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Posted on: December 5, 2008 12:39 pm
Edited on: December 5, 2008 12:40 pm

Vincent Jackson teaches me another fantasy lesson

For the second time in three weeks I made a cardinal Fantasy sin. Hopefully, somebody out there learns from my mistakes, for surely, I am not.

Two weeks ago I sat Michael Turner for Derrick Ward. All Turner went on to do was rumble for four touchdowns. And there was much rejoicing from my opponent.

This week, in the first round of my Fantasy playoffs, I done did it again. I benched Vincent Jackson vs. the Raiders. All V-Jax went on to do Vincent Jacksonwas catch five balls (half of the total Philip Rivers completed) for 148 yards and a touchdown. This is otherwise known as 23.3 Fantasy points.

I had my reasons for not starting V-Jax. The Raiders play tremendous pass defense, not allowing a 300-yard passer since October 12. The Raiders also play horrendous run defense, which led me to believe San Diego's gameplan would go along the lines of "run LT left, run LT right, run LT right again..."

And on top of it, V-Jax let me down last week, dropping a goose egg. But that's exactly why I should have started Jackson. There aren't many rules to Fantasy football, but one I firmly believe in (yet didn't practice because I'm a moron!) was when a good-to-great player has a horrendous week, always start him the next week. Nothing motivates a player more than having to prove himself. Plus, all week long you can imagine the conversations between Jackson, Rivers and his coaches. "So we lost last week and guess what, I didn't get any catches. Think there's a correlation there guys? Hmmm? Hmmm?"

Coaches are reactionary, which means when a good player gets snuffed out they do one of two things -- see it as a sign the player doesn't get 'it' and is hence worthy of being subbed out or see it as a sign they didn't scheme the game properly. The Chargers clearly thought the latter and hence, made it a point to get Jackson the ball.

I didn't get to enjoy any of the fruits of the coaching staff's and Vincent Jackson's labor. On top of it, I'm sure my current crop (Hines Ward, Domenick Hixon and Bernard Berrian) of starting wide receivers will underachieve.

So learn from me, please. If a good-to-great player is coming off a horrid week, always start him. I'll give you one other time this burned me as evidence of this theory. Two weeks ago Hines Ward was limited to one catch vs. the Bengals. It was a good catch, for 37 yards. But most of the game Ward was used as a blocker as the Steelers ran up 121 yards on the ground. The next week vs. the Patriots Hines Ward caught five balls, one of which was a touchdown.

You may be saying to yourself, Eric, what you're really getting at is -- week in and out just start your good players and it all evens out. True, but in Fantasy football, where owners are always looking for that edge, it sometimes is fashionable to bench decent players coming off bad weeks. What I'm saying is, the trick may be to bench players coming off good weeks and always start good-to-great players coming off real, real, real bad weeks.

I didn't start Jackson after his real, real, real bad week and it may lead to me having a real, real, real bad playoff experience.

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Posted on: October 27, 2008 11:27 am
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Seeing an old Fantasy flame prosper isn't easy

I ran into LaDainian Tomlinson at a British pub Sunday around 4 PM. He was looking great, smiling, enjoying some wine and food with his owner. I heard he had regained his mojo, but I hadn't expected this.

Normally running into an ex-Fantasy player wouldn't have been a big deal, but the wounds were stiill fresh. You see, LT and I had what you Stop showing off!could call a tumultous relationship for little more than seven weeks.

I drafted him No. 1 overall despite recognizing what I thought were danger signs. I knew about his age, track record, sprightly understudy and Campbell's Chunky Soup connections but I bit anyway. There's just something so attractive about 115 rushing touchdowns. You think, I can be a part of 130 rushing touchdowns by the end of the season.

But the honeymoon ended around Week 4 in Miami. I stopped depending on him as my rock and I got testy as other owners started calling about his availability.

But I stood pat. I said to myself, "LT will change, he'll get back to the old LT the world knows." I even consulted my parents one Sunday morning, who both recommended that I stay committed to LT, that he'll come through.

But I kept reading articles, some by our own counselors of Fantasy grief, and I said enough is enough, particularly after seeing this in my most trusted source for Fantasy relationship advice, Cosmo:

"You won’t regret breaking up with a guy you’re feeling unsure about."

And that's what I did. I broke up with LT. I sent him packing, along with Marvin Harrison, for what I pegged as equivalent goods in Matt Forte and Vincent Jackson.

Then LT goes and accumlated 165 total yards and a touchdown across The Pond. Figures, you dump somebody and they go backpacking in Europe and have the time of their life.

On top of that ...
... LT vs. Turner

For those who don't know, I have a bet with a Toledo lawyer. I said Michael Turner would trump LT in three statistical categories throughout the course of the season. If he does, I get a hand-delivered bottle of still-undetermined scotch.

Name | 100-yard rushing games | rushing yards | total touchdowns

Michael Turner | 3 | 655 yards | 6
LaDainian Tomlinson | 2 | 551 | 5

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Posted on: October 13, 2008 2:07 pm
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I am my own worst Fantasy enemy

I'm Henry. I'm Edward.

I am my own worst Fantasy enemy.

LeRon McClainI have few rules in life (like never buy meat from Icky Woods), let alone Fantasy life. But one Fantasy life rule I subscribe to is, if two players are relatively equal always start the one with the later kickoff time.

What this really means is, if you have players playing on Monday night, activate them. The logic being, it gives you reason to watch the game and players tend to perform slightly better on the national stage.

(Eric, do you have any data to back that last point up?)

Quiet, you.

I ignored my rule, opting to start LeRon McClain instead of Jamal Lewis. McClain registed a solid -1.5 points. I lost by 9 points. So if I hadn't started McClain, I would be down 7.5 points heading into Lewis' matchup with the Giants.

That's doable.

But this is Fantasy life. It's 17 weeks of suddenly relevant Christian Slater. In other words, it's a tortuous existence of being one's own Christian Slaterenemy.

The funny thing is, it's not my fault.

Fantasy football puts new meaning in the motto: it's better to be lucky than good.

It would have been better if I simply hit the Top Lineup button on my fantasy team. That's not being good, that's being lucky. Being good is picking the right spot to defy convention. Being lucky is drafting players who stay healthy, having the right waiver position at the right time and hitting the Top Lineup button.

(Eric, here's an idea. You have a half dozen fantasy teams. Chose one and always hit Top Lineup. See how that team does vs. teams you manipulate week in and out.)

Good idea, you.

Anyway, because I spend hours upon hours examining ever minute detail of my roster, activating players on Wednesdays only to put them back on the bench on Wednesday night, then activating them Friday, only to bench them Saturday afternoon, I am my own worst enemy, Fantasy speaking.

I'm not alone. I can't be. I bet you do it too. And you. There's nothing more frustrating than losing with points on the bench. I can take losing. I can take losing a close game. I just can't take losing with points on the bench.

Why? It's the ultimate sign of being one's own worst enemy, which, I've heard once or twice since the Olympics, stars Christian Slater as Henry, and Edward.

Michael Turner vs. L.T. 

If you recall, I have a bet going with a lawyer buddy in Toledo involving a bottle of at-least-12-year-old scotch. I said Michal Turner would outperform LT in two of the three following categories:

  • 100-yard game
  • Rushing yards
  • Total TDs

Here's the breakdown:

Name | 100-yard games | rushing yards | touchdowns

Michael Turner | 3 | 597 yards | 6
LaDainian Tomlinson | 1 | 405 | 4

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