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Alpha Blog: Why do it again, Dr. Jones?

I talked about this in the little-frequented Bar Room Banter this week, but I'd like to expound on it, and get the take of other Indy fans, and those who already saw it.

Like all re-born film franchises Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull begs the question, why?Look who's back.

Why after 19 years would you get the band together? But first, my BRB take on the film:

"This film was made for the (CBSSports.com editor) Pete Stellas of the world. Lots of things that go boom, stars in pointless roles (do we really need Oscar-winning Aussie Cate Blanchett playing a Russian bad gal? I was perfectly content with who-are-you-but-you're-hot Allison Doody [hehe] playing Dr. Elsa Schneider in Last Crusade.) and a storyline that insults anybody with a fourth-grade education. It's been 19 years since this franchise called it quits. Name me another film franchise that went dormant for that long and came back strong? Plus, you have Hollywood's biggest egomaniac in Steven Spielberg running the show. He just had the film's first viewing a week ago. A week ago, which means no time for anybody to say, "Yo, Stevie, loved Schindler's but do we really need Karen Allen to have this many lines?" I'm also upset that we're not fighting Nazis anymore. You really can't kill off too many of those guys. Leave the Russians to James Bond and that cartoon moose."

The reviews I've read on the movie vary from lukewarm to downright mad. The film is either too long, too boring, too outlandish, too much CGI, too few funny moments or too illegitimate to quit.

Here's the real problem with digging up and old franchise film: after many a years sitting around the Dreamworks studio wondering how to do the thing, Stevie and Georgie likely came up with lots of ideas. And when you come up with fun, interesting ideas, you try to squeeze all those ideas into another film. And the worst thing you can do in film making is put in too much. There's a reason Roger Ebert says 2001 "inspires our awe." There's a reason why satires like Airplane will always trump Meet the Spartans. These movies kept things simple -- to a degree. And the one thing Indiana Jones KOTCS seems to do real well, is go overboard.

And we all know that Going Overboard will do only one thing -- land you in the IMDB Bottom 100.

I haven't seen the film, but I plan to this weekend. If only for the same reason people slow down for car crashes. I want to see how badly they ruined a good thing. If you saw it and care to debunk the critics, and my own negative thoughts, please share.  

On to the best blogs ... around!  


The college-to-pro argument (think O.J. Mayo) gets a good spin courtesy of The Verbal Scourging.

What do Tim Raines, Bert Byleleven, Ron Santo, Andre Dawson and Gil Hodges have in common? They're The Most Ballin' Blog's top five most-deserving Non-Hall of Famers.

Stuart Schweigert is no longer a Raider. And that makes PC Free From PC Central pretty darn mad -- and after reading the blog, I'm mad at Raiders Nation too.

Throughout sporting history we've had many great duels. Larry vs. Magic, Ali vs. Frazier, Hogan vs. Andre, Dan vs. Dave, and as THE REALITY CHECK ZONE points out: Roadrunner vs. Wile E. Coyote.

Klick of the Day  


But if Wile E. Coyote did catch the Roadrunner?

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Alpha Blog: Michigan lacks family values

An offensive lineman is leaving Michigan to go to, of all places, Ohio State.

It's one thing to transfer. But to Ohio State? Justin Boren leaves UM for a place with better family values.

There must be a good reason behind this. Something along the lines of consistently playing for a shot at the national title or impressive facilities in Columbus.

Check that. It's "family values," or rather, the lack of them in Ann Arbor these days.

That is Justin Boren's reason.

What could Rich Rodriguez possibly be telling his players? Is he slinging tractors like Pete Bell? Turning a blind eye on dopers like Steve Lattimer? Doing keg stands at parties like Larry Eustachy? (hey, a real life example, nice work you hack blogger)

"Family values" are for blowhard politicians, not soon-to-be 20 year olds. The phrase doesn't even mean anything. Any family can have values. Think the west Texas Year of Zion ranch polygamist family didn't have some bizarre sort of "values?"

Of course Rich Rodriguez has family values, just check out this quote from a DFP interview earlier this month:

“That was the most disappointing thing when people would start to question that family atmosphere that we have. I’ve always taken great pride in that and actually my mother-in-law drove up seven hours just to watch a couple of practices and get to know some of the guys on the team. My kids and my wife always come to practice, as do the coaches wives and I encourage that. I want them to be around and get to know the players because we do become close with them. We’ve only been here a few months but it was fun to see that, and people that know us will continue to see that around. For us and our players, this is a home away from home. When they have a birthday coming up, we like to say happy birthday to them and give them a candy bar or something like that and appreciate the fact that everybody is part of one big family, not just athletics but at the university. “

Looks like Boren, who turns 20 on April 28, won't be getting that birthday candy bar.

Of note, Boren is the son of two former sporting star Wolverines (linebacker dad Mike and track star mom Hope) but grew up around Columbus, the official new center of family values.

The move will bring Boren back to the state where former Buckeyes star/gun advocate Maurice Clarett, father of a 1-year-old, is residing.

On to the best blogs ... around!            

It's never too early to start ranking things in college football, which is why Badgers Ballers Hollers breaks down the Big Ten. Who's No. 1? Justin Boren's new team. Who's No. 6? Justin Boren's old team.

There are plenty of things wrong in college football these days, and The Verbal Scourging has the solution to nearly all the problems.

Hindsight is always .200-.200 for Random Sports Blog/Fantasy Sports Blog. The blog looks back at some baseball predictions -- Ryan Howard for MVP -- and eats a bit of crow.

Homecourt advantage has The NEW blog to end all blogs thinking of some ways to fix the NBA playoff system.

Klick of the Day         

Speaking of family values, let's revisit The Addams Family Values.  (gets good around the 2 minute mark)

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Alpha Blog: Here I go again on my ... Cabrera

I do this every season. Maybe you do it to.

There's just one guy I always draft with the hope this is the year. The year he breaks out.

Maybe yours is Rocco Baldelli.

Maybe yours is Austin Kearns. The look of an ace?

Maybe yours is Ervin Santana.

Mine is Daniel Cabrera.

The 26-year-old Cabrera takes the mound tonight (7 ET) vs. the Tampa Bay Rays with the understanding among Fantasy players this is likely the year he goes from having "potential" to being a "stud" or a "bust."

That's pretty much the only evolutionary scale we can use with this guy at this stage. He's been hyped for so long. And rightly so. He has the size (6-7), the velocity and he's shown flashes of "it." Remember that near no-no vs. the Yankees in 2006? Remember his .235 batting average against in 2005? Remember last season's 3-2 May with a complete game? Of course, he pairs up these Peter Lugar strips with Natty Light way too often, leaving a bitter taste in whatever remaining Orioles fans there are and wide-eyed Fantasy players.

And he's at that age, 26, where you have to make with the goods. This is it. This is the year he becomes Chris Young or this is the year he becomes Eric Milton. His arch can only evolve from "he has potential" to "he's a bust" or "he's a rising star." There probably won't be an in-between with Cabrera. He'll either get it or he won't. There are few out there who think this guy can fit CBSSports.com editor extraordinaire George Maselli's definition of "serviceable."

Please, please figure it out buddy. Chico 2 Chico: Nats Justice needs ya.

On to the best four blogs ... around!

He's "clever." He "CAN coach." He can "recruit Chicago." He'll bring back the "Knight crowd." When it comes to The Verbal Scourging's Ricky Rubiotake on the coach, it seems the only thing Tommy can't do is bring Arrested Development back to network TV.

There's definitely a good case to be made for the European approach to nurturing future basketball stars. The Blog to End All Blogs brings attention to the next bright light -- Ricky Rubio (right) -- and why the Spaniard has an edge over flavor of the month Stephen Curry, et al.

Ever get frustrated when you see the Man of the Year awards buried in the agate while Pacman gets homepage love? In Love with the Game, Mom's View does, but at least she's doing something about it. Us here? We can't gen enough conflict news. Just take a gander at the homepage Hansbrough vs. Love debate. Now that's helping humanity!

I find four blogs. Dantheman4250's Sports Blog shares five things learned from Tuesday. Advantage DTM. Included is Pedro Martinez analysis, which makes me ask the question: Are the Mets really going to rely on him? Really? REALLY?

Blog du jour

Klick of the Day

The worst Rick Roll...ever.

If you have a good link to share, post below or send a PM and I'll highlight it later in the week.

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Blog Day Afternoon: Wednesday, Jan 30

Here's a newsflash for ya. Pats fans are richer than Giants fans.

They're also more educated.

They like snootier beers. (I'm suggesting that you leave before I have to get snooty)

They read better consumer magazines.

They're all about organic food. Giants fans like barbaric snacks like pretzels.

Pats fans drive Volvos, Giants fans drive flashy things like Bimmers.

And most importantly, Pats fans have more female members than their Super Bowl counterparts.

Such are the fascinating statistics Neilsen (no, not Leslie) complied prior to the Super Bowl. The Boston Globe's Jessica Heslam is sure to feed into New England egos and rile up Giants fans (see left) with her take on these things. Have at.

On to the best blogs ... around!

Speaking of New York-Boston trash talking, The Blog Whisperer is still asking for your love and hate for both cities.

For everything you want or need to know about Johan Santana, check out mets4life.blogspot.com's blog. It covers everything from meaningful stats to the pitcher's security detail in Venezuela.

For everything you want or need to know about Tennessee basketball (seriously) recruiting, check out The DRs Corner.

The Hall of Fame Game is soon to be no mas. If you've ever sat in right field for the game, let Leading the League in Random be your guide down memory lane.

Like funny commercials? (Of course you do, there aren't any communists on these blogs). Anyway, The Words of Dezy shares its top 10. I was slayed by No. 3, 5, and 8.

Volunteer Basketball isn't talking about ... Volunteer basketball (yep, seriously, another one). Today is movie line day. It started with Dumb and Dumber and moved onto Monty Python...add the next one!

The Verbal Scourging has its pre-signing day top 10 rankings. There's a suprise in there and it's not the Tigers you would think.

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Blog Day Afternoon: Don't leave work without 'em

I apologize in advance, it appears our blog tool won't let me hyperlink certain URLs.

If I worked for a slightly shadier publication, I would have happily written this memo to Dan Snyder. (third graf)

If I worked for a slightly shadier publication, I wouldn't have great new products like CBS' we-have-some-sort-of-interest-in-th
is www.last.fm to plug. It's great, I've been using it all day. Makes me never want to use Pandora again, unless of course the people from Pandora are reading this.

If I worked for a slightly shadier company, I guess life would be like this. (Craigslist does comedy) Paste this: http://miami.craigslist.org/lgl/

If I worked for a slightly shadier company, I'd quit as to not interfere with a long-distance relationship to Jessica Simpson. But then I'd come off as ... Paste this: http://www.nydailynews.com/gossi

And if I worked for a slightly shadier publication, I'd probably look like this (Not the hott chicks) Paste this: http://www.hotchickswithdoucheba

On to the best ... blogs around!

If you like reading misspelled words like favourite, centre or Judi, check out An Englishman in Oklahoma. It's one part outsider, one part Tornado Alley sports. If that doesn't sound like fun, bugger off, wanker.

I grew up in D.C. But I've never been to a D.C. United game. It's not that I don't like socer, it's just that, well, I don't like soccer. But Stephen's Blog likes the United ... alot.

If your gal won't watch football with you (and you want her to), Life Lessons for the Male Sportsfan has a ... life lesson for the male sportsfan.

Being that blogs are all about giving a voice to the people, Blog Day Afternoon isn't about telling people to shut up, but The Verbal Scourging is. And the blog wants Jim Brown to stop yapping, asap.

I grew up on a steady breakfast of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and the Washington Post. Heck, I worked once at the Post, and I have to say The Words of Dezy makes an interesting point about the Post's hidden? policy to womens' sports.

The Ramble had a revelation: Almost half of CBSSports.com readers are idiots! Two things: The blog is probably the first in the history of threads/glogs/blogs to say CBSSports.com and not Sportsline or CBS SportsLine, and second, we really had that number closer to 98 percent. But who's counting?

I can make a strong argument why Twix is the best candy out there. But it's based on original Twix, with caramel, not peanut butter. BBQ & Chicken with a side of Ribs thinks differently. And the blog is wrong. You want peanut butter, go get a Reeses.

The views expressed in this blog are solely those of the author and do not reflect the views of CBS Sports or CBSSports.com