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Posted on: June 30, 2008 1:03 pm
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Alpha Blog: Do you pay Gilbert Arenas the money?

Is Gilbert Arenas a $100 million-dollar man?

That's what the Wizards will decide and for all we know, may have already decided.

(Arenas left for China this morning on a promotional tour for his shoe company. Word has it,he won't be negotiating during the trip, or rather, word has it that Arenas is such an oddball he may sign a one-year deal with the Clippers during that time.)

The issues is there are two sides to this coin, courtesy of the Washington Post's Ivan Carter. Gilbert sported more street clothes than jerseys last year.

He has this quote from an anonymous Eastern Conference executive:

"Why would you max him out?" the executive said. "I think one of the biggest reasons you see teams go to the second round of the playoffs, then fall out of the playoffs, is because they max out players that are not max players. The reason you see some teams sustain themselves, at least in the conference finals or the Finals mix, is because they've maxed out the right players. I can't max him out. I don't want to be one of those teams that's one and out, two and out."

Then there's this quote, from a Western Conference executive:

"I'm not saying you give Gilbert Arenas max money just to do it, but I do look at it this way: If there is a team that he's a max-type player for, it's the Wizards, as long as he comes back from the knee problems," said the executive, who also spoke on condition of anonymity. "He's one of those rare guys in this league who can score the basketball, he hits game-winning shots and he can put butts in the seats. What's the value in that? Another key is going to be how his contract impacts that franchise going forward. Will they still be able to sign Jamison? And, will they be able to make the moves going forward they need to make if they want to make that next step? It's an interesting situation."

Then there's this quote from Buzz Bissinger:

"I hate Gilbert Arenas. I think he represents everything that's wrong with blogs and the NBA because he's snarky, malicious, mean spirited and vaguely filled with invectives–in particular when it comes to the comments."

Thanks, Buzz.

Two solid points, Buzz aside, I'd reckon.

I say you do it. because making the big splash is always fun. And because it's easier to find the right role layers to play with superstars than it is to find the right superstars to play with role players. The reason this team hasn't advanced in the playoffs isn't because of Gilbert Arenas, Caron Butler or Antwan Jamison. It's because they have charismatic, yet horrible role players who blind perception.

Get them a Leon Powe or Carl Landry instead of an Andray Blatche and that's probably a three-win differential just off grit, rebounding and hustle. Get them a true backup point guard, not an Antonio Daniels and the team's offense probably works a bit smoother in key situations. The Wizards have a nice car with their Big Three powered engine, they just haven't configured it the right way.

Plus, keeping Arenas means the Phone Booth now has two of the most charismatic and talented players in sports playing almost everday of the fall/winter season. That's worth $250 million between two owners, right?

Ice Road Truckers 

Didn't get to watch it last night, but I have it DVRd and will have my take tomorrow

Box office recap 

Who the hell saw Wanted pulling in $50-plus million? A rated-R action flick getting that sort of haul? I grossly underestimated the power of Common. Took in WALL-E last night and it doesn't even pretend to be a kid's movie, which is the nicest thing you can say about a kid's movie, in my opinion.

Once again, the final tallies:

1 WALL·E (2008) $62.5M $62.5M

2 Wanted (2008) $51.1M $51.1M

3 Get Smart (2008) $20M $77.3M

On to the best blogs ... around 

If you like report cards and if you like baseball, Matt Abedi's Sporting Universe has just the blog for you.

Jaromir Jagr is contemplating joining the Continental Hockey League in Russia. Just Another Sports Blog got a hold of the story, and doesn't like the words coming out of Jagr's mouth.

How are the frosh and sophs from 2005 doing in the NBA right now? I enjoyed this tidbit on Martell Webster, courtesy of Spin Out!:

"Will take a rebound if someone carefully faces up to him and places the ball in both his hands with both of their hands."

Dan, Harry and Bull continue their quest to win What's On My Mind's Best Shows in TV History (comedy bracket).

Klick of the Day 

See ya next year at Wimbledon Bethanie Mattek, but don't ever stop pleasing the employees (from last year).

Posted on: June 23, 2008 1:40 pm
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Alpha Blog: Czech out the world's best athlete

The Wall Street Journal started the ultimate bar room debate. The publication has listed the world's Top 10 Roman Sebrleathletes. And the winner is probably somebody you're not familiar with.

His name is Roman Sebrle and he's a Czech Republic decathalete. Here's the skinny on Sebrle:

"The Czech decathlete could jump over Shaquille O’Neal. He could throw a 16-pound ball the length of a 53-foot yacht. From a running start, he could leap over a two-lane highway. Mr. Sebrle has ideal size, according to physiologists, and expertise over a range of athletic pursuits, employing the speed of an NFL back and the vertical jump of an National Basketball Association forward. Some judges questioned whether Mr. Sebrle could withstand a tackle by an NFL lineman, but none questioned his talent in the 10 track and field events that make up the decathlon. He has won Olympic gold and silver medals for the Czech Republic and is the current world champion."

He beats out more recognizable names like LeBron James (No. 2), Floyd Mayweather (No. 3) LaDainian Tomlinson (No. 4), Roger Federer (No. 5), Sidney Crosby (No. 6) and Alex Rodriguez (No. 10).

No Dmitri Young?

Last night's Ice Road Truckers     

Again, only four out of 10 beards on the Kay's Korner BES scale (Beard Entertainment Scale). The blizzard element added a second of suspense, but without a money chart and with the pathetic existence of Drew Sherwood, the show doesn't have the bite it did in Season 1.

I want more Bear Swensen (how about a Polar Bear vs. Bear dash for the cash?) and some clips of a (Eric) Dufresne family reunion, which, I imagine, would go something like this.

On to the best blogs ... around      

When The Office loses to Alf in the first round of the Greatest Comedy in TV History bracket, is it considered an upset? What's On My Mind has Round 2 ready to go.

The NHL Draft was last Friday and Just Another Sports Blog was there in Ottawa as a bloggin' correspondent. The blogger reports back that hockey is like they all say: tribal, not national.

The Most Ballin Blog is ranking the Top 100 MLB players and No. 3 is a guy whose name rhymes with Larry Londs.

Rumor has it Ol' Pee Hands Alou may be collecting his last set of MLB paychecks this season. Always one of my favorite players, it's sad to see ya go Moises. MLB Trade Rumors reports.

Klick of the Day    

The object of baseball is to be safe, safe at home! Lost one of the best earlier today.

Posted on: June 17, 2008 12:58 pm
Edited on: June 17, 2008 12:58 pm

Alpha Blog: Cole Hamels has a manly chin

Cole Hamels is a lot of things.

A first-round draft pick in 2002. Cole Hamels and his chin.

A 15-game winner last season.

Which made him the ace on the NL East's top team.

He has fan clubs (I slant toward the Hamels Camels)

He's lucky (married to a Survivor/Playboy chick from my hometown)

Which is probably why his teammates refer to him as "Hollywood."

He has a nasty changeup that buckles knees.

He once struck out 15 Reds.

I say he's all these things because of his chin. It's Kirk Douglas meets Bruce Campbell meets Glenn Quagmire. It's glorious.

We call him Evil Dead Hamels here.

He cracks teammates' walnuts with it.

Small organisms use the crevice between chin cheeks as a waterslide park when he showers.

When he retorts wolves with the taunt, "Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin," his house remains safe.

But I ask, does he have the best chin in sports? Some classic chins in sporting history involve Don Shula, Gabe Kapler, Ray Nitschke Jim Everett and Bill Cowher.

On to the best blogs ... around  

If you like conspiracy theories and the NBA check in on mstrReyes blogs. There are a lot of things that are just plain wrong (Jeff Hornacek and Shawn Kemp aren't future HOFers) but there's also a lot of interesting points.

With their Wang out of commission, the Yankees are in quite a quagmire. What's On Steve's Mind? looks at the possible replacements, including a Cox.

Could C.C. Sabathia be the answer in the Bronx for Sports Girl? Not a chance, rather, the blog says look from inside to fix your Wang problem.

While I'm sad to see 30 Rock (just watched the first season last week) and the Three Stooges missing, What's On My Mind has the Vote for the Greatest Comedy in TV History competition going on, and it looks solid.

Klick of the Day  

Brandon Marshall is improving, just not enough toproperly wipe his butt.

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