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Alpha Blog: Last night's 'Lost' and your blogs

One thing we don't have here is a good spot for talking TV. Not sports and TV, just TV. Maybe we're not really supposed to, being that we're a sports website.

But it's Lost season.

And if you watched last night's Sun-Jin flashback episode, please share your thoughts. The episode was called "Ji-Yeon" (flower of Did Sun lose her husband last night? (EW.com)wisdom) and offered some bombshells.

We get teased in a flashback that's incongruent. We think Jin is running late to his child's birth, only to find out that we're watching newlywed-pre-Oceanic Flight 815-Jin pick up a Panda for his daddy-in-law's shady business associate. In the flip-side-to-the-flashback, it turns out Jin is dead (or is he?) and widow Sun is giving birth to their island-conceived child. Two births for the price of one Jin and two pandas.

We also complete our Oceanic 6: Sun, Kate, Aaron, Jack, Sayid and Hurley.  (Or is Aaron still not one of the six).

Also, we meet ... Kevin Johnson. Otherwise known as Michael, the guy responsible for cleaning up blood splatter on the freighter that's hanging out just a wee bit too close to the island. I have a feeling we'll get to know more about his situation next week.

Oh, and we get confirmation that the wreckage found in the Pacific was staged by Charles Widmore (played by Alan Dade, the ultimate rich jerk).

I can't break down the episode any better than EW's Jeff Jensen, so for in-depth analysis check it out. But if you have some theories, predictions or insight, fire up the message board below.

On to the best blogs ... around!  

In the crease, our resident ESPN hater, begins his boycott of the four-letter word. Why? Piss-poor hockey coverage. I wonder, how are we faring in the hockey coverage game?

In what is the hardest thing to do in the greatest-ever conversation, Sportyjr's Rant and Rave blog is trying to put together the Greatest Baseball Team Ever. I hope my man Cal Ripken gets a bench spot at short.

Speaking of Greatest Team Ever, BLOG YOU!! is putting the football version. He needs a punter, and while Ray Guy is the usual answer to this problem, I'm a Reggie Roby person myself. If only for that stopwatch.

I haven't read his technology-Dark Ages thread on the boards, but I like what I read here in Might mean something to you.... Sort-of-point: Technology will fragment society to the point where we'll enter another Dark Ages. Sort-of-counterpoint: A free marketplace coupled with strong public education will always correct technological imbalances among classes.

Our buddy Tab Spangler is asking for everbody to write up MLB preview blogs. Here's a good Tigers one, courtesy of random thoughts of buckeye22.

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Blog Day Afternoon: Don't leave work without 'em

Being that Blog Day Afternoon lives in the blog, "Raw Sewage ... I love it!" it's only fitting that we talk about what our old pal Det. Nordberg is up to these days. To the shock of RSILI!, he's been in a little trouble of late. Yep, a little bit of trouble.

Here's what Hapsburg's crony, Clark County District Court Judge Jackie Glass told Nordberg today:

"I don't know Mr. Simpson what the heck you were thinking -- or maybe that's the problem -- you weren't."

Clearly she has her cases mixed up, what, calling Nordberg "Mr. Simpson" and talking in such a condescending fashion. Does she not remember how he bravely entered the I Love You? Does she forget his valiant effort to rig a tracking device to Hector Savage's van? What about when he helped stop the bomb at the Academy Awards?

In any event, we're expecting Police Squad will have to go quite sometime without Nordberg's services. But that's OK, officer Shaquille O'Neal is back tonight.

Here are the best ... blogs around!

Ever wonder what it's like to talk to L.T. right after he's done practicing? THE FANTASY LIFE had the opportunity (he stalks players, so what?) and found out a little something about Michael Turner. Oh, and Tom Brady seems like he'll make one helluva politician.

The Sports Comedian, our resident Zucker brother, explains why C-Span may be expanding its lineup in the near future. C-Span the Ocho, anybody?

The Slippery Toad is in full audit (No, Brian, it's a foreign car, the "T" is silent) mode. First up: An Angels fan, which to my surprise, does exist.

For the second straight day bloggers are gunning for E-Mack's job. This time it's Stu on this (great name, btw) and his prospect rankings. He has Joe E. Tata ranked No. 8.

If you like being prepared, or just have a thing for looking at schedules, check out what's on slate from our Fantasy lads courtesy of the Wonderful World of Gonos. That is, if he's still alive following his double-header tonight.

Are the Patriots less undefeated because they won't be playing the defending champs Sunday? Leading the League in Random says "Nevermind" to that notion.

Pacman Jones, Mitt Romney and the Dallas exodus of coaches walk into a blog. The bartender asks, "why are you depressed Letters from The Den?" The three respond, "we're not Jessica Alba's unborn child's baby daddy."

Another Joe E. Tata mention, this time in Erstwhile Highlanders Blog, as he breaks down the Yankees' non-millionaires club.

And don't forget to share your Love and Hate in TabSpangler's Why I Love/Hate the San Diego Chargers.

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Blog Day Afternoon: Don't leave work without 'em

Remember the first day of school? Not really knowing if your classmates would dig you, if your teachers were chill and if your mom packed you the good Lunchables or the bad ones? That's what the CBS Sports.com blogosphere was this morning. We've made it through home room and here's the best of what's been circulating today:

The MMA fight blog looks at the Shamrock clan.  Apparently, they like to fight each other. Who knew?

Pensive Musings on Boise St Football has the most in-depth look at the Broncos outside of the team's media guide.

The Sports Conspiracy Theorist wonders why his Cardinals acquired Troy Glaus instead of Pedro Feliz. Yep, Pedro Feliz.

Watch out E-Mack, BP's Sporting Universe is gunning for the job of MLB Power Ranker here at CBS Sports.com. I really can't bitch and moan about a thing on this list. Can you?

The always self-promoting Sports Comedian looks at Tony Dungy's life after football, and outs our stash of candy corn and Heisman trophies made from Land o' Lakes.

And if you want to know how to become a superstar, who better than How I Became A Superstar (98 Rating) to break it down for ya.

If you're looking for a reason to attend an Arena Football League game, No joy in Mudville has 10 of them for you. Dragons are involved.

He may not have a blog name, but I don't know what to name my blog found the funniest video/commercial of the day.

And lastly, TabSpangler's asking you to tell him why you love or hate the Chargers. Three words: Billy Joe Tolliver.



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