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Posted on: February 5, 2008 5:09 pm
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Blog Day Afternoon: Albrighty now, we have a name

I learned two* things today.

  1. The symbol-letter-thing the NFL uses to denote a Pro Bowl player is dead -- z -- also signifies a first-round bye. 
  2. Ethan Albright is in the Pro Bowl.

You'd really think they could find a new letter for situations like this. But the letter z had that funny little distinction. Who knew?

As for Ethan Albright ... how you may remember Ethan Albright (look right)? OK, you probably won't no matter what clever intro I give him. He's the Redskins' long-snapper.

He's also the lowest-rated player in Madden '07.

From lowest-rated player to Pro Bowl. Not bad I tell ya, not bad at all. Of course, it may have something to do with this letter he wrote to John Madden. I particularly like the part about eating rocks and his throwing accuracy.

We shall name thee: Catch 42

As for what to call the Eli Manning to David Tyree catch, it's looking like Catch 42 will be our winner. However, big props to Slip and Grip (gscott279), The Great Escape (iamayanksfan), and Connection 4 Imperfection (njnysporskid) . Deadspin found another blog trying to name this thing as well. They don't have Catch 42, but they did have our Glendale Grab, Slip and Grip (Adande?) and Great Escape. 

What's with the *

The * is for a Blog Day Afternoon re-learned lesson. Ken Williams is a bad, bad GM. Scott Podsednik, the goods the White Sox general manager received for Carlos Lee, just signed a minor league deal with the Rockies. El Caballo, if you remember, is worth $100 million to the Astros, and that's in major league dollars.

Yes, Pods helped the team win a World Series. But there are dozens of speedsters in the minors with average defensive skills and a slappy bat (but not wifey Lisa Dergen [look right]). Trading a premier slugger for a burner is like signing middle relievers to mega-million contracts. You just don't do that. You find these people within the organization, you don't mortgage the future on them.

On to the best blogs ... around!

It's Signing Day Eve (I'm more of a Father's Day Eve guy), and Football and Fun takes a lap around the high school gyms to check in on Terelle Pryor, Julio Jones and a bunch of other 17-year-olds old people spend way too much time fawning over.

Wonder what was really said in Roger Clemens' testimony on Capitol Hill? Red, White and Burnsy is our resident fly on the wall of Rayburn, and it sounds like Roger no likely D.C.

It's almost Pro Bowl time (and there wasn't much rejoicing). Tell The Blog Whisperer why you love or hate the game they play in Hawaii for some reason.

The big winners of the Patriots' 18-1 season wasn't the Miami Dolphins. It was the cast of M*A*S*H. The Sports Comedian explains.

BigTen's Fantasy Baseball Blog asks the tough questions our Fantasy guys refuse to answer. And by refuse to answer, I mean write about on a daily basis. As for his David Ortiz question: I never take a DH-only person. I just hate having the position locked up.

OK, here's a blog I never thought I'd read on our site. It's our pal, The Words of Dezy, and he's doing a Drug Lord Power Rankings. Surpsingly, my high school buddy Brad didn't make the list. He was overpriced, but sheesh.

A popular topic among bloggers is taking trips down memory lane. Various stuff I feel like talking about talks about arcade games. The blog likes Track 'n' Field. Personally, I grew up on a healthy diet of NBA Jam, Mortal Kombat, Virtual Fighter and going way back, Spyhunter.

Somehow, Tennessee basketball (no, not that guy again) is the most-blogged-about college basketball program. Today's topic du jour, Chris Lofton and his shot at the 3-point record. Too Legit To Quit! breaks it down.

Vols 91, Gators 79. I just bet my one-day first born's bar mitzvah fund on this, Volunteer Basketball (baseball?).

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Blog Day Afternoon: Last day of Jan. edition

I don't understand people who listen to Don Imus. I really can't understand people who watch his simulcasted show.

In fairness, I know very little about this guy or his show. But what could one aging shockjock DJ bring to the table that some younger version of himself couldn't? He's so lame/out of touch/whatever that the "joke" that got him canned -- "nappy headed hos" -- wasn't fresh. It wasn't clever. It was just some old white guy trying to sound fresh and clever.

Yes, he's a former CBS employee. Is that why I'm blogging about this. NO.  Disclaimer: I watch nothing the Eye produces outside of sports and probably won't until I'm 45 and three kids deep.

But Imus proves one of two things: On-air talent is deceptively thin or the powers-to-be are so bad at thinking outside the norm, they bring back this retread.

Heck, if they do it time and again with semi-successful coaches, why wouldn't they do it with shockjocks? So there you have it, the Jim Fassel of radio hosts is back. Enjoy Baltimore, Detroit, Philly and all the other cities that will soon be able to watch his simulcasted radio show. Mazel tov.

On to the best ... blogs around!

I'm proud to add Mind of The Big B to the Fraternity of Worst Sports Franchises in Football fans. Guess which one the blog is a "fan" of? It's not my Redskins. It's not PC Free From PC Central's Raiders. It's the starts with Li- ends with -ons. Oh, and he's kind enough to remind us how much of sporting oasis Motown is outside of the Wayne Fontes' old team. That's nice. Jacka**!

If you're too lazy to type in "Bobby Knight" at Wikipedia, check out Fiddle's Faddles' brief history of the General (also, uh, his cousin?).

BigTen's Fantasy Baseball Blog brings up the R Kelly-ian point: Age ain't nuttin' but a number. He's playing the skeptic to EMack's true-and-tried recipe of drafting 27-year-olds come Fantasy baseball time. Me? I buy into it because it's reason to believe that contrary to my long-standing, uh, stance, I didn't peak at 17 ... I still have one year to go.

The same people who follow Brittany Spears' every move are the same people who love the two-week gap before the Super Bowl, according to The Words of Dezy. The blog is mad, mad I tell ya!

Our new buddy Volunteer Basketball (who knew they had a team!?) is surveying the blogospheres' best pickup lines. Since the "nice shoes one ..." was used, I'll go with "You must be Jamaican, because Jamaican me crazy." Lame, yes, so add yours to the list.

Euphuism's 101 asks the all important question: When is the last time you ... destroyed a public toilet. I'm doing it right now! God bless wi-fi. Oh, wait...let's stop there.

Sadly, I knew about this several months back. I asked our Fantasy Managing Editor Peter Madden if we were going to get in on this. His response? "We'll leave Fantasy Fishing to the Ocho." Don't worry 'bout it Spotsy Scratch, you won't be weighing your bass on our site. Wait, that didn't come out right.

And I had to add this one. If Fantasy fishing isn't your thang, NaterB's Junk Drawer has the perfect game for ya. It's Fantasy announcers and while Dick Vitale may be the A-Rod (or marlin if you're a fisher?) on the draft board, please don't underestimate the vocal powers of Gus Johnson.

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Blog Day Afternoon: Wednesday, Jan 30

Here's a newsflash for ya. Pats fans are richer than Giants fans.

They're also more educated.

They like snootier beers. (I'm suggesting that you leave before I have to get snooty)

They read better consumer magazines.

They're all about organic food. Giants fans like barbaric snacks like pretzels.

Pats fans drive Volvos, Giants fans drive flashy things like Bimmers.

And most importantly, Pats fans have more female members than their Super Bowl counterparts.

Such are the fascinating statistics Neilsen (no, not Leslie) complied prior to the Super Bowl. The Boston Globe's Jessica Heslam is sure to feed into New England egos and rile up Giants fans (see left) with her take on these things. Have at.

On to the best blogs ... around!

Speaking of New York-Boston trash talking, The Blog Whisperer is still asking for your love and hate for both cities.

For everything you want or need to know about Johan Santana, check out mets4life.blogspot.com's blog. It covers everything from meaningful stats to the pitcher's security detail in Venezuela.

For everything you want or need to know about Tennessee basketball (seriously) recruiting, check out The DRs Corner.

The Hall of Fame Game is soon to be no mas. If you've ever sat in right field for the game, let Leading the League in Random be your guide down memory lane.

Like funny commercials? (Of course you do, there aren't any communists on these blogs). Anyway, The Words of Dezy shares its top 10. I was slayed by No. 3, 5, and 8.

Volunteer Basketball isn't talking about ... Volunteer basketball (yep, seriously, another one). Today is movie line day. It started with Dumb and Dumber and moved onto Monty Python...add the next one!

The Verbal Scourging has its pre-signing day top 10 rankings. There's a suprise in there and it's not the Tigers you would think.

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Blog Day Afternoon: Don't leave work without 'em

I apologize in advance, it appears our blog tool won't let me hyperlink certain URLs.

If I worked for a slightly shadier publication, I would have happily written this memo to Dan Snyder. (third graf)

If I worked for a slightly shadier publication, I wouldn't have great new products like CBS' we-have-some-sort-of-interest-in-th
is www.last.fm to plug. It's great, I've been using it all day. Makes me never want to use Pandora again, unless of course the people from Pandora are reading this.

If I worked for a slightly shadier company, I guess life would be like this. (Craigslist does comedy) Paste this: http://miami.craigslist.org/lgl/

If I worked for a slightly shadier company, I'd quit as to not interfere with a long-distance relationship to Jessica Simpson. But then I'd come off as ... Paste this: http://www.nydailynews.com/gossi

And if I worked for a slightly shadier publication, I'd probably look like this (Not the hott chicks) Paste this: http://www.hotchickswithdoucheba

On to the best ... blogs around!

If you like reading misspelled words like favourite, centre or Judi, check out An Englishman in Oklahoma. It's one part outsider, one part Tornado Alley sports. If that doesn't sound like fun, bugger off, wanker.

I grew up in D.C. But I've never been to a D.C. United game. It's not that I don't like socer, it's just that, well, I don't like soccer. But Stephen's Blog likes the United ... alot.

If your gal won't watch football with you (and you want her to), Life Lessons for the Male Sportsfan has a ... life lesson for the male sportsfan.

Being that blogs are all about giving a voice to the people, Blog Day Afternoon isn't about telling people to shut up, but The Verbal Scourging is. And the blog wants Jim Brown to stop yapping, asap.

I grew up on a steady breakfast of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and the Washington Post. Heck, I worked once at the Post, and I have to say The Words of Dezy makes an interesting point about the Post's hidden? policy to womens' sports.

The Ramble had a revelation: Almost half of CBSSports.com readers are idiots! Two things: The blog is probably the first in the history of threads/glogs/blogs to say CBSSports.com and not Sportsline or CBS SportsLine, and second, we really had that number closer to 98 percent. But who's counting?

I can make a strong argument why Twix is the best candy out there. But it's based on original Twix, with caramel, not peanut butter. BBQ & Chicken with a side of Ribs thinks differently. And the blog is wrong. You want peanut butter, go get a Reeses.

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Blog Day Afternoon: Don't leave work without 'em

Today's word of the day is "crash."

As in Scott Macartney, who was released from the hospital following this ugly ski crash. It's one thing to watch him crash, it's something completely different to watch him seizure after it. I guess that's a warning of sorts.

As in Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder being the latest football player to crash his ride on a highway and abandon it. He did manage to one-up trailblazing Bears 'backer Lance Briggs' Lambo-leave 'em by forgetting his "gun, crutches and all," according to the Miami Herald. I wonder what "all" could be. I hope it's  season three of Family Ties. That would really be unexpected.

As in Dana Jacobsen's crash 'n' burn episode at the Mike & Mike in the Morning roast earlier this month. The First Take host, and new Blog Day Afternoon hero is on one-week's leave for going off on Notre Dame, Touchdown Jesus and regular Jesus.

And lastly, as in the crash Amy Winehouse is going to have after her latest Pookie moment.

On to the best ... blogs around!

"Darnell, ESU, we just want to welcome you!" Obsessed with 18-year-old college football prospects? Football and Fun breaks down where the top quarterback, running back and wide receiver may land.

I stopped once I read the words "Brat Bonanza" out of sheer hunger/jealousy pains, but if you need a gameplan for the Super Bowl, read what Letters from The Den has to say about the event.

delta's Rants & Raves takes a shot at Skip Bayless. That's really all you need to know. There's other stuff in there about injury reports and bookies, but a good Bayless bashing will automatically get you in Blog Day Afternoon. It's that simple.

What do Jeff Samardzija, Moritz Voltz, Etan Thomas, Curt Schilling and Gilbert Arenas have in common? They all make The Words of Dezy's Top Athlete Bloggers blog. Lest we forget Brian Scalabrine? Paste this: http://abaoa.blogspot.com/2008/0

A Ya Donkey > a homer according to Y'know What Really Grinds My Gears? (hmm, the bible? Lindsay Lohan? People from the 19th century? Missing droids?). Seriosuly, a Ya Donkey is worse than a homer and the blog explains it all.

Balling Outrageous is on to its small forwards en route to compiling the all-under-23 team. Who makes the starting cut? He's not Gay.

And lastly, The Blog Whisperer asks you to share your love or hate for some guy named Tom Brady. We've never heard of the fella, but he must be a good guy.

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Blog Day Afternoon: Don't leave work without 'em

I don't know if anybody remembers this, but when the Giants and Ravens were in the Super Bowl back in 2001, there was a segment one of the networks did about how great buds Brian Billick and Jim Fassel were.

It showed them boating together with their families co-mingling. It was sweet, it tugged at the hearts, if you were talking about it on IM you'd probably drop a BFF at some point of the conversation.

I'm guessing that segment really touched Danny Snyder. Ever since he inherited sunburned ol' Norv Turner back in 1999, he's been looking for his next best friend. It just so happens that buddy also has to have this job description: head coach of the Redskins.

He tried Marty Schottenheimer. Too cold.

He tried Steve Spurrier. Too hot.

He tried Joe Gibbs. Ah, just right. But Gibbs had a family of his own to tend to.

So now it's time to find his next toy, er friend, and all indicators pointed to Gregg Williams. He was Gibbs' friend, so you'd think he'd enjoy being Danny's friend, right?

Uh-oh. Apparently Gregg isn't Jack Brown-enough for Eric Bates, er Danny.

So Danny now has that guy from the segment he saw one day before the Super Bowl in line for the job of being head coach-friend.

Despite the fact it means another coaching overhaul in D.C. Despite the fact teams without continuity rarely find success. Despite the fact Jim Fassel fits every meaning of the word "retread" in a game that's heavy on innovation.

For the first time in a long, long time this season being a Redskins fan felt special. It felt like we had the right kind of momentum going forward. That will all be wiped away when Francis, er, Danny, gets his new shiny bike, er friend, er puppeteer-coach Jim Fassel. Excuse me while I call my friend with the couch, Dr. Rosenstein.

In other news, RIP Heath Ledger. A Knight's Tale is an extremely underrated comedy and I'm looking forward to your take on our favorite prankster villain.

On to the best ... blogs around!

Speaking of comedies, (Insert Name Here) shares his Top 20. RSILI! is saddened to see a lack of respect for The Naked Gun ... and Dr. Strangelove. But that's a different debate.

Brett Favre can throw a football over 50 yards. Vijaykanth can throw Brett Favre even further. Who is Vijaykanth (look below)?  He's also the outsourced version of Chuck Norris. The Words of Dezy explains.

Blog Day Afternoon regular The Sports Comedian has some "breaking" news. Apparently a torn ACL wasn't the only thing hobbling Philip Rivers Sunday. The quarterback also had a broken heart. I hear duct tape fixes that.

On the day the Academy Award nominees are announced Mouthing Off From the Catbird Seat has his Warpy Awards. If you like the Wild or are from Minnesota, click the link. Otherwise, well, try clicking below.

If you enjoy big words like pontificating, lambasting, infomongering and the, check out Letters from The Den's facts of the day.

If you like Pac-10 basketball -- only communists don't! -- check out NaterB's Junk Drawer's preview of the upcoming week. It's thorough, just like Maude Lebowski's doctor.

 Still confused by the new ratings system? Building CBS Sports.com explains it all.

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Blog Day Afternoon: Don't leave work without 'em

Today's Blog Day Afternoon word of the day is "testicle."

That's because Denver Nuggets forward Nene received what appears to be some good news about his.

That's because AP reporter Glen Johnson thinks he has two big ones for ambushing Mitt Romney at a Staples.

That's because MLB and its steroid-shriveled pair decided that making money with Bud Selig was better than getting clean with a new commish. On second thought, he does appear to be the right "pick" for the job. I shoot, I...

And that's because Derrick Kosch of Kokomo, Ind. has some real, real, real bad news regarding his, which is somewhere on the Village Pantry floor.

On to the best blogs ... around!

Stream of Consciousness spends his lunchtime watching Skip Bayless. How he keeps his food down amazes me. But SOC is amazed with Skip's topic of conversation -- Robert Montgomery Knight. Or as us lesser human beings call him, Bobby Knight.

Insurance salesmen and car dealers unite. Phillip Rivers (odd choice of blog name) does his best Bill O'Reilly on ... Philip Rivers, who he ties to another Chargers' first-round pick.

I don't know what fascinates me more. That In Love with the Game, Mom's View decided to share her passion for Steelers and cheescake or that we have a woman blogging on this site.

Sene, not Nene, is the subject of The Eye of the Hurricane's trade speculation. But are Pacers fans really ready to give up on the solid citizen that is David Harrison?

If you're an amateur sabermatrecian, Ferrari has the latest and greatest fad stat. It's bases over plate appearances (B/PA). I'll buy anything that puts Da Meathook ahead of Derek Jeter, statistically speaking of course.

Speaking of numbers to wrap your mind around, se7en says equips you with a barroom brainteaser you'll need to know before heading out tonight.

Spork's Talk has a dream. If you build a ballpark, he'll come to it. Well, something like that. He's all thumbs up ("nine thumbs up, what the hell is that?") for the handful he's been to.

The Top 1K club loses a member as Bloggin the Dolphin gets the boot. He'll take some time off to talk with his daughter Brittany, his wife Deanna (she's such an inspiration) and do some pheasant hunting in Mississippi before he decides if he has another 1K run in him.

Since we started Blog Day Afternoon yapping about balls (classy as always!), let's end with Moneyball(s). The Words of Dezy speculates that with the juice cut loose from MLB (and home run totals likely shrinking), Billy Beane ball may come to an end.

The views expressed in this blog are solely those of the author and do not reflect the views of CBS Sports or CBSSports.com