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Alpha Blog: Bear vs. Tiger, who wins?

I don't often like piggybacking on First and 10, but this debate must continue.

Tiger vs. bear on a neutral floor, which animal wins?

We're talking grizzly bear vs. well-fed male Siberian tiger (they're the biggest, I believe). Plus, Siberian tigers are known to eat browSiberian tigers are badassn bear Grizzly timecubs in Russia's wilderness.

Like this video, I go with the bear. If only because of its size, and ability to keep the tiger at bay with swatting. Plus, a couple paw swats to the tiger's dome could spell concussion or brain hemorrhage.

I can't argue that the tiger is the badder of the two mammals. It's the largest of the big cats, has teeth that could pierce all the way through Rick Majerus and goes straight for the jugular. They're fast, hunt alone and are known to take down some pretty feisty prey like camels, deer, elk, boar and even elephants.

Bears, meanwhile, are mostly omnivores, polar aside. They've been cuteified by mainstream consumerism: gummy bears, Teddy bears, Paddington Bear, Smokey the Bear, Bear from American Wedding. With subspecies like panda and koala, how bad could these animals really be?

But I'll stick with grizzly, you? BTW, this debate is sort of like Kevin Love (grizzly bear) vs. Tyler Hansbrough (tiger), don't ya think?

On to the best four blogs ... around!    

Lute Olson is back running the Arizona program and NaterB's Junk Drawer says good riddance to the black mark that was Kevin O'Neil. He huffs, and puffs but no hits be a coming for Justin Morneau.Everything I hear about O'Neil paints him as not just a horrid coach/assistant but a legitimate bad guy.

THE FANTASY LIFE's discussion on Laurence Maroney failed to convince In Love with the Game, Mom's View to play Fantasy football. While I love the game like I love salt water taffy, it's still no Fantasy baseball -- the ultimate of all Fantasies not named Elizabeth Hurley and/or Lisa Dergan.

My favorite (Twins) rant of the day belongs to Tangletown, USA. Not only does "he write the best blog on this website," he also referred to the Angels as the "Los Angeles Sacramento Angels of Northern San Jose County Municipal Janitors of Anaheim." That's a solid dig.

What did Dantheman4250's Sports Blog learn from Wednesday? That Memphis backup PG Andre Allen is suspended. I have a sneaky suspicion Gregg Doyel will be chiming in on this ... something about how if Derrick Rose goes down, oh, I won't spoil it.

Klick of the Day    

Like the Bible? Like Tiger Woods? Then you'll really like this site. (courtesy of The Bong Show)

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Blog Day Afternoon: I'm back and Favre leaves!

Did you hear the news? The Packers quarterback retired. I can't remember his name off the top of my head, but I hear he's sort of a big deal.

That's right, he was in a movie. "Something" about something. I can't really remember that either. I should probably write about things I do remember. Like my trip to Taiwan.

I just returned last night from a six-day jaunt to Taipei. As someone completely unfamiliar with that island-sort-of-nation's genesis and existence, it was an eye-opening experience.

I went as part of a Society of Professional Journalists delegation (somebody thought me mildly special) and we met with various high-ranking government officials and we were hit pretty heavy with the "let Americans know about Taiwan's status, please, pretty please." We also became pretty inundated with the Buddhist culture, even going so far to meet their Dali Lama-ey person, Master Chen of Tzu Chi. Enlightening, to say the least. But that could be Sunday night's Absinthe still talking.

So maybe you're wondering, Eric, what the hell are you talking about, just give us some good blogs. But for the few who are wondering what exactly Taiwan wanted to sell us journos on, here's the deal.

Taiwan is a democracy with a pretty-close to free press. It's the 18th-largest economy and one of our biggest trading partners. But it doesn't have a seat at the U.N. and nobody, even us, recognizes it as a real-deal country. We have no embassy there. The country also has 1,000 missiles locked on to it, ready to be deployed if China sees fit. And that's the problem. China wants Taiwan. Taiwan wants to just be left alone. And the U.S. won't back Taiwan because China is the new bad-ass on the block. Being over there you realize their culture, despite being completely different in many ways, is eerily similar. All the people we met shared our core values, work ethic and love of McDonalds, Starbucks and even Cold Stone Creamery.

Now I'm back and reading your blogs so keep up posting those opinions and lists about nothing. Oh, how I missed you all.

p.s: Lost my camera on the first day so when I get our groups' photos, I will happily share with those who care.

On to the best blogs ... around! (The Favre Side Edition)

 There once was a day when Favre didn't have stubble. Ferrari is happy Favre hung up the spikes, statistically speaking.

THE FANTASY LIFE says Favre's retirement doesn't bode well for Packers wideouts or the quarterback position

 FSU Brian Says! to remember the in-between, like when Favre's SMU squad beat Florida State in 1989, not the first or final picks.

Remember when Mike Tomczak was under center in Green Bay? Gotta get some things off my chest does, and worries about the Packers future with Favre gone.

Take a guess at how Favreism's Sports Emporium felt about the news. I doubt he made it to his afternoon class. (Speaking of emporiums, on the plane to Osaka, I got to "enjoy" Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium)  Sigh.

GoPack's Yak (my name backwards!) says Favre was never about the money, and that it was refreshing.

And for something completely different:

Thank god for Photoshop, right Shulaces?

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Blog Day Afternoon: Breaking down the big trade

It's over. I'm going completely off the edge, homerly speaking.

It's Wally's World, son!This 11-player trade between the Bulls, Cavs and Sonics is unprecedented.

Two Miami RedHawks were swapped in the same trade. I repeat, two Miami RedHawks were swapped in the same trade.

Unheard of. Insane. Never in my wildest...

I'm guessing you know the first. His first name rhymes with Paulie and his last name rhymes with, uh, maniac.

But the other guy? Do you know who it is? Think about it.  5, 4, 3, 2 ... Why it's Ira Newble, Wally's old teammate on the '99 Sweet 16 team that beat Utah.

So while the headline talks about Big Ben, Larry Hughes and three-ways, the real story has now been told.

In case you're wondering something like "yo, Kay, this hasn't happened because Miami hasn't had any other players in the league, ever, because it's stupid Miami, stupid."

I say good-day to that, my friend.

Ever heard of Portland-Phoenix legend Phil Lumpkin? No? OK, how about Dave Zeller, he of 90 total career points. Maybe you know Bob Brown, Mr. 36 percent (quite the sharpshooter, don't you think?) in the 1949-50 season. OK, OK. How about Fred Foster, he of 14.8 ppg fame in the 1969-70 season with the Cincinnati Royals? Uh, do you even know hoops? OK, you have to know Wayne Embry. He was called the Goose for crying out loud and he was actually pretty good, as evident by his 10,380 career points from 1958 to 1969. And Goose didn't die...yet. He's a robust 70 years old.

OK, so our history isn't much to brag about. But I did leave one name off. Probably our most famous alum, if only for his love of wristbands in the late '90s. You know who I'm talking about ... Mr. Harper, my pal Harper Lee, the writer of To Kill a Mockingbird. Seriously, it's Ron Harper. He was good in the 1980s and he has three rings. That's worth something, right?

More about Miami (the real one) than you ever thought you'd know, right? That's why I'm here!

On to the best afternoon blogs...around!

Badger's Blog of Random Junk comes clean -- the blogger is "lacking in luminosity."  While I'm no bastion of brightness either, I've done the Target buy-things-I-already-have thing on numerous occassions. It worked out though ... we seem to have an endless bags of salt and pepper chips at our abode.

Continuing down the non-sports path, 'we' rejoice at the findings of Husker's Take. OK, they're not his findings, they're the University of LesbiansUtah's. They're about "nonheterosexual" women and OK, I'm not rejoicing, but it does dispel a lot of that expirementing you come across in college.

Martin Skoula breaks new ground, earning the first Warpy Hat Trick from Mouthing Off From the Catbird Seat. Don't worry though about the Caps. They seemed to have quickly re-learned how to lose games.

Just can't get enought Fantasy football (I have a phone number you can call for help), check in on THE FANTASY LIFE's updated player rankings. It includes Travis Henry and all his life-giving powers as well as two high-profile tight ends.

If you like examining Fantasy team's that aren't your own, give My Fantasy Baseball Team your 2 cents. Personally, I like his squad, it has Moises Alou on it. Anytime you get ol' Pee Hands, you're OK with me.

An optimistic view of things doesn't like how the media is one big Negative Nancy. The blog says "NO one likes being around someone who is negative all of the time." Well, uh, if that's the case ... whatcha doing here? Reading my happy blog, that's what!


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Blog Day Afternoon: Off the air, in our hearts

With the news HBO and Inside the NFL are parting ways, it begs the question: What's the worst show to be canceled prematurely?

(Excuse me, Eric, that doesn't make any sense. A. Inside the NFL isn't cancelled, it will probably live on, on a different network. B. Prematurely? That show was on the air for like 30 years. C. You're totally stealing this idea from Entertainment Weekly, you tool)

There may be no worse crime than canceling a show prematurely. Sure, some would say it's just the James Dean effect. Since the show didn't get to fully mature, we sort of idolize it in ways we probably never would of had it run its course. I say good-day to that notion.

You could feed me episodes of  Rome until the empire collapsed. When I get into a show, I'm not just buying just the storylines, I'm buying the world. I subscribe to the dysfunctional environment of Arrested Development. I bought into the affluence of Silver Spoons. And I kept my suspension of disbelief on hold for spurts longer than I ever imagined to enjoy the football world of Playmakers.

So don't give me that, "you only miss it because it stopped before you could see how certain scenarios unfolded." That's B.S., I'm upset because you closed the doors to one of my Total Recall-ian tickets out of this hell hole. Kidding, kidding. Life is beautiful.

Anyhoo. Here are my Blog Day Afternoon Shows That Should Still Be On the Air:

  • The Critic
  • Rome
  • Deadwood
  • The Tick
  • Where in the World is Carmen San Diego
  • Classic Concentration
  • Press Your Luck
  • Herman's Head

Dan Snyder likes hanging with football people  

I don't want to be that blogger who only talks about his teams, but this Redskins coaching search has gone from suck to blow.

It sucked from the beginning knowing that the heir apparent, Greg Williams was being jerked around by Eric Bates. It blows now knowing Eric Bates is really, when it comes down to it, looking for a playdate.

He sets up these "interviews" with prospective coaches, invites them over to shoot hoops, build things out of Legos, talk about his favorite NFL team and why FedEx Field is totally sweet.

Then he goes, meh. I want a new one.

I thought Joe Gibbs was Jack Brown in this metaphor. I thought Eric Bates learned the proper way to operate a team -- and treat people. But with each passing Mooch, Fassel, Spags, Meeks, G-Will, Al-Saun and Mora, Eric Bates is graduating to something new, something worse, something like President Skroob.  

?Question of the day?

 Let's say you're in the organ harvesting business. Are kidneys the cocaine or pot? Like, if you're trying to break in, do you start on kidneys and work your way up to say, lungs and livers? Or are kidneys the top of the OH mountain? I ask, because of this guy

On to the best blogs ... around! (slim pickings edition)

If you're looking for three NBA trades that make sense, well, The Eye of the HurricaneDij is the blog built just for you. Big names are few and far between, but "shoot baskets not Jamaal Tinsley" (shameless plug to friends' website) is involved.

What's the difference between the franchise and transition player tags? THE FANTASY LIFE explains and speculates which NFL players (is Ken Hamlin sexy enough for you?!) may get tagged body sprayed.

NaterB's Junk Drawer previews the upcoming Pac-10 slate. The game I'm interested in? The Kevin Hart duel between California and Oregon. It's funny because the kid lied.  

Poor dook's buzz. She has a Coach K avatar (or is that Mike Huckabee?) because she lost a bet on last night's Duke-UNC game(?). However, now I know why I keep seeing an avatar with a guy in a thong.

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