest featuring scantily clad Vijay Singhs.

(as for you, dook's buzz! ... while Brady was Senor Beefcake in mid-'90s Baltimore, he's no Joe Orsulak).

I can only imagine what will happen when I'm gone next week in Taiwan.

Somebody will probably kick my dog.

On to the best afternoon blogs ... around! 

Who should be college basketball's coach of the year? Bruce Pearl? Rick Barnes? Coach K? Matt Painter? Pete Bell? Parrish: The Thoughts puts together a list of 15 names worthy of the honor

Something tells me And now, it's baseball time has no qualms with Def Leopard's "Pour some suga on me".

Should the hammer fall on Kelvin Sampson? Opinions of a Mad Man says it's time to give this samurai a worthy exit.

Here's a blog about perspective, taking a deep breath and keeping balance. Girls Know Sports? is our resident Dr. Phil as she goes off on tunnel vision. Mmmm, funnel cake vision.

Sometimes a blogger just wants to post a recipe. Ups and Downs of these message boards just wants us all to get along ... I hope we do, for the sake of the blogger's forthcoming Green Chile recipe. (Marge, get me my chili boots!)

It's a little passe, but Sports and such asks the question: Should the Gasol trade be vetoed? Only if it's a pocket veto, yep, pocket veto, says I.

A Braves' beat writer has a crush on Yunel Escobar. Ian Kinsler's a lot like Jeff Kent and Placido Polanco could help your Fantasy team. The Wonderful World of Gonos has your baseball news of the day.

***indicates blog du jour

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Blog Day Afternoon: Today's word is mis-remember

Today's word of the day is "mis-remember."

The Rocket mis-fired in front of Congress. Apparently Dallas mis-remembered what a pain in the butt Jason Kidd was his first time around.

Apparently Indiana mis-remembered how big a slime ball Kelvin Sampson really is when they hired him.

Apparently Seattle mis-remembered that injuries to pitchers do happen in spring training when it decided to name Erik Bedard its opening day starter. (Why so early, chaps?)

Apparently Uno mis-remembered he's a beagle en route to winning best in show at the Westminster Kennel Club.

And apparently Roger Clemens remembered to use the word mis-remember during his testimonies today on Capitol Hill.

Funny thing about mis-remembering, you often end up remembering the oldest trick in the book at times. What's that, you ask? Why it's blaming your parents. Mama Clemens was the one shilling B12 shots to a young Clemens and Papa Pettitte was the HGH handler those "two times." You just never are too old to throw mom and pop under the bus for your mis-judgements.

 On to the best blogs ... around! (What a big news day edition)

Looking at the boards, it seems nearly everybody outside of DFW thinks the Mavs were swindled on the Jason Kidd trade. 3 reaZons From one big three to the next, Jason Kidd is back in Big D. speaks for the majority on this subject.

(Allow me to counter: Late first-round picks are probably the most worthless commodity in basketball. A first-round pick is always guaranteed while second-round picks don't have guaranteed deals. The talent divide between the person drafted 25th and 35th usually isn't that great so the Nets will now be on the hook to give guaranteed three-year deals to players who probably won't even pan out. Just throwing that out there.)

First Bobby Knight, now Kelvin Sampson? Dodds and Ends says Indiana should be ashamed and the writing is on the wall for Sampson.

CBS Sports.com Fantasy gurus can be so tardy in responding to your e-mails. That's where Bradyard's Backyard Sports Talk comes in. The blogger is here and ready to answer your Fantasy questions. Here's my Q: Riddle me this, what is average air speed velocity of an unladen swallow ... and which relief pitcher will come from nowhere in the AL to rack up a ton of saves?

Congratulations from the Wonderful World of Gonos (and Kay's Korner) to Ross Devonport. Our very on bloke won the Fantasy Golf Writer of the Year Award. Of course, his competition was ... nobody! I kid because I'm jealous.

If you think you can write better cutlines for photos than we do, check in on Shulaces. He has a funny picture-thingy worth commenting on.

The all-mighty Hendrick Motorsports has engine trouble. Screaming in Digital explains what the team's Harry Hogge told reporters.

***Do you like bracketology? If so, get a hobby. Or feed into your demons with accnodefense's excellent breakdown of the NCAA Tournament. ***

Prisco's Points says the Jags overpaid fullback Greg Jones. I say ask Larry Johnson what life has been like without Tony Richardson. Or Shaun Alexander how life was without Mack Strong. Or Eddie George how life was without Lorenzo Neil. These guys are the left tackles of the running game ... they should get paid, Pete.

Looking for some NL preview capsules to tide you over before pitchers and catchers report? NaterB's Junk Drawer is just your blog.

***indicates blog du jour

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